A Rusty Autumn Day

“You look tired and worn out,” said John to his wife, Patricia.
“I just finished raking the leaves,” said Patricia.
John and Patricia live on a ranch they own in Lethbridge, Alberta. They had a huge yard. It was time consuming work to rake the leaves.
“Are you sure you raked the leaves?” asked John, looking out the kitchen window.
“Yes,” said Patricia. “I am sure. Why do you ask?”
John pointed out the window, laughing. Patricia got up from the kitchen table and took a look outside for herself.
“Oh my!” cried Patricia, seeing a rust coloured bundle of fur jumping into the pile of leaves Patricia had just raked up.
John and Patricia both went outside.
“Rusty!” cried Patricia. “Look what you are doing?”
Rusty ran over to Patricia and licked her face. Then he ran back into the pile of leaves. He kept repeating the process until every last leaf was scattered.
“I will rake them up tomorrow,” said John.
“I can’t be mad at Rusty,” said Patricia. “He is having so much fun.”
“That he is,” said John, still laughing.
“I think Rusty and I are going to stay indoors tomorrow,” said Patricia, also laughing.
“Good idea,” said John.


Moral of this Story:

  • Sometimes you just can’t get mad at your pet, especially if they are having fun.
  • Example: Rusty spread out all the leaves Patricia had just raked up. He was having so much fun that Patricia couldn’t get made at him.

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