A Fine Easter

Easter Lily was walking around her garden. She heard a commotion on the street. She went to check it out. She saw Neon Cop was with an elderly gentleman, Frank.

“Officer,” said Frank. “I am telling you, I don’t deserve the fine. The speed limit on this street was lowered yesterday. Look at the speed limit sign. They just put it up.”

“Neon Cop,” said Easter Lily. “What is going on here?”

“Frank here, was going too slow in this residential area,” explained Neon Cop. “I was giving him a fine but he refuses to take it. He is giving me a story about the speed limit being lowered here yesterday.”

“It was,” said Easter Lily. “I saw them posting new speed limit signs yesterday.”

“Oh,” said Neon Cop, crumbling up Frank’s ticket.

“Thank you,” said Frank, getting ready to drive away.

“Not so fast,” said Neon Cop, writing Frank another ticket.

“What is this for?” asked Frank, when Neon Cop handed it to him. “This is a fine Easter!”

“Read it,” said Neon Cop.

“Happy Easter,” said Frank, reading aloud what Neon Cop had written on the ticket and smiling. “Thank you and Happy Easter to you too.”

“Happy Easter,” said Easter Lily, smiling.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes people of authority can make mistakes.
  • Example: Neon Cop made a mistake by giving Frank a fine.

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