Unlucky Uncle Ungus Winning the Lottery

Unlucky Uncle Ungus was at the mall. It was Friday the 13th. He was paying for his groceries and the store clerk asked him if he wanted to buy a lottery ticket.

“I will buy one,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus. “It will be a waste of money though. It is Friday the 13th and I never have good luck on Friday the 13th.”

Unlucky Uncle Ungus took the ticket home and he checked his numbers.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Unlucky Uncle Ungus to himself. “I won! I won the jackpot!”

Unlucky Uncle Angus could not believe it. After all the years of bad luck he has had on Friday the 13h, his luck actually changed

“Maybe my unlucky streak is finally over,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus to himself.

Unlucky Uncle Ungus picked up his prize money. He just deposited the cheque and then his phone started ringing off the wall.

“I am your Aunt Jean,” said one unfamiliar voice on the phone. “I need some money. Can you help your old aunt out?”

“I don’t have an Aunt Jean,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus, hanging up the phone.

“Hello,” said an older woman, walking up the street. ”Don’t I know you? Didn’t we go to college together? I am short on cash. Could you lend me some?”

“I never went to college,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus, walking in the opposite direction.

Unlucky Uncle Ungus was getting tired of hearing about longlost friends and relatives that he never had. He was getting tired of random people asking him for money.

“I think my bad luck is back,” said Unlucky Uncle Ungus. “The lottery winning is causing me so much bad luck. I wish, I never won the lottery.”

Unlucky Uncle Ungus decided he would keep just enough of the lottery winning to live on and then donate the rest to worthwhile charities.

As soon as he had finished donating the money, Unlucky Uncle Ungus noticed that people stopped bothering him. He was relieved and happy to go back being his normal unlucky self.


Moral of this Story:

  • Money brings out the worst in people.
  • Example: Unlucky Uncle Ungus won the lottery and found out that people were contacting him to borrow money from him.
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