Pick Me, Pick Me

“I think we should adopt a puppy,” said Mommy.

“I have been thinking of the same thing,” said Daddy. “I think it would be nice to have a puppy.”

“The kids would love it,” said Mommy.

“Yes,” said Daddy. “Besides, it would teach them some responsibility. Pets take a lot of time to look after and with us both working, they will have to help out.”

“Yes,” said Mommy. “They would have to help out.”

Mommy and Daddy went to the animal shelter that evening. They saw several puppies that were just so adorable that it was almost impossible to pick one out.

“Pick me, pick me,” said each puppy’s eyes as they looked into them.

However, one puppy stood out more than all the rest of them. One puppy sat way in the back corner, away from the rest. She had the longest, softest ears and the most adorable face ever. Her sweet eyes cried out, pick me, pick me!

“Oh I can’t pass that one by,” said Mommy.

“I don’t know about that puppy,” said the sales clerk. “She’s a loner and shies away from all the other puppies. She doesn’t seem to be too sociable.”

Mommy and Daddy tried to put that puppy out of their minds and they went on to look at the rest of them. However, they could not help but think of that puppy as they looked at all the rest of them.

“Pick me, pick me,” that little puppy cried to them as they looked into other cages.

“Oh,” said Mommy. “I just can’t stand this any longer. I want that puppy.”

“You are sure,” said the sales clerk.

“Absolutely,” said Daddy. “This is the puppy we want.”

“Her name is PM for short,” said Mommy, laughing.

“Gee I wonder what that stands for,” laughed Daddy, carrying the puppy out of the building to the car.

“Pick Me,” said Mommy.

PM grew up to be the best companion and the best dog that anyone could ever ask for. Mommy, Daddy and the children just loved her to pieces and she was so gentle and loyal. She brought so much joy and happiness to their lives.

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