Broken Eyeglasses

Unlucky Uncle Ungus went into the living room. He wanted to read the evening newspaper. He searched around for his eyeglasses but he couldn’t seem to find them anywhere. 

“That is funny,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus. “I always have my glasses right here on the table beside me.” 

Unlucky Uncle Ungus sat down in his chair because it was easier for him to turn his lamp on so he could see where his glasses were. However, when he sat down he heard a crunch. 

“My glasses!” cried Unlucky Uncle Ungus. 

Unlucky Uncle Ungus quickly got up from his chair and saw his glasses sitting there in two pieces. 

“Oh dear!” cried Unlucky Uncle Ungus. “Just my luck!” 

Unlucky Uncle Ungus did have an extra pair of glasses. He went and got those. He sat down and finally got to read his newspaper. The first thing that caught his eye was the date. 

“Friday, September 13th,” read Unlucky Uncle Ungus. “No wonder I am having such bad luck today!” 


Moral of this Story:

  • Be careful not to sit on your eyeglasses.
  • Example: Unlucky Uncle Ungus sat on his eyeglasses and broke them. He then found out it was Friday the 13th.
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