Frosty and Blizzard

Frosty and Blizzard are twin kittens. They are 9 months old. Frosty is white with grey tips on her ears, face, paws and tail. She has the bluest of eyes. She is absolutely adorable. Blizzard is exactly the same as Frosty except that where Frosty is grey, he is orange. They do have just one other slight difference. Frosty is dainty and delicate and Blizzard is fat and wobbly.

Each morning Frosty and Blizzard eat their breakfast and then sit around the house for awhile. Each one will suddenly get a burst of energy and race around the house. Frosty and Blizzard are both house cats and have never been outside, that is, until one day…

Daddy left the front door open by mistake. Frosty and Blizzard both saw this and ran straight for it. They ran onto the porch and then down the stairs. They both stopped dead in their tracks. The world was so big and strange to them. They could hear cars, kids, school bells, lawnmowers. They were very scared.

Frosty stood shaking. Blizzard however, was a little more brave. He didn’t appear to be shaking but then you really couldn’t tell because of his little fat rolls jiggling.

“Frosty and Blizzard,” Mommy called at the doorway, when she saw that they had run outside. “Come on you must come back inside.”

The two kittens ran as fast as they could back inside the house. They always did what Mommy told them to do because they loved her the very most. However, both kittens were very glad to be back inside where they felt safe and secure.

“So,” said Daddy, when he saw Mommy with both kittens in her arms. “You two had a little adventure did you?”

Frosty and Blizzard purred loudly in Mommy’s arms as Daddy gave them both a pet.

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