Apple Monster and Applesauce

Apple Monster was sitting under his apple tree eating an apple pie that his friend, Millie, brought to him. He was enjoying it very much.

“I smell something good,” said a worker ant as he marched home after passing by the apple tree where Apple Monster was.

“What is it you smell?” asked the queen ant.

“I think it was an apple pie,” said the ant. “Apple Monster was eating it.”

“An apple pie!” exclaimed the queen ant. “Where did Apple Monster get an apple pie and why was he eating one?”

“Apple Monster has been acting a little bit strange lately,” said the ant. “I heard that Millie walked past him with an apple pie one day. Apple Monster got a whiff of it and followed Millie into town.”

“Are you serious?” asked the queen ant. “He actually left the area of his apple tree.”

“Yes,” said the ant. “The smell of the apple pie was so overwhelming that he had to taste it.”

“That is amazing,” said the queen ant. “He has never left the area surrounding the apple tree. I am quite shocked to hear that.”

“He is expanding his horizons,” said the ant. “Wait until he tries applesauce. I think he will love that.”

Apple Monster had just finished the apple pie and he got up and walked around the forest. He happened to walk by the ants and he overheard them talking to one another.

“What is applesauce?” Apple Monster asked.

“It is apples that are made into a very sweet tasting sauce,” said the queen ant.

“That sounds delicious,” said Apple Monster. “I am going to have to try it. Where would I get some?”

“Any market would have some applesauce,” said the queen ant.

“I am going to take a walk to the market,” said Apple Monster.

“You are really getting away from your apple tree,” said the queen ant. “That is so amazing. I am so proud of you.”

“Thank you,” said Apple Monster. “I am really getting used to being away from my apple tree. I am looking forward to going to the market.”

“Good for you,” said the queen ant. “It is nice to see that you are expanding your horizons.”

Apple Monster walked through the forest and he went to the market. He purchased a jar of applesauce. He took it home and opened it.

“That is so sweet tasting,” said Apple Monster. “It really does taste so good. I love the taste of it.”

Apple Monster went back to the market to get another can of applesauce. While there, he noticed a few different products containing apples, such as apple juice, apple butter and apple crisp. He absolutely loved all the apple products he tried.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is nice to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Example: Apple Monster was excited to go to the market to get some applesauce.
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