A Cranky Easter

A young boy, Stephen, was talking to his friend, George, about Easter. However, Stephen was not saying very nice things about Easter and Cranky Bunny just happened to over hear him.

“What do you mean that Easter is just for sissy’s?” Cranky Bunny asked Stephen when he confronted him.

“All I see for Easter is little girls dressed up in bright coloured dresses,” said Stephen.

“And what is wrong with that?” asked Cranky Bunny.

Stephen didn’t have an answer for Cranky Bunny and this just made Cranky Bunny even more crankier than he already was.

“I will be talking to the Easter Bunny about this,” said Cranky Bunny. “There will be no Easter chocolate for you this year.”

“Wait!” cried Stephen. “I was only kidding!”

“Too late,” said Cranky Bunny, hopping away.

Julie, Cranky Bunny’s best friend just happened to be walking by and saw that Stephen was upset. Stephen explained to her what had just happened.

“I apologize for Cranky Bunny’s behaviour,” said Julie. “He is passionate about Easter and doesn’t like to hear people put it down.”

“I apologize, too,” said Stephen. “I was out of line.”

“I will talk to Cranky Bunny,” said Julie.

“Thank you,” said Stephen.

Julie did talk to Cranky Bunny and she was able to rectify the situation. Stephen learned his lesson about talking badly about Easter. Stephen did get some chocolate for Easter, after all.


Moral of this Story:

  • It isn’t nice to talk bad about Easter.
  • Example: Cranky Bunny over heard Stephen talk bad about Easter and it made him crankier than he already was.

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