Mrs. Robin and a Restful Mother’s Day

“It is Mother’s Day,” said Mrs. Robin, taking care of her three babies. “Oh well, I won’t have enough time to celebrate it. My three babies need me.”

Mrs. Robin cleaned out the nest as well as she could without disturbing her babies. Then she flew down to the ground to find worms for them to eat.

“Hello,” said Mrs. Robin, when she saw her, friend, Mrs. Squirrel.

“Oh Mrs. Robin,” said Mrs. Squirrel. “How are you doing? Are you enjoying Mother’s Day?”

“I am too exhausted,” said Mrs. Robin. “I won’t be able to enjoy Mother’s Day. My babies need me.”

“You need to take a break,” said Mrs. Squirrel. “You are going to get sick if you aren’t careful.”

“I will be okay,” said Mrs. Robin, continuing to pick up worms for her babies.

Mrs. Squirrel saw Mrs. Robin almost fall over. She knew Mrs. Robin was exhausted and that she would never admit it.

“Okay,” said Mrs. Squirrel. “You are going to have a restful Mother’s Day, whether you want to or not. I am going to care for your babies for you while you go and rest.”

Mrs. Robin didn’t even have the energy to argue with Mrs. Squirrel. She laid down and she fell asleep instantly. She slept for a good three to four hours and it was the best sleep she had ever gotten.

“Thank you,” said Mrs. Robin, once she had woken up. “I guess I needed that sleep more than I thought.”

“Happy Mother’s Day,” said Mrs. Squirrel.

“It is now,” said Mrs. Robin.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to help others.
  • Example: Mrs. Squirrel helped Mrs. Robin look after her babies so she could rest.

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