Heart of Courage

One bright, sunny day, Danny was riding his bicycle down the street. He saw his friend Timmy talking to someone. Danny waved to him but, Timmy did not wave back.

“That’s odd,” thought Danny. “Timmy always waves to me. I know he sees me. Something must be wrong and, who is that strange man that is standing beside him.”

Danny knew something was not quite right. He rode his bicycle faster. He reached Timmy’s side just as he heard the stranger order Timmy into the car.

Danny stopped his bicycle just out of the reach of the stranger.

“Timmy,” said Danny, as calm as he could under the circumstances. “It’s time for ball practice. You coming?”

“Oh yeah,” said Timmy, immediately catching on to what Danny was trying to do. “I almost forgot about that.”

“No son,” the stranger said. “You are coming with me.”

The stranger grabbed Timmy by the arm. Just at that same instant, Danny saw a neighbour walking up the street toward them.

“Hey Timmy,” said Danny, thinking quickly. “Here comes your father. I guess he’s come to watch us play ball.”

“Yeah,” said Timmy. “It is Dad.”

“I don’t believe you,” the stranger said.

The neighbour got closer to them.

“Hi Mr. Jones,” said Danny.

“Hi boys,” said the neighbour.

The neighbour noticed the stranger’s firm grip on Timmy’s arm.

He sensed that something was wrong.

“Is this kid your son?” the stranger asked.

“Yes,” the neighbour said. “Timmy is my son.”

“So, come on Timmy,” Danny coaxed. “Let’s go show your Dad how we play ball.”

The stranger let Timmy go. He hopped into his car and sped away.

“Thank you,” Timmy said shakily, once the stranger was long gone.

“Thank you, Mr. Jones,” said Danny.

“You are the one that is the hero here, Danny,” said Mr. Jones. “You just saved your friend’s life!”

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