Billy Troll is Thankful for his Music

“It is a beautiful autumn day,” said Dianne Troll, walking into her husbands music studio.

“It is,” agreed Billy Troll, putting down his guitar. “How is the turkey coming along?”

“It is just about cooked,” said Dianne.

“Okay,” said Billy. “I will be right there.”

“Perfect,” said Dianne, giving Billy a kiss. “This is going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving.”

“It certainly is,” said Billy. “I know I have so much to be thankful for.”

“I do too,” said Dianne. “We have a beautiful family, a huge house and we both have very successful careers.”

“I am very thankful for my music,” said Billy. “Look at all it has given us.”

“I agree,” said Dianne. “I have the most talented husband in the world. I also have the best job in the world, promoting my most talented husband.”

“We certainly do have a sweet life together,” said Billy.” Now, lets go eat our Thanksgiving dinner.”

“Good idea,” said Dianne, but then getting a whiff of something burning. “Oh dear, what do I smell burning?”

Billy and Dianne rushed into the kitchen to find the pot of potatoes had boiled dry.

“It looks like we got here just in time”, said Dianne, noticing that the potatoes were just fine.

Both Billy and Dianne had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner together, despite their almost disaster.

“That was such a good dinner,” said Billy. “Thank you!”

“Despite almost burning the potatoes,” laughed Dianne. “I have to agree.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Do not leave a pot of potatoes on the stove unattended.
  • Example: Dianne Troll got to telling her husband all the things she was thankful for and almost burned the potatoes.
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