A Time to be Lonely

Lonely Scarecrow was sitting on his fence post. It was a rather warm autumn day. He was waiting for Dallas, the other scarecrow, to relieve him. Lonely Scarecrow was looking forward to spending the night with his wife, Hazel and their baby.

“I wonder what is keeping Dallas,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “He is late.”

Lately, Dallas has been late for duty quite often. He has been having arguments with his wife. Lonely Scarecrow could hear yelling coming from Dallas’ fence post. Lonely Scarecrow mentioned the constant yelling to Hazel. Hazel told Lonely Scarecrow that he should leave it up to them to work out. She told him that now is a time to be lonely on the job and to not get involved.

Normally,  Lonely Scarecrow listened to Hazel’s advice but this time he didn’t listen to her. Lonely Scarecrow was upset because this was happening frequently and it was taking time away from his family.

“Dallas,” said Lonely Scarecrow, when Dallas finally showed up. “What is going on? You are late yet again.”

“I am sorry,” said Dallas.

“This probably isn’t any of my business,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “However, I know you and Joy have been arguing. Is everything okay between the two of you?”

“We have been having some problems,” said Dallas. “But, I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“Are you sure?” asked Lonely Scarecrow. “It might help to talk about it.”

“I said I didn’t want to talk about it,” said Dallas, turning himself around so Lonely Scarecrow could only see the back of his head.

Lonely Scarecrow tried to enjoy the evening with his family but it really bothered him how Dallas turned his back on him. He felt it was his own fault. He went to apologize to Dallas.

“I am sorry,” said Lonely Scarecrow. “I should not have stuck my nose where it doesn’t belong.”

“I am sorry too,” said Dallas. “I shouldn’t have turned my back on you.”

“Friends?” asked Lonely Scarecrow.

“Absolutely,” said Dallas. “By the way, Joy and I have patched up our differences. I won’t be late for work anymore.”

“That is good to hear,” said Lonely Scarecrow.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes there is a time to be lonely.
  • Example: Lonely Scarecrow found out that involving himself in Dallas’ business wasn’t a good thing to do.

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