Rancher Girl at the Rodeo

It was a dull, dreary morning but Rancher Girl was outside working with her favourite horse, Misty. There was a rodeo coming up in a few weeks and she knew Misty was ready to win. She really wanted to win the rodeo because money was tight for her this year.

While she was practicing with Misty, there was a dog running through the next field and Misty was spooked. Misty jumped over the top rail of the fence and he hurt her right back leg.

“Oh dear!” cried Rancher Girl. “Are you okay, Misty?”

Misty was in obvious pain. Steve, the ranch-hand, saw what happened. He came over immediately. Rancher Girl and Steve were able to get Misty into the barn quickly. They called the vet right away.

“I’m afraid she has a bad sprain,” said the vet.

“What am I going to do?” asked Rancher Girl. “Misty isn’t going to be able to compete in the rodeo now.”

“What about Misty’s son, Rascal?” asked Steve.

“Rascal is nowhere near being ready,” said Rancher Girl. “He is way too young and I just don’t have the confidence in him that I had with Misty.”

“I think Rascal is more than ready,” said Steve. “I have been doing a lot of work with him.”

“I don’t know,” said Rancher Girl, hesitantly.

“Come watch me tonight,” said Steve.

Rancher Girl went out that night and watched Steve with Rascal. She was very impressed with him. He performed all the jumps perfectly.

“Maybe Rascal is ready,” said Rancher Girl.

“Now,” said Steve. “That is what like to hear. You try now.”

Rancher Girl took Rascal and worked with him for an hour or so.

“I think I have gained my confidence in him,” said Rancher Girl. “He exceeded my expectations on those jumps.”

Rancher Girl and Steve both worked with Rascal over the next few weeks. Rascal was ready to perform and ready to win when it was time for the rodeo.

“I think we can do it,” said Rancher Girl, loading Rascal onto the truck, the morning of the rodeo.

“I have confidence in him,” said Steve.

“I do as well,” said Rancher Girl.

Rascal did wonderful at the rodeo. He did win fist prize. Rancher Girl and Steve were so proud of him. Rancher Girl was going to enter Rascal into the next rodeo as well.


Moral of this Story:

  • We need to have confidence.
  • Example: Rancher Girl did not have confidence in Rascal until she saw him perform.

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