Seedlings from the Heart

“Children,” called Mother warmly, “please come into the cozy living room.”

Jason, who was 9, Annie, aged 6, and Jeremy, a cheerful toddler, scampered into the room right away.

“So,” began Mother, her eyes twinkling with excitement, sharing her plan with her eager audience. “Daddy Parker would love to start a garden this year. I thought we could help him get it blooming as a splendid Father’s Day gift.”

“But isn’t that a lot of work?” Jason asked, his eyebrows raised in curiosity.

“Gardening indeed requires effort,” acknowledged Mother with a gentle nod. “However, I was thinking we could start by growing some seedlings.”

“Oh!” Annie piped up, her eyes lighting up at the idea. “We did that last year in class! We all planted towering beanstalks. My beanstalk grew so tall it nearly touched the sky!”

“That was from an ancient storybook,” chuckled Jason, amused by his sister’s enthusiasm.

“That was precisely why we decided to plant them,” replied Annie, her voice filled with pride.

“So Annie,” Mother said with an encouraging smile. “You shall oversee the beans.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Annie joyously. “Yes! This will be so much fun!”

“Jason,” continued Mother thoughtfully, “What would you like to grow?”

“I would like to grow some corn,” declared Jason decisively.

“Now that is an excellent choice!” praised Mother, her voice cheerful.

“Jeremy, darling, you and I shall grow hearty potatoes and plump tomatoes.”

“Goodie!” Jeremy exclaimed, clapping his tiny hands together with glee.

“Daddy is buried in work every evening this week,” informed Mother gently. “We do have lots of time to get everything done.”

“How will Daddy not see our little seedlings?” voiced Annie, her forehead wrinkling with concern.

“I’ve cleared off a secret shelf in the garage just for us,” revealed Mother, her voice conspiratorial.

Father’s Day arrived, and Daddy Parker was astonished at the loving gesture his family had prepared. It was a warm day, and the seedlings were thriving, so Daddy Parker proudly planted them. The whole family stood around the garden plot, their hearts swelling with joy.

“Happy Father’s Day!” they shouted, their voices harmonizing with love and happiness.


Moral of this Story:

  • When we work together towards a shared vision, we can accomplish great things.
  • Example: The Parker Family decide to grow different plants for Daddy Parker for Father’s Day to help get his garden idea going.

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