Arlene the Artist

“I just can’t seem to paint my nose correctly today,” shouted Arlene the Artist, tearing another canvas from the easel.

“There is nothing wrong with this,” said Ben, Arlene’s friend, examining the portrait. “You have such talent but so much ends up on the floor. You are your own worst critic at times.”

“I agree,” said Arlene. “I am even more so of a critic of my own self-portrait.”

“I am taking this piece,” said Ben, picking up the discarded canvas off the floor.

“Take it,” said Arlene. “It is of no use to me.”

Ben took Arlene’s canvas and he secretly submitted it to an art contest. He knew Arlene had potential. He knew she just needed to have more self-confidence.

Arlene’s self-portrait didn’t win first prize in the art contest but, it did win second.

Arlene was ecstatic when she found out.

“My trash won second prize,” laughed Arlene. “I can’t believe it!”

“Believe it,” said Ben, handing her the $500 prize cheque.

“Wow!” Arlene cried when she saw how much she won. “That is a lot of money!”

“I am confident you could win more,” said Ben.

“Do you really think so?” asked Arlene.

“Definitely,” said Ben. “Now, I would like to take you out for dinner to celebrate.”

“I would love that” said Arlene, blushing.


Moral of this Story:

  • Artists need to have lots of patience and self–confidence.
  • Example: Arlene the Artist doesn’t like some of the work she does, especially when she does a self-portrait. However, she did win second prize in an art contest.

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