Cat on the Road

One bright sunny day I saw a cat sitting on the road
And darned if he wasn’t playing with a toad
The toad jumped high and hit his head on a stump
The cat ran after him and all I heard was a thump

That silly, silly cat ran right into my rear tire
He ran so fast that I could have sworn he was on fire
The toad hopped away as fast as he could go
Knowing the cat wouldn’t be around to bother him so

Now, you would think that cat would have learned a thing or two
About how toads and roads were more than he could chew
But the very next day he was sitting in the very same place
Waiting patiently for that toad to come out for a chase

Several large trucks went by blaring on their horn
And that cat just sat there looking so forlorn
Because that toad just sat there still as a mouse
Not moving an inch until the cat went into the house


Moral of this Story:

  • Cats can do silly things.
  • Example: The cat sat on the road and almost got hit but came back and did the same thing the very next day.
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