Meet Trouble

“I smell a cat,” said Buddy, who was lying on the living room floor.

“You are a pretty intelligent dog,” said Sparky. “Especially when there are two cats that live right in this house already.”

“I’m not talking about you or Baby,” said Buddy. “There is a new cat in this house.”

“Okay,” said Sparky, angrily. “Baby and Buddy if there is a new cat in this house, we are going to find it and then we are going to get rid of it!”

“Sparky!” exclaimed Baby. “What do you mean by that? You take that back! If there is another cat in this house, then you are just going to have to live with it.”

“Oh alright!” said Sparky reluctantly. “I take it back, but come on, you two, we have to go on cat patrol.”

Buddy stood right up when he heard that. He loved cat patrol. He loved chasing cats because that is what he does to Sparky and Baby all the time.

“Buddy,” said Sparky. “You go check the upstairs. Baby, you check the basement and I will check this floor.”

The three animals went out of the living room and as soon as they walked out into the hallway, all three stopped dead in their tracks!

“I told you I smelled a cat,” said Buddy as the three animals saw Mommy hanging onto a little baby kitten.

“Oh there you are!” exclaimed Mommy to Sparky, Baby and Buddy, holding the little kitten tightly. “Look what we have? Baby, Sparky and Buddy, meet Trouble.”

“This is trouble all right,” said Sparky, angrily, hissing at the little baby.

“Sparky!” scolded Mommy. “That wasn’t very nice. Trouble is just a teenie baby.”

Sparky wanted no part of this at all. Baby was being nice to Trouble, sucking up to it and Buddy, well, Buddy is just nice to everyone, but Sparky ran downstairs.

Later that afternoon, Baby went downstairs to see Sparky.

“So what,” said Baby. “Are you going to hide down here all day long?”

“Yes,” said Sparky. “Why do they have to bring home another cat?”

“Well,” said Baby. “Mommy said that if they didn’t bring Trouble home, Trouble was going to be put to sleep.”

“Really,” said Sparky, her little heart softening.

“Yes,” said Baby. “Really. By the way, Trouble looks almost just like you.”

“You think so,” said Sparky.

“Yes, I do,” said Baby. “She is smaller than you and a slightly different colour, but she looks just like you.”

Sparky and Baby both went upstairs and spent the rest of the afternoon with Trouble.

“I wonder why her name is Trouble,” said Sparky to Baby later on that evening.

“I’m not sure,” said Baby. “But, I’m sure we’ll find out!”

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