Baby, Sparky and Easter

“What are you doing, Baby?” asked Sparky. “Are you waiting for Daddy to get up to feed you?”

“Daddy’s not going to work today,” said Baby, lifting her head up from the chair she was sitting on.

“Why not?” asked Sparky.

”Mommy is still here too,” said Baby.

“Something is wrong,” said Sparky. “Daddy and Mommy never take time off work. Maybe they are both sick. Well I am sure Ricky and Jenny will get up soon. They have to go to school.”

“No they don’t,” said Baby.

“Are they sick too?” asked Sparky. “Baby what is going on here?”

Sparky was very upset. It just wasn’t normal for everyone to still be in bed at six o’clock in the morning during the week. Something was wrong, she just knew it.

“Sparky,” said Baby. “They aren’t sick.”

“They’re not,” said Sparky relieved but then even more confused. “Well if they aren’t sick but they are still in bed, what is going on? Maybe they slept in. We should wake them up.”

“They haven’t slept in,” said Baby. “Today is a holiday.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Sparky, excitedly. “A holiday! That means presents! What holiday is it?”

“It is Easter,” said Baby.

“That’s no good,” said Sparky. “You just get candies at Easter. I’m going back to bed.”

“You are forgetting something Sparky,” said Baby. “Mommy always gives us a piece of ham for our Easter dinner!”

“Oh yes!” exclaimed Sparky. “Wake me up when dinner is ready!”

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