Mother’s Day Surprise

“We should clean the house for Mother’s Day,” said Annie to her brother, Jason. “Mother Elf would love that.”

“Yes,” said Jason. “She would but, I think she will like my idea much better.”

“What idea?” asked Annie.

“You will see,” said Jason.

About an hour later, a truck pulled into the driveway.

“What is this?” asked Mother Elf.

“It is a surprise for you for Mother’s Day,” said Jason.

“Jason wouldn’t tell me what it is,” said Annie.

“I see,” said Mother Elf.

Mother Elf and Annie watched as the delivery man lifted a gently used sofa off the truck.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Mother Elf. “It is beautiful! However, you know we can’t afford it. It will have to go back.”

“Not a chance,” said Jason, giving the delivery driver all the money he had made from doing yard work after school and weekends.

“I thought you were going to use that money to buy yourself a new bike,” said Mother Elf.

“I fixed my old bike,” said Jason. “So, the sofa stays. Happy Mother’s Day!”

“I am so happy,” said Mother Elf. “Thank you so much!”

“You are welcome,” said Jason.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is good to do something nice for someone else.
  • Example:Jason bought Mother Elf something beautiful for Mother’s Day, using money he was saving to buy himself a bike with.

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