Life Without a Pumpkin Patch

“What is this?” asked Pumpkin Fairy when her husband, Pumpkin Prince handed her an envelope.

“Open it up,” said Pumpkin Prince, grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Pumpkin Fairy, holding two tickets in her hand for a trip to the Pacific coast in British Columbia. “This is wonderful. What is the occasion?”

“Our anniversary,” said Pumpkin Prince.

“Oh!” cried Pumpkin Fairy. “I am so excited. Thank you!”

This trip was a big adventure for Pumpkin Fairy. She had hardly ever taken time away from the pumpkin patch, where she was born and raised. In fact, she never knew what life without a pumpkin patch was going to be like.

The dayof the trip came and it was a gorgeous autumn day. Pumpkin Fairy was able to look out the window of the car as Pumpkin Prince drove from the pumpkin patch, just north of Edmonton, Alberta to the Pacific coast in BC.

Pumpkin Fairy was mesmerized at the breathtaking sight of the Rocky Mountains. She had never seen anything so beautiful in her life.

“Oh my!”  Pumpkin Fairy cried when Pumpkin Prince pointed to a family of mountain sheep looking down at them from the mountain top. “Absolutely beautiful!”

Pumpkin Prince had rented them a quaint little cabin on the coast. Pumpkin Fairy was able to indulge in seafood. She had never had any before but shrimp and scallops were her new favourite.

After a good night sleep, Pumpkin Fairy explored the vast sandy beach. She found lots of beautiful sea shells.

“I had the best time of my life,” said Pumpkin Fairy on the drive home. “It is nice to know that there is a life without a pumpkin patch.”

“I knew you would enjoy yourself,” said Pumpkin Prince.

“Oh I did,” said Pumpkin Fairy. “Very much so.”


Moral of this Story:

  • There a vast world out there for us to explore.
  • Example: Pumpkin Fairy found that there was a life without a pumpkin patch.

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