Ontario Series – Storyland Trading Cards

Storyland Trading Cards are a brand new and fun way to interact with the characters and their stories on the Storyland.ca website. These cards will help your children with their reading comprehension. With the Storyland Trading Cards you can trade the cards with your friends and then test your knowledge on how well you know the Storyland characters.

Each card is printed on 5 x 8 cardstock paper. They contain an illustration of the Storyland character and then a listing of some important information about them.

Recommended age is 4 years and up. They are big enough to fit into small hands. They are also a collectible item so adults and teens, don’t count yourselves out. Each character portrayed on these cards was created and drawn by me, owner and author of this website.

Each trading card pack will contain 10 trading cards. Season packs such as the Autumn Series will contain at least 6 autumn themed characters and another 4 random ones.

How to be Interactive with Storyland.ca

  • Look up the character on the List of Stories page on the Storyland.ca website and read the corresponding stories about that particular character
  • Read the “Meet the Character” page for that particular character 

How to Test your Knowledge

  • With a friend, hold up a trading card so that your friend cannot see it
  • Ask your friend questions from the trading card
  • Check the answers on the bottom right hand side of the card
  • See how many questions your friend can get right
  • Trade places with your friend and have them ask you the questions

Introducing Storyland Trading Cards

  • Each pack will contain a random assortment of 10 cards each
  • Each card is printed on 5 x 8 cardstock 
  • Cards can be traded with friends
  • Helps with reading comprehension
  • Test your knowledge of Storyland characters
  • Become more interactive with Storyland

Storyland Trading Cards Series Now  Available

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