For the Summer Story Challenge 2020, I am excited to announce that this challenge is going to produce something very big and something very incredible. For the Summer Story Challenge 2020, this will be a collaboration between myself and my daughter, Jennifer. We are working on a series of stories surrounding a brand new set of characters, with gorgeous photographs (courtesy of Jennifer at PuttPutt’s Photography) and of course my magic added to it with my digital artist skills. This set of stories will be filled with more adventure and fun than anyone has seen in a very long time.

I will not be releasing any information about the contents of this series until our launch date, June 27, 2020 at precisely 1:27 pm EST.

UPDATE – We can’t wait until June 27, 2020 to show you what we are creating so we have decided to show you a part of what we are doing. Please see the table below.

Challenge Goals:

  1. Start challenge on June 27, 2020 at precisely 1:27 pm EST.
  2. I will write 15 brand new summer stories based on a brand new set of characters to Storyland.
  3. I will draw my new set of characters
  4. I will draw a scene for my new set of characters
  5. I will write the Meet the Character pages and Character Insight pages for my new characters
  6. I will complete this challenge before the end of summer which is September 22, 2020

Challenge Notes:‚Äč


1Start of ChallengeJune 27, 2020at precisely 1:27 pm EST
CharacterDate CompletedCompleted Link
2.New Summer StoriesForest ShroomsJune 10, 20201. The Shrooms
Forest ShroomsJune 27, 20202. The Prophecy
River ShroomsJuly 3, 20203. The River Shrooms
3.New character drawingsForest ShroomsJune 10, 2020Forest Shrooms
River ShroomsJuly 3, 2020River Shrooms
4.New character scenesForest Shrooms SceneJune 10, 2020Forest Shrooms Scene
Forest Shrooms – The Prophecy SceneJune 27, 2020The Prophecy - Shrooms
River Shrooms SceneJuly 3, 2020River Shrooms
5.Meet the Character and Character Insight pagesThe ShroomsJune 10, 20201. Meet the Shrooms
2. The Shrooms – Character Insight
6.End of Challenge

List of Summer Story Challenge 2020 Stories

  1. The Shrooms - June 10, 2020
  2. The Prophecy - June 27, 2020
  3. The River Shrooms - July 3, 2020

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