A Hippo Joke

“Guess what!” shouted Jackie Jester to his friend, Sam. “There is a hippo in Storyland.”

“No way!” exclaimed Sam. “You have to show me. I love hippos.”

“Uh sure,” said Jackie Jester.

Jackie Jester took Sam all over Storyland and while they saw lots of animals and other characters, they did not see a hippo.

“We have been everywhere,” said Sam. “There is no hippo anywhere. I am really disappointed. I really wanted to see a hippo.”

“April Fool’s!” shouted Jackie Jester.

“So this was all an April Fool’s Day joke,” said Sam.

“Yes,” said Jackie Jester, very proud of himself. “It looks like it was one of my best one’s yet. I really had you fooled, didn’t I?”

“Well,” said Sam. “You almost had me fooled.”

“What do you mean, almost?” asked Jackie Jester. “There is no hippo in Storyland.”

“Then, what is that?” asked Sam, pointing to a huge animal walking toward them.

“Oh my!” cried Jackie Jester. “There is a hippo in Storyland.”

“Hi!” said the hippo. “My name is Harvey Hippo. It is so nice to meet you!”

“Well so much for my April Fool’s joke,” said Jackie Jester.

“Yes,” said Sam. “I am so glad I got to see a hippo though so, I forgive you!”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes April Fool’s Day jokes don’t work out the way you want.
  • Example: Jackie Jester told his friend that there was a hippo in Storyland but it was just an April Fool’s joke but then Sam saw Harvey Hippo.

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