No April Fool’s Day Prank

“It is April Fool’s Day,” said Mother to herself. “I have the ultimate April Fool’s Day prank. I am not going to play a prank on anyone.”

Jackie Jester came into the kitchen. He looked around before sitting down. He knew it was April Fool’s Day. He also knew his parents always played pranks on him. Everything looked okay, so he sat down.

Mother set a plate of scrambled eggs and toast in front of him. Jackie carefully checked the eggs and toast. They seemed okay.

“You look disappointed,” said Mother.

“You do know what day it is,” said Jackie.

“Yes,” said Mother.” It is April 1st. It is your birthday today. Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you,” said Jackie. “You didn’t forget that.”

“I could never forget your birthday,” said Mother.

“I would hope not,” said Jackie.

Jackie ate his breakfast. Mother knew it was driving Jackie crazy that she hadn’t pulled any pranks on him. She was going to cave in but she stayed strong.

Jackie went around the house, the rest of the day, peering around every corner, wondering when a prank was going to happen.

“I think this is worse than having pranks on April Fool’s Day,” said Jackie. “This is driving me crazy.”

A few hours of this, Jackie had had enough.

“Please play a prank on me!” he shouted. “This is driving me crazy.”

“Here,” said Mother, passing him a teaspoon of sugar for a bowl of strawberries and cream.

“This is salt!” shouted Jackie, tasting it before putting it into his bowl. “I wanted sugar. You finally played an April Fool’s Day prank on me.”

Jackie was so relieved.

“April Fool’s,” said Mother, disappointed she couldn’t keep it up.


Moral of this Story:

  • What is April Fool’s without a prank?
  • Example: It drove Jackie Jester crazy that Mother wasn’t playing any April Fool’s Day pranks on him.

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