Father’s Day Surprise

Sarah had something very important to share with her husband, Forgetful Fred. She wanted it to be a surprise.

“I know what I will do,” said Sarah. “I will type him a note and put it in his briefcase. He always takes his briefcase to work with him.”

Sarah sat down at the laptop. She typed up her note. She smiled to herself when she was reading it back.

“Forgetful Fred is going to be so surprised,” said Sarah.

Sarah went into the hallway where Forgetful Fred’s briefcase was and put the note inside of it.

The next morning, Forgetful Fred was in a hurry. He almost forgot to take his briefcase to work with him. Luckily, Sarah noticed and she rushed to the door to give it to him.

At work, Forgetful Fred had a very important presentation to make. He took his notes out of his briefcase and he started reading them.

“We need innovative advertising methods for this coming quarter,” said Forgetful Fred. “What I propose is…”

Forgetful Fred flipped the page and contained reading.

“You are going to be a daddy,” read Forgetful Fred.

“That is very innovative,” laughed one of his co-workers.

“Wait,” said Forgetful Fred. “This note wasn’t part of my presentation. I don’t know how it got mixed up in with my papers.”

Forgetful Fred took a good look at the note. He saw that Sarah had signed it.

“Oh my!” cried Forgetful Fred. “My wife put that note in my briefcase. I am going to be a father!”

All of Forgetful Fred’s co-workers cheered and clapped. They were very happy for him.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to surprise a loved one with good news.
  • Example: Forgetful Fred’s wife, Sarah surprised him with a note that she put in his briefcase concerning an addition to their family.

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