Lickety-Lop was a St. Bernard puppy. He was all the things a puppy was supposed to be. He was cute, cuddly and adorable.

He liked to get into all kinds of harmless trouble. He liked to tease his three brothers but he especially loved to tease his one sister, Lulu.

Now, Lickety-Lop knew that Lulu was a little bit overweight. He also knew that she was Mommy’s little baby.

Whenever Lulu was eating and Lickety-Lop found her, he would push her out of the way, telling her that she was fat enough and that she didn’t need to eat anymore.

One day, Lulu became very upset at Lickety-Lop because of his constant teasing. She had had enough of him and she wasn’t going to let him get away with it anymore. Lulu poked her head into the barn where the pigs were kept, so that she could get away from him. Sitting in the corner of the barn, was a big bag of pig ration. Lulu had a great idea.

She heard Lickety-Lop coming through the barn door. She poked her furry little head into the pig ration and pretended that she was eating it. Lickety-Lop came bounding up behind her.

“This is good,” Lulu smiled at Lickety-Lop. “Yummy!”

“Move over,” demanded Lickety-Lop. “You are fat enough! You don’t need anymore to eat!”

Lulu did as she was told. Lickety-Lop ate and ate and ate.

After about five minutes of eating, Lulu finally told Lickety-Lop what it was that he was eating. At first he didn’t pay any attention to her, but then his eyes caught sight of the picture of the pig on the bag of feed.

Lulu started to laugh. The more she laughed at him, the worse Lickety-Lop felt. He ended up being very sick because of what he had eaten. Lulu felt really awful about what she had done to her brother. She apologized over and over to him.

From that day forward Lickety-Lop never teased Lulu again. He had learned his lesson the hard way!

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