Lexie’s Unicorn

Lexie was outside playing on the swing set her parents had just bought for her. She was having a wonderful time until she fell from it.

“Oh no!” cried Lexie. “My leg is bleeding.”

Lexie tried to stand up, but her leg was so painful that she couldn’t move.

“Here,” Lexie heard through her sobbing. “I will help you.”

Lexie looked up through her tear-streaked eyes and couldn’t believe what she was looking at. There standing in front of her was a golden unicorn. Lexie was stunned by its beauty.

“Wow!” exclaimed Lexie. “You are a unicorn aren’t you?”

“Yes,” said the golden unicorn. “I’m a unicorn, your unicorn.”

“You are my unicorn!” said Lexie. “But, I didn’t ask anyone for a unicorn.”

“You didn’t have to ask,” said the unicorn. “I’m your unicorn. You are going to have many trials in your life, Lexie, and I will be here to help you get through them.”

“Okay,” said Lexie.

Lexie went about her life as a normal girl would. She did not see her unicorn again until ten years later.

“I wonder what that unicorn meant,” said an older, Lexie to herself one evening. “I’ve not had any trials in my life. He said that I was going to have many trials.”

Just as Lexie stepped out of her house on her way to school that morning, she watched in horror as her house caught fire.

“I guess my trials are just beginning,” cried Lexie, as her golden unicorn appeared beside her.

“Yes,” said the unicorn. “This is just the beginning.”

“But I don’t get it,” said Lexie. “How come I have to go through all these trials?”

“My dear Lexie,” said the unicorn. “These trials will help you to become a stronger person. They will mould you and shape you into becoming a better person. They will strengthen your beliefs.”

“Beliefs,” said Lexie. “I have beliefs, I mean, I believe in you don’t I?”

“Do you?” asked the unicorn. “Do you truly believe in me?”

“Well,” said Lexie, after thinking long and hard. “I guess I have my doubts.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” said the unicorn. “Your doubts.”

Over the next year, Lexie ran into lots of different trials. Her golden unicorn was there to help her each time. However, the worst one came when Lexie was walking home from a night school course that she was taking. She could sense someone behind her. Lexie was frightened.

“Okay think,” said Lexie to herself. “Think!”

Lexie felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Golden unicorn!” shouted Lexie. “I need you more than ever.”

Lexie felt the grip on her shoulder slip away and standing in front of her was her golden unicorn.

“You helped me!” cried Lexie. “You really helped me.”

The golden unicorn could sense in Lexie that this was her turning point.

“Okay Lexie,” said the golden unicorn. “You have passed the test.”

Before Lexie could speak, the golden unicorn whisked Lexie away.

“Where am I?” asked Lexie, when they reached their destination.

“Look around you,” the golden unicorn said.

Lexie looked around her new surroundings.

“This is a beautiful place,” said Lexie, looking around at the lush green grass and gorgeous castles.

“Welcome Queen Lexie,” said the golden unicorn, who turned into a handsome prince.

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