Almost No Bad Luck

“Today is Friday the 13th,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus as he read the newspaper. “I have almost made it through the entire day with no bad luck. This is amazing since I always have bad luck on Friday the 13th.”

Unlucky Uncle Ungus was so sure that he was going to have some form of bad luck, he was going to order take-out for dinner. That way, he wouldn’t have to cook.

“Now that the day is almost over and I haven’t had any bad luck today,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus. “I think it would be okay for me to cook myself something for dinner. I don’t see how that would cause me to have bad luck.”

Unlucky Uncle Ungus went into the kitchen and decided he would cook himself a steak for dinner. He put a steak in a frying pan and then he decided he wanted some potatoes with his steak. He peeled the potatoes and put them on the stove. He forgot to add water to the pot. It wasn’t long before the kitchen was full of smoke from the burning potatoes.

“Oh dear,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus, opening the kitchen window to clear away the smoke. “I think I’d better have take-out just like I had planned. “I don’t need any more bad luck tonight.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes Friday the 13th can bring bad luck.
  • Example: Unlucky Uncle Ungus almost got through the whole day with no bad luck on Friday the 13th until he decided to cook himself dinner.
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