Each story on the Storyland website has a story moral, or a lesson to be learned from it. Morals can be fun and add an interesting aspect to the story. They sum up what the story is about.

I feel the moral gives the reader something to think about and it might also explain my intentions as far as what the story is about. When reading each of the Storyland stories that have the moral with it, discuss it with others. See if they agree or disagree with the moral. Morals can be a great conversation starter or a great debate tool. My interpretation of what the moral of the story should be and your interpretation of what it should be, could be very different.

There are a lot of morals to be found in the table below. Please use the search box to help you find the moral you are looking for.

Story Moral

 List of MoralsExamplesStories Containing the Moral
Don't get too excited and end up going overboard.Mother cooked way too much food.Hillbilly Bob's Easter Feast
Be understanding if someone forgets something.Sarah picked up the Easter ham at the butcher instead of waking up Forgetful Fred to do so.Forgetful Fred Forgets the Easter Ham
Always care about your best friends.The girls were worried about their friend Marie, who was having an operation.Marie's Operation
Always be helpful to your friends.Caveman Jack offered to help the Easter Bunny find the Easter eggs that fell out of the basket.The First Easter Egg Hunt
Always be helpful to your friends.Easter Lily and Renee helped get the mud off Sally’s new Easter dress.Easter Lily and the Easter Dress
Learn to have some patience.Patrick left his house too soon on Easter morning.Easter Bunny and the Garbage Can
Sometimes it is best to talk with others about our problems. After talking to Easter Lily, the man felt better.Easter Lily
Always make sure to get enough sleep.Cranky Bunny stayed up to late the night before and was cranky.Cranky Bunny
See if there is another time you can do something.Earl was able to do his work on that day instead of Easter so that he could make his family happy.Working on Easter
Always be helpful to your friends.Renee Chipmunk flies around to find the house with a yellow roof so the lost grandmother can spend time with her family for Easter.Easter Lily Makes Grandma Happy
Don't jump to conclusions.Travelin’ Rick thought the crows were a bad omen but he found out instead that it was mating season.Invasion of the Crows
Always be helpful to your friends.Renee searched for Sam’s wallet and she found it for him.Easter Lily Saves Easter
Try to find innovative ways to solve a problem.The Easter Bunny put a rock on the train tracks to stop the train. It wasn’t an ordinary rock though.Runaway Easter Train
Never make fun of another's features.Fawn made fun of Willie’s big ears.Fawn and Spot Meet Willie
Try looking in a different location.Julie showed Cranky Bunny that by looking in a different location he could find the Easter eggs.Cranky Bunny and the Easter Egg Hunt
Always do something nice for your Mother.Silly Snake knew his mother liked roses so he bought her a rose bush. It was actually her rose bush to begin with but Silly Snake didn’t know hers was missing.Roses for Mother's Day
Love your pet unconditionally.I love Arrow unconditionally and have since the day I first saw him.Arrow
Never have a crocodile for a pet.A crocodile is a wild animal. They do not make good pets.My Pet Croc
Money doesn’t always buy happiness.Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Mother made gifts for their children for Easter because they didn’t have money to buy them anything.Easter Happiness
Some things just can't be explained.Cutie is curious about how they didn’t see the Easter Bunny.Easter Magic for Arrow and Cutie
If you want something bad enough, sometimes you have to find a way to make it yourself.Grandma made herself a pretty yellow dress for Easter.Grandma, Tell Me About Easter
Sometimes wishes do not come true.I made a wish to have the trolls disappear but it did not come true.Easter Trolls
A forgotten important date isn't always the end of the world.Billy Troll forgot all about Mother’s Day. However, he did make up for it without Mother finding out. Mother's Day Surprise Concert
It isn't nice to tease someone.Ricky teased Fawn by telling him there were not going to be any jellybeans for Easter. This made Fawn very upset.No Jellybeans for Easter
It is a good idea to ask permission before taking something.Silly Snake didn’t pick up any of the colourful eggs that he found because he thought they didn’t belong to him.The Colourful Easter Eggs
Sometimes it is best to leave early to get to the mall before closing time.Slow-Poke took so long getting ready to go to the mall that by the time they got there it was closed .Hurry Up Slow-Poke
Sometimes it is okay to substitute ingredients in a recipe.Angry Baker ran out of chocolate so Melissa suggested that he use caramel instead.Angry Baker’s Caramel Easter Dessert
Sometimes we have to believe in the unbelievable.Mr. Jones didn’t believe in the teddy bear Easter egg but, luckily for Cheryl, he did.Magical Easter Egg
Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and forgive.It took a lot but Bobby the Butcher forgave his Aunt Jessica for marrying Desmond, the warlock.Bobby the Butcher's Easter Dinner
Don’t jump to conclusions until you have all the facts.Sarah just assumed that Forgetful Fred was the one that forgot Easter.The Easter Bunny Forgot It Was Easter
It is not a good idea to trick anyone.Trickster tried to trick Fred Fox. The Easter Bunny found out and paid him a visit.Trickster Bunny’s Happy Easter
Pets are a very important part of our lives.Instead of saving my prized possessions, I saved the puppies from the flood.Puppies in a Basket
Sometimes we have to believe in the unbelievable.Billy Troll never would have thought that the Easter Bunny wrote the rest of his new Easter song.Easter Surprise
Sometimes we want things that we can't have.Poor Mountain Sister wanted to go outside but it was raining out. When the rain stopped, she no longer wanted to go outside.Rainy Days in May
Do not brag about doing something just to be "cool".Lil’ Rebel told Sally she stole a candy bar and wanted Sally to steal one as well. Sally saw that Lil’ Rebel didn’t actually steal anything.Feels Good
It is good to celebrate great accomplishments.Mrs. Hansen wrote 900 children’s stories to date.A Rather Happy Day
It is good to expand our horizon and learn new languages.Travelin’ Rick didn’t know much French but he enjoyed his trip to Quebec.Travelin’ Rick Goes to Quebec
We should enjoy our surroundings more.Travelin’ Rick loved spring in Ontario.Travelin' Rick in the Country
We all need to have patience at times.Mr. Squirrel just needed to wait for the spring rains to come for everything in the garden to turn green.Mr. Squirrel and the Spring Rains
It is always best to show someone just how much you love them.Billy Troll gave Dianne Troll a necklace and an engagement ring for her birthday.Dianne Troll's Birthday Surprise
It is always a good idea to keep a promise.Sly Fox didn’t help Mad Dog Wolf with his math test like he promised and Mad Dog failed the test.I Promise
Bugs can be very annoying.Silly Snake finds that the bug that landed on his nose is very annoying.Spring Sunshine
Early bird catches the worm.Mrs. Robin took the advice of Mrs. Tulip and searched for dew worms first thing in the morning.Early Bird Catches the Worm
Being rich isn't everything.Sammy found treasure chests and he doesn’t know what being rich means.Sammy Seahorse
It is good to make things with the materials we have around us.Desert Kid made slippers out of sagebrush.Sagebrush Slippers
Sometimes animals are afraid of us.The kittens were afraid of Fawn and Spot.Little Kittens
Enjoy the little things in life.Jen-Jen enjoyed the flowers Mrs. Gibson gave to her.Jen-Jen's Spring Fun
We never know what the weather will do.The Troll family did not think it was going to rain but, it did.It Will Rain
Spring should be a happy season.Mrs. Tulip was enjoying the spring weather.Mrs. Tulip
It pays to not be selfish.Troll Daddy bought Troll Sister the doll she wanted because she worked to help pay for a baseball mitt for her brother.A Surprise for Troll Brother
Throwing items into the water isn't a good idea.A young boy was caught kicking cans into the water and a fish got caught in one of them.Kick the Can
It is nice to have patience.Poor Mountain Mother got sick on Poor Mountain Sister’s birthday. Poor Mountain Sister decided to wait to have her birthday party once Poor Mountain Mother was better.Anticipation
It is nice to enjoy nature.Poor Mountain Mother got sick on Poor Mountain Sister’s birthday. Poor Mountain Sister decided to wait to have her birthday party once Poor Mountain Mother was better.Buttercups
It isn't nice to frighten someone.Poor Mountain Mother got sick on Poor Mountain Sister’s birthday. Poor Mountain Sister decided to wait to have her birthday party once Poor Mountain Mother was better.Mrs. Robin
Happiness can rub off on others.Mrs. Tulip’s happiness was rubbing off on others that lived in the garden.Happy Mrs. Tulip
Always make sure our loved ones are taken care of.Mrs. Robin makes sure her babies are fed, dry and safe.Mrs. Robin and the Rain
It is best to steer clear of trouble.Mrs. Robin was able to steer clear of the skunk.Mrs. Robin and the Skunk
It is always nice to get something new.Slow-Poke’s Mother bought him a brand new raincoat.Slow-Poke Gets a New Raincoat
Always make sure our loved ones are taken care of.Mrs. Robin is frightened about the bumble bee.Mrs. Robin and the Bumble Bee
It is better to be safe than sorry.Mrs. Robin knew the porcupine couldn’t reach her babies but she didn’t take her eyes off him until he was well out of the way.Mrs. Robin and the Porcupine
It is nice to spend quality time with our favourite relatives.Alphabet Allie had a nice visit with her Aunt Sue."S" is for Springtime
It is nice to make something memorable instead of buying something.Alphabet Allie helped Mother make a memory book for Mother’s Day."M" is for Mother's Day
Don't forget about your mother on Mother's Day.Angry Baker was so busy that he forgot it was Mother’s Day.Angry Baker's Mother's Day Surprise
Winning isn't everything.Mother didn’t care that Slow-Poke lost the race. She knew he tried his hardest, did his best and stuck with it until the end.Slow-Poke and the Marathon Race
Watching wildlife in their natural habitat is very educational.The Poor Mountain Family watched a pair of bald eagles try to hatch their eggs on a website featuring them via a live cam.Poor Mountain Family's Eagle Website
It is best to try to find the owner of a lost animal.I reluctantly searched for the owner of Kitten Kid but I was unable to locate them so I kept Kitten Kid as my own kitten.Kitten Kid
It is always nice to give something special to a loved one.Caveman Jack gave his mother a rose because he knew she loved them.Caveman Jack's Mother's Day
Try to do something to make someone feel better.Billy Troll knew his mother was sick with the flu and wouldn’t be able to make his Mother’s Day concert, so he wrote her a song and sang it to her.Billy Troll's Mother's Day Song
It is always nice to appreciate Mother Nature.Pirate Pete decided to bring the mother’s onto the ship for Mother’s Day.Jen-Jen's Spring Daisies
We shouldn't worry ourselves so much over something we can't control.Angry Cat was angry because it was raining out.Angry Cat's Sunny Spring Day
Sometimes things don't seem as they should.Troll Father thought he struck oil but he didn’t.May Flowers
Cats can do silly things.The cat sat on the road and almost got hit but came back and did the same thing the very next day.Cat on the Road
It is best to stay safe.Lil’ Rebel should not have ventured into the cave.No Fear
Sometimes we have to take a break from work and be with our loved ones.Pirate Pete decided to bring the mother’s onto the ship for Mother’s Day.Pirate Pete's Mother's Day at Sea
Sometimes you have to put the past behind you.Frankie went to see his mother on Mother’s Day. He had not seen her for years but he was glad he did.Frankie Visits Mother on Mother's Day
Sometimes it is good to just keep our feet on the ground.Fawn had second thoughts about going for a plane ride.Fawn's Almost Plane Ride
It is nice to get something homemade.Mrs. Hansen made Fawn and Spot each a handmade doll.Spot's Doll
When we forget something, try to make the best of the situation.Forgetful Fred forgot to cook dinner for his mother on Mother’s Day so he took her out for dinner instead.Forgetful Fred Forgot Mother's Day
We have to be careful with our curiosity.Fawn was curious about what was in a cave he found.Batty
Spring cleaning can be profitable sometimes.Spot found a ten dollar bill while doing her spring cleaning.Fawn and Spot’s Spring Cleaning
Sometimes you just have to stop and enjoy nature.For three days in a row, Racum Raccoon stopped to listen to the bluebirds.Pretty Bluebirds
We should always appreciate what our mothers do for us.Poor Mountain Father gave Poor Mountain Mother money so she could go shopping for herself because she looks after everyone else’s needs instead of her own.Happy Mother's Day
Sometimes you have to take time from a business and spend time with your family.Bobby the Butcher took his mother away for Mother’s Day weekend.Bobby the Butcher Closes the Butcher Shop for Mother’s Day
Sometimes we do things to save the dignity of others.Sarah told Mother that Forgetful Fred made the reservations when it was actually her that did it.Forgetful Fred Forgot to Make Reservations for Mother's Day
We must always appreciate what our mother's do for us.The Poor Mountain family appreciate what Poor Mountain Mother does for them.Mother's Day in the Mountains
It is nice to enjoy nature.Mother enjoyed the walk Hillbilly Bob took her on.Hillbilly Bob Takes Mother for a Walk on Mother’s Day
Mother's Day should be a day for Mother to relax.Lil’ Rebel helped Mother to relax by behaving herself.Lil' Rebel Behaves for Mother's Day
Sometimes we have mother figures that need to be recognized for Mother's Day.Little Crow doesn’t know what happened to his real mother so Grandmother has taken care of him.Little Crow Looks After Grandmother on Mother's Day
Sometimes we have to put the past behind us.Mountain Kid hadn’t seen his mother for seven years. He decided to visit her for Mother’s Day.Mountain Kid Goes to the City for Mother's Day
It is nice to appreciate what we do have.Mrs. Robin knows it is Mother’s Day and she also knows she isn’t getting anything from her three babies. However, she loves being a mother and taking care of them.Mrs. Robin Loves Being a Mother
Being poor can help to appreciate what matters the most.It is Mother’s Day but Poor Mountain Mother takes care of her family because they are sick.Poor Mountain Mother's Family is Sick on Mother's Day
It is good to think of other's instead of yourself.Rat Boy gave up the money he was saving to buy a video game with to get flowers for Mother on Mother’s Day.Rat Boy Buys Mother Flowers for Mother's Day
Researches have to be able to pick up on the smallest clues.Ellie picked up on the fact that Baby Face liked cold water. That opened up a whole new area for her research.Ellie’s Research Takes a Turn
Stick family stickers can reveal a lot about a family.Mother and Stacey were very accurate about Becky’s stick family sticker.Becky's Stick Family Sticker
It is good to try new foods for breakfasts.Vivian didn’t like the idea of sausage for breakfast until she tried it.Lovable Viking's Spring Breakfast
Animals love spring.Arrow had a dream about snow and he couldn’t wait until spring came.Hurry Up Spring
Arrow does not like the rain.Arrow wanted to go outside and play but it was raining out.Rainy Days in May
Never underestimate our families.Some families do surprise us. Susan’s family took good care of her on Mother’s Day.Susan Was Able to Relax on Mother’s Day
Waiting is the story of a fisherman's life.Fishing Kid has to wait for winter, then spring rains and then he has to wait for the fish.Spring Fishing
We have to be patient for rain to stop.Grampy’s Little Green Car had to be patient for the rain to stop so Grampy could take him for a drive.Rainy and Cloudy
Trying different foods can open up a whole new world.Apple Monster’s mother introduced his father to try different kinds of foods. He loved them so much that he traveled around the world sampling different foods.Apple Monster Meets his Father
It is important to communicate our thoughts and feelings to our loved ones.Billy Troll and his wife, Dianne, both vowed they would be truthful to each other about their thoughts and feelings. Billy was very upset to learn of Chris Cornell’s death.Tribute to Chris Cornell
We should pay more attention to the weather sometimes.Trickster and his sisters didn’t listen to Fred Fox when he told them it was going to snow.Trickster Bunny’s Spring Antics
Try to remember to take everything with you when you leave your house.Forgetful Fred forgot his raincoat at home.Forgetful Fred Forgot his Raincoat
It is good to learn about opposites.Missy Opposite knows that spring is the season that everything comes to life and autumn, things die off.Opposite of Spring is Autumn
Mother's seem to know a lot.Mother knew that Dad and Billy didn’t catch a fish when they went fishing so she ordered fish and chips for their lunch.Billy Troll Takes His Dad Fishing on Father's Day
It is goodto think about how things grow.This story discusses how an acorn grows into an oak tree.The Little Oak Tree
It is nice to get together as a family.The Canadian Family were glad they got together to honour their father for Father’s Day so they could read his journals that Mother had found.The Canadian Family's Father's Day
Don't be selfish.Hillbilly Bob thought of doing something that Dad wanted to do for Father’s Day.A Special Father’s Day
It is not a good idea to be a rebel all the time.Lil’ Rebel decided to do something nice for Father’s Day.Lil' Rebel Does Something Nice for Father on Father's Day
It would be sad to not have flowers growing in May.Mommy and Jamie plants some flower seeds so they could have flowers in May.May with no Flowers
Sometimes cars can be unpredictable.Grampy’s Little Green Car didn’t want to start until Grampy threatened he would borrow someone else’s car.Grampy Wants to go for a Drive on Father's Day
Never give up hope in something you believe in.Lovable Viking never gave up hope that he would find his parents.Lovable Viking's Loving Family on Father's Day
Life is too short and we should try to make the best of it.Little Crow’s father didn’t want to raise Little Crow because he was hurt.Little Crow Finds His Father on Father's Day
Love our parents always, even if they aren't our real parents.Ugly Sally loves her adoptive parents. They are the only parents she remembers.Ugly Sally Loves Her Father on Father’s Day
We should cherish our memories for as long as we can.Victor was able to cherish memories of his father after 190 years.Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 21 – Father on Father’s Day
It is nice to spend time with Father on Father's Day.Mother and Racum Raccoon took Father on a picnic to celebrate Father’s Day.Racum Raccoon and the Father's Day Picnic
Sometimes the simple things are the best things.The Poor Mountain Family took Father fishing for Father’s Day.Poor Mountain Family Go Fishing On Father’s Day
We should hold our loved ones dearly.Rat Boy and Cecilia’s Father had been missing for years. He finally came home just in time for Father’s Day.Rat Boy’s Father Comes Home in Time for Father’s Day
Dabbling in the supernatural can cause lots of issues.Aunt Jessica lost a lot because she dabbled in witchcraft.The Glowing Butcher Knife on Father's Day
It is nice to surprise our loved ones but sometimes they also may surprise us.Chester Chipmunk and his sister, Suzie, flew to Florida as a surprise for Father for Father’s Day. However, as they were getting into a cab, they saw their parents at the airport heading on a trip to see them.Chester Chipmunk Visits Father on Father's Day
Pestering someone, especially someone you just met, is not a good way to make friends.Beatrice Bee was pestering Alphabet Allie by buzzing in her ear when they first met.The Story of Beatrice Bee
It is not nice to bully someone.Alphabet Allie did not like Beatrice Bee bullying her."B" is for Bee
Sometimes things don't go as planned but it is good to make the most of it.The Poor Mountain Family had a rough day fishing but they did enjoy a nice lunch together.Father's Day Fishing
We should take the time to appreciate our family.Poor Mountain Father wanted to do something special for his family on Father’s Day because he was proud to be their father.Father's Day Surprise in the Mountains
Strange things can happen during storms.The Fresh Veggie family came to life during a storm.The Fresh Veggie Family
If you are depressed, it does help to talk with someone.Christopher Corn has dark days. He talks with Cameron Cauliflower when he is depressed.Christopher Corn
It is good to recognize talent when you see it.Christopher Corn has an amazing voice.Loud Garden is Formed
We always feel good about people saying nice things to us.Grampy’s Little Green Car liked it when Grampy said nice things about him.Grampy’s Little Green Car Loves Summer
You shouldn't spoil a good time by arguing.Mrs. Tomato and Olive Onion were arguing about their singing parts. Christopher Corn did not want them to ruin the good time they had been having.Christopher Corn is Happy with Loud Garden
Have fun but don't dance up a storm.Cameron Cauliflower was dancing up a storm, literally.The Cauliflower Dance
It isn't fun to have appendicitis.Fawn had to have his appendix out but they couldn’t take him to the hospital so the vet did the operation right in the barn.Fawn's Miserable Spring
It is good to show our emotions.Christopher Corn tells Olive and Oliver Onion that they should never be ashamed to show their emotions.Olive and Oliver Onion Cry in the Summer Heat
We should try not to be angry.Angry Baker felt bad for being angry at Beatrice Bee.Beatrice Bee Visits Angry Baker
Treat family with respect.Farmer Fred respects the Fresh Veggie Family and would never eat them.Christopher Corn and Cobs of Corn
Always try to talk to someone if you are feeling depressed.Christopher Corn felt better after talking to Farmer Fred.Christopher Corn and Cream Corn
We need to take care of our forests.The great majestic forest is a beautiful forest.The Great Majestic Forest
Working hard will reap rewards.Fishing Kid gave his crew their pay after they caught a lot of fish.A Good Day for Fishing
It is not a good idea to eat too many strawberries.Fawn ate too many strawberries and didn’t want anymore.Anything but Strawberries
Make sure to save some apple pie for the person that baked it.Marcus baked a lot of apple pies but he always had to fight with his crew to get some.Apple Pie
Always repay your debts in a timely fashion.As soon as Mad Dog got back to the Big Dark Forest, he went to Racum’s house to repay his debt to Racum’s dad.Mad Dog
Yard sales can be fun and profitable.Fawn and Spot made a lot of money at their yard sale.Fawn has a Yard Sale
Try to be innovative.Christopher Corn was innovative when he thought of having the concert at Farmer Fred’s.Loud Garden's Summer Concert
Miracles do happen.Christopher Corn knows that him being alive is a miracle.Christopher Corn and the Corn Roast
Always look out for squirrels when standing underneath an apple tree.Forgetful Fred was hit in the head from a squirrel dropping apples from an apple tree.Apples on the Head
The last day of school is always celebrated.Troll Brother and Troll Sister got brand new bikes for their passing presents on the last day of school.School is Out
When the chores are all done it is time to play.Fawn’s chores were all finished so he was allowed to go play.Chores
It is okay to cry.Olive Onion cried when she heard Christopher Corn sing because he had such a sweet voice.Olive Onion Can't Stop Crying
Oddballs can be good friends.Beatrice Bee becomes good friends with Angry Cat and his sister, Harriet.Beatrice Bee Visits Angry Cat
It is good to be able to laugh.Arrow and Cutie were arguing and Beatrice Bee made them laugh.Beatrice Bee Makes Arrow and Cutie Laugh
It is a good idea to not end up as mashed carrots.Christopher Corn felt better after talking to Farmer Fred.Calvin Carrot and Mashed Carrots
Sometimes the weather can ruin plans.Troll Baby wanted to play outside but was brought back in the house twice because it rained.Bad Summer Rain
It is nice to admire old cars.Beatrice Bee landed in Grampy’s Little Green Car because she wanted to admire it.Beatrice Bee Lands on Grampy's Little Green Car
We should always have some favourite road trip music.Arrow and Cutie love the song “I am the Highway”. It is their favourite road trip song.Arrow and Cutie's Summer Adventure
It is easy to lose your sanity when others don't take your passion seriously.Christopher Corn felt better after talking to Farmer Fred.Christopher Corn and His Sanity
Friends will help you stay out of danger.Racum Raccoon told the little yellow bird he would help him keep the other animals away from trying to eat him.Little Yellow Bird
It is always good to help an animal in need.Prairie Kid and his ranch hand, Steve, helped Bessie, his cow and her newly born triplets.Canadian Prairies in the Summer
Just when you think your job is done, it isn’t.Lucky Leprechaun thought his job was done when he put a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but, then his friend, Hoppy, noticed a double rainbow.Summer Rainbow
Going to the cottage is always fun.Alphabet Allie had fun at Celeste’s cottage."C" is for Cottage
You have to learn to let things roll off.Christopher Corn was losing his voice and was very upset about it.Christopher Corn and Melted Butter
Watermelon is a good fruit to help keep us cool.Hillbilly Bob enjoyed eating watermelon with his parents.A Watermelon Kind of Day
It is always nice to take a break after working hard.Christopher Corn felt that the band members needed to take a break after practicing so hard.Fresh Veggie Family's Summer Feast
These days bees need all the help they can get.Bobby the Butcher did not want to hurt Beatrice Bee. He wanted to help her instead because he knows bees are in trouble.Beatrice Bee Escapes the Butcher Knife
It is nice to get out of the house, even on rainy summer days.Grampy decided he would go for a drive on a rainy summer day.Rainy Summer Day
It is nice to stay inside on a hot day and have a summer nap.Angry Cat was having a summer nap on a hot summer day.Summer Nap
It is always nice to visit our country cousins.Becky, Bonnie and Barbara had a lot of fun visiting their cousins, who lived in the country.Country Cousins
Stay away from a pirate's rum.Beatrice Bee fell into Pirate Pete’s barrel of rum.Beatrice Bee and the Barrel of Rum
Don't get too close to a bonfire.Christopher Corn got a little too close to the bonfire.Christopher Corn and Popcorn
Be prepared for anything to happen at a beach.Mr. Hansen found his two cows, Fawn and Spot at the beach.Fawn and Spot Go to the Beach
Hard work pays off.Christopher Corn didn’t feel that Loud Garden was ready to perform at the Calgary Stampede but they were more than ready.Christopher Corn and the Surprise Concert
Socks always seem to disappear in the summer.Forgetful Fred looked everywhere for his socks and he couldn’t find them anywhere.Summer Socks
Always try to talk to someone if you are feeling depressed.https://storyland.ca/story-1405-christopher-corn-corn-maze/Christopher Corn and the Corn Maze
Always help out the elderly when able to.Hillbilly Bob helped out Mrs. Jones and he even took her out for dinner.Summer Help
Some animals have to store food for the winter.Slow-Poke finds out that Mrs. Squirrel stores food away for the winter.Mommy Please!
It is not nice to tease someone because they are different.Cutie did not tease her brother, Arrow, because he has extra toes on his front paws.Polydactyl Cat
Everyone should have a trademark.Christopher Corn’s trademark is his screaming voice.Christopher Corn in the Cornfield
Don't underestimate what a bee knows.Beatrice Bee knows a lot about the colour of honey.The Colour of Honey
Honey is very sticky.Fawn got honey on his nose and found out it was very sticky. Beatrice Bee on the Farm
Bees don't eat regular food.Sarah wanted Beatrice Bee to stay for dinner but Beatrice doesn’t eat regular food so Sarah gave her a glass of water instead.Beatrice Bee and Forgetful Fred
It is always nice to celebrate a friend's birthday.The Fresh Veggie Family celebrated Christopher Corn’s birthday by having a surprise birthday party for him.Christopher Corn's Birthday Bash
If you see your friend or family member showing signs they are depressed, please try to talk to them or get them to seek help.Christopher Corn saw his friend, Chard Benning, walk away depressed.vvvvvvChristopher Corn and Chard Benning
It is not a good idea to feed cornbread to Christopher Corn.Christopher Corn wanted to know what Farmer Fred was eating.Christopher Corn and Cornbread
It is good if vegetables make you hungry.Farmer Fred was watching the Fresh Veggie Family jump around onstage and he was getting hungry.Christopher Corn and Fresh Veggie Salad
Don't eat honey directly out of a beehive.Racum Raccoon was eating honey out of a beehive and was not paying attention to his surroundings.Summer Sweetness
Be whatever you are comfortable being.Mrs. Tomato felt more comfortable being a vegetable than a fruit.Vegetable or Fruit
Don't sit out in the sun for too long on hot days.Silly Snake got a sunburn because he sat out in the sun for too long on a hot day.Sitting in the Sun
Using the same words over and over again is annoying.Caveman Jack used the word “please” too many times.Beatrice Bee Finds a Cave
Be careful when cutting open a box with packing tape on it.Mrs. Tomato cut her hand when she opened the box of Loud Garden t-shirts.Sliced Tomato
Showing your emotions is healthy.Christopher Corn tells Olive Onion that it is okay that she cries.Calvin Carrot and Carrot Cake
It is nice to enjoy the sunshine.Alphabet Allie and Steven enjoyed the sunshine."S" is for Sunshine
It is best to cool down with a sprinkler on hot summer days.Silly Snake needed to cool down but there was too much mud in the pond so he decided to use a sprinkler instead.Silly Snake's Summer Fun
It is good to appreciate the talent of others.Farmer Fred appreciated Christopher Corn’s voice.Christopher Corn and Sweet Corn
Be careful when you are switching on the air conditioner.Forgetful Fred forgot which switch was for the air conditioner. He ended up turning on the furnace instead.Hot Summer Night
It is a good idea to save for a rainy or cold day.Chester Chipmunk told Beatrice Bee how he stores food away for the winter.Beatrice Bee and Falling Acorns
It is important for us to appreciate what bees do for us.Mountain Kid appreciated Beatrice Bee because of what bees provide to us.Beatrice Bee in the Mountains
Playing word games is fun.Alphabet Allie and Andy made up a word game to play."A" is for Adventure
It is fun to make up silly songs.Christopher Corn made up a song about stir fry.Christopher Corn and Stir Fry
It is not a good idea to put spells on people or objects.Silly Snake told the willow tree it wasn’t a good idea to put spells on the summer trees.Summer Trees
It is not a good idea to chase after animals in the wild.Poor Mountain Sister chased after a deer and ended up getting lost.Magical Fireflies
Drop everything to avoid contact with a bear.Poor Mountain Mother and Poor Mountain Sister dropped their baskets of apples when they saw a bear.Sharing Apples
Don't forget to look in shady areas for your friends if they go missing on a hot summer day.Sly Fox looked everywhere but under a shady tree for his friend, Racum Raccoon.Summer Shade
Try not to swat at a bee if you can help it.City Kid was going to swat at Beatrice but he knew bees were dying off.Beatrice Bee in the City
Have respect for people who have work to do.Rancher Girl asked Beatrice Bee to stay and that she would show her the ranch. Beatrice Bee did not want to get in her way.Beatrice Bee at the Ranch
It is best to wait until bad weather is over before doing things outdoors.Poor Mountain Father was going to go outside and clean up his tools during a thunderstorm but he thought better of it when he heard the loudest roar or thunder ever.Summer Thunder
Eating too much can cause you to be bloated.Christopher Corn felt bloated after eating too much pizza.Corn Puffs
There are some good people in this world.Vamp helped Julia and her mother, Rachel, find Julia’s teddy bear.Summer Friends
You can always find a way to improvise when baking.Grandmother didn’t have enough pie crust to bake a pie so Caveman Jack suggested that she make smaller ones instead.Sweet Summer Tart
You can't go on a road trip without your favourite music.Travelin’ Rick forgot his road trip CD at home so he had to go back home to get it.Road Trip
Give praise for a job well done.Beatrice Bee told Billy Troll that she loved the song he just sang from his new album.Billy Troll's New Bee Song
It is good to keep learning through the summer.Poor Mountain Sister knew a lot about bees because she had been studying them throughout the summer.Beatrice Bee Interrupts a Picnic
Traveling is an adventure.Both Beatrice Bee and Travelin’ Rick feel traveling is an adventure.Beatrice Bee Runs into Travelin’ Rick
It is always a good idea to try to stay cool on a hot day.Poor Mountain Father saw that Poor Mountain Mother was very hot so he took her to the lake and he bought her a large strawberry ice cream cone.Strawberry Ice Cream
It is best to try to stay cool on a hot day.Cameron Cauliflower and Calvin Carrot did not listen to Christopher Corn’s advice about staying cool on a hot day.Boiled Cauliflower and a Boiled Carrot
Don't always assume that someone is screaming at you.Beatrice Bee thought Christopher Corn was screaming at her. He was screaming because there was a part in the song that he was singing that required him to scream.Beatrice Bee Hears Loud Garden
It is best to give women notice if you are going to ask them on a date.Hillbilly Bob waited until the last minute to ask Theresa Ann to the dance.Strawberry Summer Dance
Try to plan things out for the summer.Fawn and Spot couldn’t believe summer was almost gone. They decided to plan some activities for the rest of the summer.The Lost Summer
If you tend to forget things, set reminders on your phone.Sarah thought Forgetful Fred would forget about the picnic but he had set a reminder on his phone.Summer Picnic
Sometimes it is best to have no luck.Angry Leprechaun was very angry with Beatrice Bee.Beatrice Bee is Lucky
It is best to think of the context of some words.Christopher Corn thought Farmer Fred meant that he wanted the Fresh Veggie Family to be dressed up but he just wanted to get some salad dressing.Salad Dressing
Always make sure your shoelaces are tied up.Christopher Corn tripped on his shoelace, after discussing safety issues with the rest of the Fresh Veggie Family.Tossed Salad
Canada does have a desert, the Okanagan Valley.The Okanagan Valley is one of Canada’s best kept-secrets.Beatrice Bee in the Desert
It is good to share with those less fortunate.The rat family knew what it was like to go hungry so they didn’t mind sharing with the country mouse.Rat Boy and Country Mouse
Please seek help if you are thinking dark thoughts.Christopher Corn felt better after talking to a counsellor.Sweet Summer Night
Fresh fruit may be expensive but it is worth it.Troll Daddy was upset when Troll Mother bought fresh fruit but he sure enjoyed the cherry crumble cake she made.Summer Fruits
We should enjoy the seasons instead of wishing them away.Beatrice Bee can’t wait until summer is over and the cooler days of autumn come.Beatrice Bee's Adventure with Autumn Elf
It is best to stay away from danger.Beatrice Bee was too close to an airplane.Beatrice Bee Sees Travelin’ Rick Again
It is worth it to grow your own vegetables.The Troll Family grew too many vegetables.Summer Garden
Don't trust strangers.The hawk was trying to coax Silly Snake into coming out of hiding but Silly Snake didn’t trust him.Snake Stew
Always make lots of strawberry jam.Poor Mountain Mother’s strawberry jam was so good that she had to make more of it.Strawberry Jam
It is a good idea to be aware of your surroundings.Beatrice Bee had sweat in her eye and almost hurt herself.Summer Safety
We should try to spend more time away from our electronic devices.Victor noticed children and their parents were too busy with their electronic devices to pay attention to him and each other.Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 22 – Summer as a Kid
Don't always be in a hurry or you may hurt yourself.Mrs. Tomato was going to be late getting to practise but she fell and hurt her knee.Tomato Juice
It is hard for some to believe in previous lives.Christopher Corn was skeptical about Mrs. Tomato’s previous life.Mrs. Tomato and her Previous Life
If we all do a little bit we can help our environment.Beatrice Bee watched as Environment Bug talked to some children, who threw their garbage onto the ground, about the environment.Beatrice Bee and Environment Bug
Don't look up at the sun during a total eclipse.Looking up at the sun during a total eclipse can cause damage to your eyes.Total Solar Eclipse 2017
Sometimes you know when enough is enough.Pirate Pete had a bottle of rum but a big wave came along and filled it full of water.Pirate Pete in the Summer Seas
It is fun to be able to laugh over silly things like who has the better hair.Christopher Corn has softer and silkier hair than Calvin Carrot.
Carrot Top
It is nice to give some of your time for the benefit of others.Christopher Corn has softer and silkier hair than Calvin Carrot.Loud Garden Plays for the Sick Children
Remember an important moment in life for as long as you can because life may never be the same after it.Loud Garden was such a hit that their lives will never be the same.Loud Garden's Labour Day Concert
You should never hurt a friend.Beatrice Bee told Prairie Kid and Steve that she would never sting a friend.Beatrice Bee and Prairie Kid
It is best to not wait until the last minute.Chester Chipmunk did not wait until the last minute to collect his acorns for upcoming winter.Beatrice Bee and Chester Chipmunk
It is good not to snap at someone for no reason.Mrs. Tomato lost the diamond in her ring. Christopher Corn kidded with her about the situation being a fresh veggie smoothie.Fresh Veggie Smoothie
Always wash up before eating a piece of Grandma's chocolate cake.Beatrice Bee wanted a taste of Grandma’s chocolate cake but Grandma told her she couldn’t have one until she washed up.Beatrice Bee at the Cottage
Eating carrots will improve your eyesight.Calvin Carrot has the best eyesight because he is a carrot.Calvin Carrot has the Best Eyesight
Always pay attention to your surroundings.Beatrice Bee got too close to the mouth of a fish.Beatrice Bee Goes Fishing
We assume too much sometimes.We have a habit of assuming that a rat will bite us and a bee will sting us.Beatrice Bee and Rat Boy
It is nice to do something special when someone has a bad day.Frankie knew Anna had a bad day at the diner so he wanted to do something nice for her. He talked with his homeless friend, Marvin, and he suggested he take Anna out on a date.Frankie's Summer Date
It is best to stay away from rough places.Troll Sally was pushed at the park. She never wanted to go to the park ever again.At the Park
You should try to spend time to enjoy the summer weather.Mrs. Robin was so busy with her babies that she did not have time to enjoy summer.Mrs. Robin's Busy Summer
You should try to channel negative thinking into something positive.Lil’ Rebel wanted to torture Beatrice Bee but Beatrice thought it would be better if Lil’ Rebel drew a picture of her instead.Beatrice Bee Meets Lil' Rebel
Labour Day is a celebration of an eight hour work day.Fawn wanted to know what Labour Day was all about. Spot informed him that it is a celebration of an eight hour work day.Labour Day Picnic
Hard-boiled eggs smell.Professor Edelamn and Mr. Egghead cleaned the whole laboratory only to find out it was Mr. Egghead that smelled.Mr. Egghead's Extra Hot Summer
It isn't nice to play tricks on people.Trickster Bunny always plays tricks on his sisters so when he said there was a bee, they didn’t believe him until they saw the bee themselves.Beatrice Bee and Trickster Bunny
Make sure you apologize if you have behaved badly.Christopher Corn apologized to Farmer Fred about the way he talked to him.Rotten Veggie
It wouldn't be nice to hurt a friend.Beatrice Bee and Silly Snake became friends. Silly Snake was afraid Beatrice would sting him. Beatrice would never hurt a friend.Beatrice Bee and Silly Snake
It is nice to get outside in the warm weather.Poor Mountain Father and Poor Mountain Sister persuaded Poor Mountain Brother to go outside to play.In the Summer
Best way to keep your mind off a bad dream is to think about something else.Christopher Corn had a bad dream that wouldn’t leave him alone. Farmer Fred suggested thinking about something else would help him shake it off.Christopher Corn has a Meltdown
It is a good idea to keep a promise.Hillbilly Bob is allergic to bees but Beatrice Bee promised not to sting him.Beatrice Bee and Hillbilly Bob
It is good to help out new friends.Beatrice Bee showed Little Crow a bush full of berries.Beatrice Bee Flies with Little Crow
Try to stay cool in the hot weather.Sprinkles’ hair was starting to melt so Mother put her in front of the air conditioner.Hot Summer for Sprinkles
Always be careful in a laboratory.Beatrice Bee landed on a beaker in Ellie’s laboratory. Ellie thought her experiment was ruined.Beatrice Bee Meets Baby Face Monster
It is a good idea to check the weather outside.Forgetful Fred thought it was winter because it was very cold in the house.Forgetful Fred Forgot it was Summer
You should tell someone what your intentions are before doing something that may affect them.Baby Pea Pod was going to paint Beatrice Bee green.Beatrice Bee and the Pea Pods
It is best to stay cool in hot weather.Cameron Cauliflower got very hot while dancing all morning.Roasted Cauliflower
It isn't nice to just assume something about someone.People just assume because Frankie is a monster that he will hurt Anna.Beatrice Bee Visits Frankie
It is so much nicer to change a tire at home instead of in the middle of nowhere.Luckily for Grampy, the Little Green Car had a flat tire at home in the garage. Grampy's Little Green Car had a Flat Tire
You have to give someone you love the freedom to find themselves.Ugly Sally went away for the summer with Uncle Joe to find her roots.Ugly Sally's Summer with Uncle Joe
Do not go near a nest of baby robins.Beatrice Bee landed on Mrs. Robin’s nest and Mrs. Robin didn’t like it at first.Beatrice Bee and Mrs. Robin
Don't stick a bottle of pepper up to your face.Christopher Corn put a bottle of pepper up to his nose and sneezed.Flavourful Fresh Veggies
Don’t give up on your dreams.Suzie Troll didn’t stop until Russell agreed to let Just Girlz perform.Just Girlz Summer Storm
We should help each other when we are in danger.Tiki Bug makes sure that Stephanie is not in danger.Beatrice Bee Meets Tiki Bug
Loud music is the best.Farmer Fred wanted Loud Garden’s music turned up loud so he could sleep.Fresh Veggies Have a Summer Blast
Always eat your veggies.Alisha thought that because Christopher was a real life veggie that she wouldn’t eat veggies anymore.Eat Your Veggies
Sometimes we need to try new things.The young man saw the way Scrunchie was walking and tried it.Scrunchie Monster in the Heat
Don't follow crowds of people.Beatrice Bee saw a crowd of people heading to the subways so, she followed them.Beatrice Bee on a Subway
It is a good idea to eat your veggies.Christopher Corn told Julie he would give her tickets to his concert if she ate her veggies.You Don't Like Veggies?
It is fun to spend time at the beach.Arrow and Cutie were both being good so Daddy and Mommy took them to the beach.Arrow and Cutie at the Beach
It is not nice to tease someone.Beatrice Bee did not tease Scrunchie Monster because he walked differently.Beatrice Bee and Scrunchie Monster
Hard work does pay off.Christopher Corn and the Fresh Veggie Family worked very hard and they were able to do a very successful end of summer concert.Fresh Veggies are Happy
It is a good idea to help others when they are sick.Pirate Pete became sick with the flu so Slappy, his crewmate, looked after him.It's Time to Sail
Always make sure the windows are closed.Professor Lindley opened the window and Beatrice Bee got into the laboratory.Beatrice Bee and Mr. Egghead
It is good to have a special project to work on.Mr. Rodgers bought a cottage and needs to build a dock.Mr. Nailhead's Special Summer Project
It is good not to hurt someone.Beatrice Bee told Slow-Poke’s Mother she would not sting her, especially since it is her birthday.Beatrice Bee and Slow-Poke
It is fun to make a mess sometimes.The Troll Family were bored because of all the rain they had so they decided to play with some homemade play dough.Troll Family's Rainy, Summer Day
You have to be careful what you wish for.Hazel wishes for wind but not too much wind and rain but not too much rain.Lonely Scarecrow's Summer
Try to be happy all year long.Autumn Elf is only happy during the autumn season. He is mean and miserable the rest of the year.Autumn Elf is Happy it is Finally Autumn
It is good to remember what we are thankful for.Alphabet Allie and Thomas are thankful for Thanksgiving."T" is for Thankful
It is good to keep cats indoors.Arrow and Cutie are both indoor cats and they enjoy their lives indoors.Arrow and Cutie's Autumn Adventure
It is nice to help a friend in need.Little Crow helped Mama Acorn when she fell off the branch.The Acorn Family and Little Crow
It is good to reflect on what you are thankful for.Beatrice Bee is thankful that she is able to give her new friends honey.Beatrice Bee is Thankful for Honey
It is fun to take pictures.Jenny was having fun taking pictures of Fawn.Autumn Days
It is a good idea to play safe when playing in the autumn leaves.Safety Kid picked up a rake and moved it out of the way, just before Troll Baby jumped into the pile of leaves.Autumn Safety
Always be considerate to other people, even if you are in pain.Angry Baker had to apologize to Melissa, his fiancée for his behaviour.Angry Baker is Thankful for Melissa
It is good to help others in need.Angry Cat gave a stray cat some of his Thanksgiving dinner.Angry Cat is Thankful for a Full Food Bowl
It is good to be thankful for the right things.Arrow reminded Cutie that they needed to be thankful for Mommy, Daddy and each other.Arrow is Thankful for Cutie
It is good to be thankful for your family.Mama Acorn was very happy and content. She was also very thankful for her family.Mama Acorn is Thankful for her Family
It is good to do something nice for someone.Mrs. Queen made Apple Monster a homemade apple pie.Apple Monster is Thankful for Apples
It is good to know your heritage.Baby Face Monster finally found out his heritage thanks to Ellie’s research.Baby Face Monster is Thankful for Ellie
It is good to be thankful for a family business.Bobby the Butcher is thankful that Aunt Jessica let him run the family butcher shop.Bobby the Butcher is Thankful for his Butcher Shop
It is nice to celebrate with family.Caveman Jack and his family celebrated Turkey Day together.Caveman Jack is Thankful for his First Turkey Day
It is good to be prepared early for winter.Chester Chipmunk had his acorns collected early for winter.Chester Chipmunk is Thankful for Acorns
It is good to notice the colours of food as well as the taste.Colour Kid was thankful for the colours of the food he had on the table for Thanksgiving.Colour Kid is Thankful for Thanksgiving Colours
It is good to have good memories.Spending Thanksgiving at the cottage with my grandparents was special.Thanksgiving at the Cottage
It is good to make sure your loved ones are safe.Spot was worried that Fawn would hurt himself in the field that was full of prairie dog holes.Fawn and Spot are Thankful for Each Other
Always consider what a person went through to accomplish what they did before judging them.Anna didn’t complain that Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t perfect. She just appreciated what Frankie did for her.Frankie is Thankful for Anna
It is good to take the time to enjoy our lives.Grampy took the time to take his little green car for a drive on Thanksgiving Day.Grampy is Thankful for his Little Green Car
It is good to be thankful for family.Hillbilly Bob watched as his parents prepared Thanksgiving dinner.Hillbilly Bob is Thankful for his Parents
It is good to appreciate nature.Jen-Jen wanted something colourful for her Thanksgiving dinner table.Jen-Jen is Thankful for the Wildflowers
It isn't nice to say something mean about someone.Lil’ Rebel said something about her sister, Pattie that was mean but then she felt bad when she found out Pattie was sick.Lil' Rebel is Thankful for her Family
Thanksgiving should be all about being thankful for what we have.Lonely Scarecrow loved Thanksgiving. For him, it is all about being thankful for what he has.Lonely Scarecrow is Thankful for the Crows
Always stop to appreciate your surroundings.Mountain Kid is very lucky to have a mountain in his backyard.Mountain Kid is Thankful for the Mountains
Loyalty means a lot.Slappy and Rusty worked hard to get Pirate Pete’s pirate ship in tip-top shape.Pirate Pete is Thankful for his Ship
Safety is very important.Safety Kid keeps the characters of Storyland safe.Safety Kid is Thankful for Being Safe
It is good to read Storyland stories.Storyland is thankful for it’s readers.Storyland is Thankful for it’s Readers
It is a good idea to apologize if you were mean to someone.Autumn Elf apologized to his sister, Stella, because he was mean to her. He wanted to go to the mall much too early.Autumn Elf Does an Autumn Dance
It is nice to sit and talk with someone who is lonely.Hazel came and sat up with Lonely Scarecrow because she knew he was going to be lonely.Lonely Scarecrow on a Lonely Autumn Night
It is always good to be honest.Autumn Elf and his sister, Stella, both told the truth.Autumn Elf and the Falling Autumn Leaves
Always love yourself.When Sunflower Suzie woke up and found she was a sunflower, she was afraid her husband, George, would not love her anymore.Sunflower Suzie is Surprised
It is not good to eat a lot of candy.Bad Teeth Bradley went to the new candy store just to purchase lots of candy.Bad Teeth Bradley
It is okay to try different ingredients when baking.Melissa thought she ruined the brownies Angry Baker was baking when she mistakenly spilled some white chocolate slivers into the mixture of icing.Angry Baker's Autumn Treat
It is good to give advice if you are knowledgeable in a subject.Sunflower Suzie was very knowledgeable about sunflowers so she gave her neighbours some advice.Sunflower Suzie
Don't eat a lot of candy when trick-or-treating.Bad Teeth Bradley went trick-or-treating. He ate a lot of candy and ended up with two new cavities.Bad Teeth Bradley Goes Trick-or-Treating
A good way to cure grouchiness is to go for a walk.Autumn Elf was grouchy. Stella informed him that he should go for a walk. He did and he enjoyed seeing the autumn colours.Autumn Elf Loves Autumn Colours
Don't eat too much candy.Bad Teeth Bradley ate a lot of candy at the Halloween party. His dentist, Dr. Stevens, showed up and took him to his office.Bad Teeth Bradley at the Halloween Party
Go for walks as often as you can.Sunflower Suzie went for a walk with her husband, George. She found a field full of sunflowers.Sunflower Suzie Loves the Field of Sunflowers
Enjoy the autumn season.Autumn Elf raked up the leaves and then jumped in them. Stella, his sister, joined in on the fun.Autumn Elf
Sometimes it is good to look around at unexpected places when shopping.Stanley found his perfect Halloween costume under the store rack.Mr. Rubberman
We can't hide from winter even though we would like to.Autumn Elf’s plans for hibernating didn’t work.Autumn Elf Wants to Hibernate
Always use ingenuity when someone needs help.Autumn Elf said he couldn’t help Baby Acorn at first until a gust of wind blew him over. He knew he could help him with the use of the wind.The Acorn Family and Autumn Elf
You can't hide from your dentist.Bad Teeth Bradley hid from his dentist but then he got a tooth ache and he had to call his dentist to fix it.Bad Teeth Bradley Hides from his Dentist
You shouldn't live in fear of rejection.Frankie didn’t want to ask Anna about setting their wedding date because he was afraid she would reject him.Mr. Rubberman and Frankie
You can't hide your candy from your dentist.Bad Teeth Bradley thought he had hidden his candy from his dentist, Dr. Stevens. He wasn’t expecting Dr. Stevens to come back.Bad Teeth Bradley Lost his Candy
Accidents can happen.Melissa accidentally dropped some caramel into a chocolate mixture and Angry Baker became very angry.Mr. Rubberman Visits Angry Baker
Everyone should eat more fruits and vegetables.Mr. Rubberman tells Bad Teeth Bradley he should be eating more fruits and vegetables because of his rotten teeth.Mr. Rubberman Visits Bad Teeth Bradley
It is a good idea to make someone feel at ease if they are self-conscience.Aunt Mabel helped Scrunchie feel at ease at the Halloween dance by walking the way he did.Scrunchie at the Halloween Dance
There is no need to hide the fact that you are spooked.Scrunchie doesn’t want Aunt Mabel to know she spooked him with her skeleton costume.Scrunchie is Spooked
There is usually a very good explanation for a "haunted room".Ugly Sally’s Uncle Joe was playing a trick on her on Halloween.Ugly Sally's Haunted Room
It is important to keep music alive.Tommy Potato was able to keep his music alive when he went to the garden.Tommy Potato in the Garden
It is good to recognize talent.Farmer Fred knew Gourd was an important and influential musician on Earth.Gourd in the Garden
Don't be afraid to do things.Ugly Sally didn’t want to go to the Halloween dance because she thought everyone would make fun of her.Ugly Sally Goes to the Halloween Dance
It is not good to play tricks on people.Aunt Mabel went to the house next door. Scrunchie thought the house was haunted but instead he found out that Aunt Mabel was playing a trick on him.Scrunchie and the Haunted House
It is okay to be too old for somethings.Ugly Sally was getting too old to go trick-or-treating.Ugly Sally has a Happy Halloween
It is good to have fun and not cover up your featuresScrunchie didn’t want a Halloween costume. He wanted to go to the Halloween party the way he was.Scrunchie Doesn't Need a Halloween Costume
It is good to create your own fun on Halloween.We were getting too old to go trick-or-treating so we had a Halloween party instead.Halloween Story
We need to pick through the beautiful things in life and give the less beautiful things a chance.Ugly Sally picked the ugliest pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.Ugly Sally and the Ugly Pumpkin
Be careful playing tricks on people. Your tricks might backfire on you.Ugly Sally turned out all the lights to play a trick on Julia but Julia almost went home thinking she wasn’t at home.Ugly Sally Tricks Julia
Some mysteries can be resolved easily.Mother and Katie figured out who the monster was under the bed and also who brought the candy wrappers into the room.Monster Under the Bed
Stand up for what you believe in.Autumn Elf stood his ground and help off winter for the time being.Autumn Elf is Not Looking Forward to Winter
Sounds can be deceiving.The loud meow of Becky Bobcat made everyone think she was a real bobcat.Becky Bobcat Frightens Ugly Sally
Sometimes we need something tangible to make us not be so lonely.Old Jack kept me from being lonely.Old Jack
It is good to help out loved ones when they are sick but make sure you don't get sick as well.Suzie was sick so Chester helped her collect acorns. He became sick as well.Chester Chipmunk Collects Acorns
You can accomplish things if you stand up and face your fears.Lonely Scarecrow faced his fears and stood up to the flock of crows.Lonely Scarecrow Sees a Flock of Crows
It is a good thing to check in on the elderly on windy, cold days.Autumn Elf and his younger sister, Stella checked on Frankton, an elderly elf and they found out that he was ill.Autumn Elf Helps Frankton
It is good to tell someone they have a heart.Dallas told Lonely Scarecrow that he does have a heart.Lonely Scarecrow has a Heart
It is important to love yourself.Sunflower Suzie had a hard time adjusting to the fact that she was now a live sunflower but she learned to love herself and accept herself.Sunflower Suzie is in a Happy Place
Wear your poppies proud.We should always remember the men and women that fought for our freedom.Remembrance Day in Canada
Never under estimate the love between a mother and her child.Mama Acorn found Baby Acorn in Chester Chipmunk’s pile of acorns.Chester Chipmunk Helps Mama Acorn
It is important to remember the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.Fawn asked Spot to go to the Remembrance Day parade that was being held.Remembrance Day
It is always good to stand up for yourself.Lonely Scarecrow stood up to the crow and the crow was afraid of him.Lonely Scarecrow Stands Up for Himself
It is always good to be aware of the date.Sammy Spider wasn’t aware that it was already half-way through autumn.Sammy Spider
It is good to help others in need.Lonely Scarecrow talked with Baby Acorn until Joshua was able to help him get back up to the branch where his parents lived.Baby Acorn and Lonely Scarecrow
It is good to help out others.The crow helped bring Lonely Scarecrow his hat back, so Lonely Scarecrow helped the crow by letting him take some corn out of the field.Lonely Scarecrow Loses his Hat
Mother Nature works in mysterious ways.Sunflower Suzie woke up one morning to find that her leaves were wilted.Sunflower Suzie has Wilted Leaves
It is good to love yourself.Sunflower Suzie has learned to love herself after being turned into a sunflower.Sunflower Suzie Helps Mama Acorn
Sometimes it is fun to be messy.Sissy and Baby Balloon landed on top of a three scoop ice-cream cone. They were covered in ice-cream.The Happy Balloon Family
Tricks can be dangerous.Trickster Bunny and his family turned white for the winter. He thought he would play a trick on his friend, Fred Fox. The trick back-fired on him.Trickster Bunny Turns White
Music will stay alive.LiMa Bean Young was surprised when he learned he could play his guitar in the garden.LiMa Bean Young
A bakery is not a good place to live.Sammy Spider thought the bakery would be a good place to live for the winter until he realized there is too many people in the bakery.Sammy Spider at the Bakery
Arguing can be too much to handle.Sammy Spider couldn’t handle the arguing between Angry Cat and his sister, Harriet.Sammy Spider and Angry Cat
Sometimes you have to be innovative to solve a problem.Even though Pumpkin Fairy was allergic to garlic, she knew she had to risk her health to save the pumpkins from the pumpkin bugs.Pumpkin Fairy and the Pumpkin Bugs
It is good to recognize a legend.Even though the garden was meant for rock and roll musicians that have passed away on Earth, Farmer Fred didn’t want to turn away a country legend.Melon T., a Country Music Legend
Cotton candy is very colourful.The Happy Balloon Family were amazed at how colourful cotton candy was.The Happy Balloon Family and Cotton Candy
A butcher shop is not a good place to live.Sissy and Baby Balloon were amazed at the beauty of the wildflowers.Sammy Spider at the Butcher Shop
Caves can be scary places.Sammy Spider found a cave but he wasn’t expecting to find a caveman in it.Sammy Spider Fears the Cave
Wildflowers are very beautiful.Sissy and Baby Balloon were amazed at the beauty of the wildflowers.The Happy Balloon Family and the Colourful Wildflowers
It is nice to step out of your comfort zone.Apple Monster was excited to go to the market to get some applesauce.Apple Monster and Applesauce
It is nice to give something to others.Farmer Fred opened up his huge garden to rock musicians who have passed away on Earth.Dandelion C. in the Garden
It is good to admire beauty.The Happy Balloon Family admired the beautiful and colourful peacocks below.The Happy Balloon Family and the Peacocks
Colour really does not matter.The Pea Pod Family were upset when the pumpkins turned orange.Green Pumpkins
There are ways to melt someone’s heart.Baby Gum Drop brought Uncle Sour a piece of chocolate cake and melted Uncle Sour’s heart.The Gum Drop Family
Sugar is sweet.Baby Gum Drop sprinkled sugar on Uncle Sour’s head to make him sweet.The Gum Drop Family and Sugar
Don't disrespect a person that is eccentric.Franny Granny’s granddaughter’s friend, Sarah, hid when Franny came into the food court at the mall.Franny Granny
Things like ribbon, can be replaced.Sissy Balloon was upset when she noticed her ribbon was missing.The Happy Balloon Family and the Colourful Ribbon
Rainbows are beautiful.Baby Gum Drop saw a rainbow when the rain stopped.The Gum Drop Family and the Rainbow
A simple smile can make all the difference.Uncle Sour refused to eat his birthday cake until he saw Baby Gum Drop smile.Uncle Sour's Birthday
Playing simple games help promote learning.Mommy played a game with Baby Gum Drop to help him learn his colours.Baby Gum Drop Learns his Colours
Help spread Christmas cheer.Alphabet Allie and Crystal spread Christmas cheer by singing Christmas carols.'C' is for Christmas
Money isn't everything.The Poor Mountain Family didn’t have money but they did manage to get what they wanted for Christmas.A Christmas With No Money
It is good to help out someone in need.Franny Granny’s grandson, Daniel, saw some teens making fun of Franny. He told them to stop and that they should help her instead.Franny Granny's Christmas Tree
Be kind to others.Billy Troll took toys to the sick children in the hospital for Christmas.Billy Troll's Christmas Song
It isn’t nice to spend Christmas alone.Victor was all alone and reminiscing about previous Christmases until David came along.Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 23 – Christmas Memories
It is nice to help the elderly at Christmas.Hillbilly Bob found Joe, an elderly man, sitting on a park bench, alone on Christmas Eve. He offered to take Joe home with him to spend Christmas with him and his family.Hillbilly Bob Helps the Elderly at Christmas
It is good to do a good deed for someone.Trickster went to the North Pole to tell Santa that Mother needed a new dishwasher.Trickster Bunny's Christmas Adventure
Always appreciate your loved ones.Angry Baker looked everywhere for fresh pineapple. He should just have asked his fiancée, Melissa, to start with.Angry Baker's Christmas Cake
Always keep searching for your Christmas spirit.Angry Cat didn’t want to have a Christmas tree but Harriet told him to find his Christmas spirit.Angry Cat Lost His Christmas Spirit
Don't jump to conclusions.Mother thought Lil’ Rebel skipped school for no reason. She felt bad when she found out Lil’ Rebel looked after Daddy all day.Lil’ Rebel’s Christmas Good Deed
There is no sense waiting up to see if you can see Santa Claus.Trickster Bunny wanted to see Santa Claus. He waited up but just when he went to get a cookie, Santa came.Trickster Bunny's Tricky Christmas
It is good not to be selfish.Vamp’s neighbor, Veronica was willing to give up her Christmas gift to help get medicine for her Mother.Vamp Saves Christmas
It isn't nice to hurt someone's feelings.Evil Elf told Suzie Elf that he did not like her. That hurt her feelings.Evil Elf's Christmas Gift
It is not nice to play evil tricks.Evil Elf thought it was funny when Suzie Elf sewed her own hair onto the doll she was working on.Evil Elf Was Naughty But Then Nice
A white Christmas is magical.Colour Kid feels a white Christmas is magical because snow at Christmas makes everything look clean and pure.White Christmas
Please be responsible when it comes to Christmas waste.Environment Bug wants to make sure there is very little Christmas waste.Environment Bug and Christmas Waste
Dreams do come true.Hillbilly Bob wanted to spend Christmas with his family. His dream came true.Hillbilly Bob's Christmas Dream
Cherish good memories.Fawn and Spot only got to spend a short time with Grampy, but the memories of it are nice and long.Christmas Memories
Even a cold, frosty heart can melt. Mr. Winter realized he did a good thing by ordering snow for Christmas.Mr. Winter and Christmas Snow
It is always nice to go for a drive.Grampy took his little green car for a drive on Christmas Day.Grampy's Little Green Car and Christmas
It is always best to tell the truth.Mr. Winter realized he did a good thing by ordering snow for Christmas.Ugly Sally's Monster Christmas
Always do good deeds.Angry Cat did not do any good deeds this whole year.Angry Cat Has A Merry Christmas
Santa Claus knows everything.Travelin’ Rick did not tell Santa Claus he was coming to visit him but Santa knew.Santa's Castle
Don't be sour during Christmas.Uncle Sour was being sour until he saw the rocking horse decoration that he gave to Baby Gum Drop the year before.Gum Drop Family's Christmas
Santa Claus is magical.Jen-Jen did not know who planted the Christmas flower in her garden.Jen-Jen's Christmas Flower
Hold onto the things you love.Grampy vowed to never get rid of his little green car.Grampy's Little Green Car's Christmas Drive
Miracles do happen.Jen-Jen’s neighbour, Mrs. Smith needed a Christmas miracle because her husband was sick in the hospital.Jen-Jen's Christmas Flower Miracle
There are lots of Christmas traditions.Billy Troll’s Christmas tradition is that he sings to his and his wife, Dianne’s parents every Christmas Day.Christmas Concerts
There is a Christmas Angel.Christmas Angel helped Hazel find her cat, Fluffy.Christmas Help From Christmas Angel
Arrow shouldn't kiss Cutie.Arrow kissed Cutie on Christmas Eve and she swatted him.Arrow and Cutie's Christmas Eve
Everyone should enjoy Christmas celebrations.Santa Claus made sure the forest animals celebrated Christmas.Christmas with the Forest Animals
Things always have a way of working out.Travelin’ Rick was stranded at an airport on Christmas Eve but it turned out to be a good Christmas after all.Travelin' Rick and the Christmas Eve Snowstorm
Money isn’t everything.Grandmother wanted to know the Poor Mountain Family’s Christmas secret.Poor Mountain Family’s Christmas Secret
Always have faith in Santa Claus.Santa Claus makes it to Mountain Kid’s cabin even though there is a ton of snow.Christmas Comes to the Mountains
Don't eat too many candy canes.Bad Teeth Bradley ate eleven candy canes while he was at the mall.Bad Teeth Bradley and Candy Canes
Ice can be fun.The children loved the ice that Mr. Iceman created for them.Mr. Iceman and the Iciest Christmas Ever
Do something nice for your parents.Rat Boy and Cecilia made Christmas dinner for their parents who had to work Christmas Day.Rat Boy and Christmas Dinner
It is not nice to tease.Jake kept teasing Little Crow so Grandmother took away the privilege of putting the angel on top of the Christmas tree.Little Crow and the Christmas Tree
It is best not to give Santa too many treats.Santa ate so many treats that he got himself stuck in the chimney.Santa Got Stuck in the Chimney
Boxing Day sales are a good way to save money.Fawn and Spot went shopping on Boxing Day and Fawn was able to purchase a DVD player for $19.99.Boxing Day
Animals are not stupid.Willie wouldn't budge so he forced Gus to stay put for the night. The next morning Gus noticed there was a pretty bad snowstorm the night before.Cold Feet
It is okay to love again.Mr. Winter had his heart broken when his fiancée married someone else. However, he saw a red-headed beauty and fell in love again.Mr. Winter and a Sunny Winter Day
Make sure your work does not hurt anyone.Mr. Iceman wanted to know why Mr. Frost was allowed to frost windows but he couldn’t lay ice on streets. Mr. Frost explained to him that his work did not harm anyone and Mr. Iceman’s could.Mr. Iceman and Mr. Frost
It is a good idea to stay inside on a cold winter day.Fawn went outside and found it was too cold. He soon went back into the barn. Spot didn’t see him come in because she was vacuuming so she went to look for him.Bundle Up
Love can melt an icy heart.Mr. Winter fell in love with a red-headed woman, Victoria. Ever since he first saw her, he kept the winter temperatures bearable.Mr. Winter Falls in Love Again
The best thing about winter is having hot chocolate and marshmallows.Mommy made Jimmy some hot chocolate and marshmallows for when he came inside from being outdoors in the cold.Twenty Below Zero
Make it your resolution to be kind and to help others.Fawn’s resolution was to be kind and to help others. He held a yard sale and made $200 to donate to people in need.New Years Resolution
Singing and dancing are a good way to warm up.It was freezing cold outside so Billy thought it would be a good idea to dance with his wife to stay warm.Oh, It's Cold Again
Grandmother's chicken soup cures a cold.Billy Troll tried to cover up the fact that he had a cold. Dianne brought him some of her grandmother’s homemade chicken soup and he felt much better.Grandmother's Homemade Chicken Soup
Don't jump to conclusions so quickly.Mr. Winter jumped to the wrong conclusion about Victoria. He thought she just wanted to go out with him because he controls winter.Mr. Winter In and Out of Love
Jealousy is not a good trait to have.Mr. Winter saw Victoria talking to a young man and he became jealous. The young man turned out to be Victoria’s brother.Mr. Winter is Jealous
Don't run from your problems.Runner Rabbit put his cell phone bill in his desk drawer and then he got his cell phone disconnected because he did not pay his bill.Runner Rabbit
Canadians love winter.People were complaining because Mr. Winter was not creating any winter weather. People were missing their winter activities.Mr. Winter Makes Winter Too Warm
It is rewarding to help your neighbours.Mrs. Squirrel locked herself in the cellar. Racum Raccoon was able to help her.Cold January Night
Always help a friend stay warm in cold winter weather.Rambler helped Snow Fairy stay warm and Snow Fairy helped him stay warm.Snow Fairy Finds Warmth
Always try new things.My sister and I tried to skate when we were children.Ice Skating in Bobcaygeon, Ontario
Sometimes it is okay to put off your chores for another day.Poor Mountain Father fell asleep when he should have been doing his chores. Poor Mountain Mother told him he could save the chores for another day.Icy Cold
It is good to look after your friends when they are sick.Rambler Rabbit looked after Snow Fairy when she came down with a cold. She also looked after him when he caught her cold.Snow Fairy has a Cold
It is good to have fun in the cold.Sprinkles and her friend, Chelsea, had fun building a snowman in the cold.Frozen Sprinkles
Stay warm in cold weather.It was very cold. Snow Fairy and Rambler made some hot chocolate and that kept them warm.Snow Fairy Keeps Warm with Hot Chocolate
Enjoy your surroundings.Mountain Kid loves living in British Columbia, Canada.Mountain Kid in January
Always help someone before they get hurtMother laid down some sand on the ice so Slow-Poke wouldn’t slip.Slow-Poke's Icy Walk
Keep warm when going ice skating.Rambler Rabbit made sure Snow Fairy dressed warm when she went ice skating because he knows she gets cold easily.Snow Fairy Wants to Go Ice Skating
Enjoy the snow while you can.When Fawn saw how nice the snow looked outside, he wanted to go build a snowman.Winter Wonder
It is good to use your imagination.Jamie drew a picture of a snowman and that snowman came to life.Pal the Snowman
Sometimes dreams do come true.Sally dreamt her brother had red polka dots on him and when she woke up he had chicken pox.Polka Dots
You can add things to oatmeal to make it taste better.George and Paul don’t like plain oatmeal so they collected things to put in it.Oatmeal
It is good to use your talent for something worthwhile.Mr. Iceman made skating rinks with his ice so that children could use them.Mr. Iceman's Icy Wonder
It isn't nice to play tricks on your friends.Trickster told his friend, Fred Fox, that winter was over. Fred told the other animals and they came out of hibernation.Trickster's Winter Trick
It is good to use your talent.Mr. Iceman was bored and he needed to make some ice. Warren, his neighbour, asked him if he wanted to create ice sculptures.Mr. Iceman's Ice Sculptures
Don't give up hope.Mr. Iceman was angry because the judge dismissed him from the contest before he even saw his work. Luckily, the judge saw a glimpse of it on his way out and Mr. Iceman won the contest.Mr. Iceman and the Ice Sculpture Contest
Always dress appropriately for winter.Prairie Kid dresses appropriately for winter because in the prairies it could be a life and death situation.Freezing Cold
If you don't like hot drinks, you can always put ice in them. Mr. Iceman couldn’t have hot drinks so he put ice in a coffee and made an iced coffee.Mr. Iceman and Ice Cubes
Winter weather can be unpredictable.Willie told the other donkey’s there was going to be a storm but they didn’t believe him.Snowstorm
We can always hope for an early spring.Mr. Rubberman wanted an early spring and was very happy when the second groundhog he saw did not see his shadow.Mr. Rubberman and Groundhog Day
It is nice to bake in the winter.Fawn and Spot were bored so they decided to do some baking.Winter Baking
Don't jump to conclusions.Mr. Iceman’s neighbour, Warren, thought Mr. Iceman created all the ice.Mr. Iceman and the Iciest Winter Ever
It is nice to learn about different cultures.Travelin’ Rick visited the Arctic. He learned all about the Inuit culture.A Visit to the Arctic
Try to come home on time.Rick and Suzie were very worried about Jenny because she didn’t come home from school on time.Neon Cop's Winter Investigation
It is okay to have a hero.Shawn Troll, a sick child in the hospital, told Billy Troll that he was his hero.Billy Troll's Snowy Concert
Always pay your bills.Runner Rabbit wanted to move so he could get away from paying his bills until he saw two groundhogs who both saw their shadows. He knew there would be six more weeks of winter.Runner Rabbit and the Groundhog Hole
Baking can be fun.Sprinkles and Chelsea wanted to do some baking.Cupcakes with Sprinkles
It is good to be creative.Dolly Cranberry was creating songs within the first two hours of being in Fresh Veggie Garden.Dolly Cranberry at the Garden Gate
We always want the groundhog to not see his shadow.Sprinkles wanted an early spring.Sprinkles on Groundhog Day
We always hope that spring will come early.Fawn and Spot went to look for a groundhog to see if spring would come early.Groundhog Day
Being slow isn't always a bad thing.Slow-Poke took too long to put his boots on but they still got to the park to see the groundhog sitting outside of his hole.Slow-Poke Was Too Late for Groundhog Day
Some only like Groundhog Day when the groundhog doesn't see his shadow.Caveman Jack wanted the groundhog to try going back into his hole again to see if he could not see his shadow next time.Caveman Jack and Groundhog Day
It is good to wish for an early spring.Jen-Jen wanted an early spring so she could work on her garden.Jen-Jen and an Early Spring
Love has no boundaries.A customer complained about the wilted roses Frankie left for Anna but Anna didn’t care. She loved them. Frankie's Wilted Roses
There is true love after all.Bear was jealous of Theodore Bear because Melissa had been spending a lot of time with him. Bear's Happy Valentine's Day
Spread love and happiness to others.Happy Heart spreads her love and happiness around to others.Happy Heart
Never give up hope.Hank thought he lost Rosie to his friend, Pete.Cupid's Work
It is good to learn new skills.Neon Cop had never skated before but then he saw Jenny trip the man that stole his wife’s purse and he skated after her like a pro.Neon Cop Goes Ice Skating
Valentine's Day is for love.Alphabet Allie loves Valentine’s Day."L" is for Love
Try not to be angry.Happy Heart helped Angry Baker to not be angry with his customers. Happy Heart at the Bakery
Always love your loved ones.Angry Cat was treating his sister, Harriet, unfairly, until Happy Heart showed up.Happy Heart and Angry Cat
Valentine's Day is not for sissy's.Slow-Poke thought Valentine's Day was for sissy's until he found out his best friend was going to the Valentine's Day party at his school.Valentine's Day Fun for Slow-Poke
It is good to help out when you can. Jenny saw a man take a stroller out of the shoe store. She ran after him.Neon Cop's Slippery Capture
There are alternatives to eating candy.Happy Heart gives Bad Teeth Bradley some dried fruit to eat instead of eating candy. Happy Heart and Bad Teeth Bradley
It is good to improvise.Daddy Balloon needed a way that Mommy Balloon could wear the Valentine’s ring he got for her. Happy Heart and a Ring for Valentine's Day
It is okay to kiss on Valentine's Day.Jack didn’t want kisses from the girls on Valentine’s Day.Valentine's Day Kisses
Don't be mean to your loved one on Valentine's Day.Cutie gave Arrow a swat on Valentine’s Day. Arrow and Cutie's Valentine's Day
Please talk to someone if you are depressed.Dianne Troll was very depressed after she was molested by her husband’s worst enemy, Mick Troll. A Depressing Valentine's Day
It is good to take time to enjoy yourself.Bobby the Butcher went on a date on Valentine’s Day. Bobby the Butcher and a Date on Valentine's Day
It is good to learn a musical instrument.Victor vowed to learn the violin Alphabet Allie brought him. "V" is for Valentine's Day
Always be safe.Poor Mountain Sister was going to cut a piece of ribbon but Safety Kid noticed that Poor Mountain Brother’s fingers were in the way.Valentine's Day Safety
Be extra kind to someone on Valentine's Day.Daniel took Franny Granny out for dinner for Valentine’s Day. Franny Granny's Special Valentine's Day Date
It isn't nice to be jealousHillbilly Bob became jealous when his friend, Pete, asked Theresa Ann on a date.Hillbilly Bob's Valentine's Date
Try to do things around the house without being asked.Lil’ Rebel did things around the house without being asked. Lil' Rebel and the Valentine's Day Dance
There is no need to be nervous when going on a date.Ugly Sally was nervous because she thought George might not think she was very smart.Ugly Sally's Valentine's Date
Sometimes a pet will find you.Neon Cop rescued a litter of puppies and one of the puppies wouldn’t let go of him. Neon Cop's Snowy Capture
It is a good deed to shovel the walkway.Neon Cop shoveled the walkway at the police station and he found a bag of counterfeit money.Neon Cop Finds a Buried Treasure
Always tell our loved ones that we love them.Fawn was shocked to learn that Spot loved him. Cupid
It is good to appreciate your surroundings.Mountain Kid made himself a big pot of stew on a cold, winter day. Mountain Kid's Winter Paradise
Always appreciate what your mother does for you.Mother made a pair of wool socks for Angry Cat but he was embarrassed to wear them. Angry Cat's Wool Socks
It is nice to have a big bowl of stew on a cold, winter day.Mother made a pair of wool socks for Angry Cat but he was embarrassed to wear them. Mountain Kid's Winter Stew
A cup of hot chocolate can cure many things.Freddy was sick so Daddy made him some hot chocolate. Hot Chocolate
It is good to stock up on supplies in the winter.While Mountain Kid was in town he overheard a bad storm was coming so he decided to stock up on supplies.Mountain Kid and the Ice Storm
It is fun to go skating.Misfit had no self-confidence but he overcame that and had fun skating. Misfit
It is good to enjoy a beautiful winter day.Mountain Kid looked out his window and saw that it was a beautiful winter day outside.Mountain Kid and a Beautiful Winter Day
It is nice to go for a winter walk.Mountain Kid enjoyed his winter walk. Mountain Kid and a Winter Walk
Sometimes we need warmth.Sometimes we need warmth. I didn't care if I was late for work, I needed warmth. I needed a warm cup of coffee. It was freezing cold outside. Warmth
It is good to cherish a handmade quilt.I loved the quilt Grandma made for me. Grandma's Quilt
It is fun to build a snowman.Racum Raccoon suggested he and his friends build a snowman. Harold the Snowman
It is good to stand your ground.Mountain Kid made the decision to stay in the mountains. Decisions
Learn to survive a blizzard.Sarah and her mother survived while they waited for Daddy to come home in the blizzard. The Blizzard
Sometimes we sacrifice a lot for our friends.Peter Penguin lived on the opposite side of the world from his friend, Sammy Polar Bear. That didn’t stop him from visiting with him.Cold, Cold, Cold
Sometimes it is good luck for it to rain.Tommy Leprechaun figured out that it is good luck if it rains on St. Patrick’s Day because leprechauns need rain for their pots of gold. Angry Leprechaun is Angry About the Rain
Leprechauns can be nice sometimes.Beatrice Bee landed in Grampy’s Little Green Car because she wanted to admire it.Grampy's Little Green Car and the Pot of Gold
It is good to realize your love for someone.Jacob realized how much he loved Annie when they went for a walk together. The St. Patrick's Day Proposal
Don't drink green juice.The Poor Mountain Family couldn’t remember anything after having a drink of green juice. Little Green Men
It is a good idea to make sure you are speaking with a real leprechaun.Mother and Darla asked the leprechaun for some gold just to make sure they were speaking with a real leprechaun. Misplaced Fortune
We can't control the weather.Annie Leprechaun was upset because there was two feet of snow on St. Patrick’s Day. Annie Leprechaun Finds a Reason to Smile
It is fun to dance.Annie Leprechaun didn’t want to go to the dance but once she started dancing, she had fun. Dancing the Irish Jig
We are tested sometimes in life.Angry Leprechaun was tested by Grand Old Leprechaun to see if he was Grand Old Leprechaun material.Angry Leprechaun and the Test
It is good to believe in leprechauns.Trickster’s sister, Isabella, thought Trickster was playing a trick on her when he told her he saw a leprechaun. Trickster Meets a Leprechaun
Having good luck is a good thing.Hoppy Bunny didn’t have good luck when he tried Lucky Leprechaun’s hat on. Lucky Leprechaun's Hat
Always try to control your anger.Angry Leprechaun was angry with Mother because she forgot to buy green tea. Angry Leprechaun's Cup of Green Tea
A wedding should be the bride's happiest day.Annie Leprechaun wanted to wear her mother’s green wedding dress but Jacob wanted her to wear a white one. Annie Leprechaun and the Green Wedding Dress
It always pays to help others.Lucky Leprechaun helped Lucy by giving her a pot of gold and a four-leaf clover. A Sunny St. Patrick's Day
It is good to honour those who deserve it.Annie Leprechaun’s father, Grand Old Leprechaun honoured her for the way she handled people. Annie Leprechaun is Honoured on St. Patrick’s Day
Always check the end of a rainbow for a pot of gold.The Lucky Leprechaun collected pots of gold at the end of rainbows.The Lucky Leprechaun
A four-leaf clover will give you good luck.Annie Leprechaun asked a rabbit for his four-leaf clover and when she got it, she had good luck the rest of that day. Annie Leprechaun Finds a Four-Leaf Clover
It is good to believe in folklore and legends.Annie Leprechaun met a dragon who believed they have proved legends and folklore are real. Annie Leprechaun and the Friendly Dragon
It is good to work for the things you want out of life.Annie Leprechaun wanted a new dress and she asked Grand Old Leprechaun if he would buy it for her. He told her she should work for it instead. Annie Leprechaun’s New St. Patrick’s Day Dress
Luck is not something you can search for.Lucky Leprechaun wanted to search for his good luck but his friend, Hoppy Bunny told him luck is not something you can search for.Lucky Leprechaun Tries to Find Good Luck
Carrots are good for your eyesight.Lucky Leprechaun ate a carrot and then he was able to find a four-leaf clover. Lucky Leprechaun and the Lucky Carrot
Always watch out for bears.Lucky Leprechaun and Hoppy Bunny found a giant footprint and were afraid it was from a giant. Lucky Leprechaun and the Giant
Always tell the truth.Little Crow’s cousin, Jake, didn’t believe it when Little Crow said he saw a leprechaun. Little Crow and the Leprechaun
Don't be mean to a leprechaun.Lucky Leprechaun gave a rude man a pot of fool’s gold. Lucky Leprechan and Fool's Gold
Don't try to fool a leprechaun.Lucky Leprechaun found the missing pots of gold but he also discovered he was tricked. Lucky Leprechaun Finds the Missing Gold
You could have leprechaun fever.Spot saw the leprechaun so she had leprechaun fever. Leprechaun Fever
You don't have to drink to enjoy St. Patrick's Day.Larry Leprechaun enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day without drinking.St. Patrick's Day Fun
It is fun to paint Easter eggs.Alphabet Allie and her friend, Ellie, had fun painting Easter eggs."E" is for Easter
It is important to love your family.Cranky Bunny helped his neighbor to understand why he should like Easter and also that he should love his family. Cranky Bunny at Easter
It is good to get outside. Julie took Cranky Bunny outside so he wouldn’t be so cranky. Cranky Bunny and the Sunny Easter Day
Always take time for yourself.Mrs. Robin was not happy about spring finally being there. Mrs. Tulip and a Happy Spring
Try not to be cranky.Cranky Bunny stopped being cranky when his friend, Julie, reminded him of the carrots he had buried. Cranky Bunny and a Thankful Easter Dinner
It isn't good to get angry.Angry Baker was angry because both Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Smith wanted his best Easter cake. Angry Baker's Easter Cake
It can snow in spring.It snowed in Mrs. Tulip’s garden in spring. Mrs. Tulip and Spring Snow
It is helpful to clean up trails in your area.The bunny trail was littered with twigs, rocks and garbage.Cranky Bunny and the Bunny Trail
Have a happy Easter.Cranky Bunny wanted to new children in the neighbourhood to have a good Easter.Cranky Bunny wants Chocolate
It is good to have someone help you look for things. Julie helped Cranky Bunny look for his Easter suit. Cranky Bunny and his Handsome Easter Suit
Don't let the cold weather stop you.Easter Bunny delivered Easter eggs and gifts, even in the cold weather.A Cold Easter
It is not nice to argue.Easter Lily and Renee Chickadee saw two young children arguing about a book. It is Easter
There are harmless pranks you can play on April Fool's Day.Jackie Jester remembered a prank his mother played on him when he was young.Jackie Jester
Rain doesn't have to ruin anything.Easter Lily thought Easter was ruined because of the rain clouds but she realized that Easter didn’t have to be ruined. A Happy Easter Day
An April Fool’s Day prank may not be so funny if it is played on you.Mother played an April Fool's Day prank on Daddy and Jackie Jester laughed about it. She also played it on Jackie. Jackie didn't think it was so funny after all.Mother Plays an April Fool’s Day Prank
Don't always assume the worst.Fawn found Easter bunnies in the field. Spot thought he had stolen them.Fawn's Easter Hunt
Situations are sometimes not what they seem.Robbie Raccoon took the chocolate so that he could make special Easter treats for the children in the garden. Easter Lily and the Chocolate Shortage
Always make sure your pranks are safe.Safety Kid made sure Jackie Jester’s prank was safe. Jackie Jester and the Safe Prank
Easter is a happy time.Easter Lily and Renee Chickadee found some jellybeans and they were the reason everyone in the garden was happy. Easter Lily and Jellybeans
It can be fun playing innocent pranks.Mother switched Jackie Jester’s clothes for clothes that were too small for him. Jackie Jester and Clothes Too Small
Don't judge people harshly.Easter Lily and Alphabet Allie were trying to figure out if a lady was eccentric or evil. "E" is for Easter
It is nice to have someone stick up for you. Julie always sticks up for Cranky Bunny. Cranky Bunny and No Easter
Always be careful with the pranks you play on April Fool’s Day.Jackie Jester put mashed potatoes in the ice cream container to play a prank on Mother on April Fool’s Day.Jackie Jester and a Foolish Prank
It is good to mention it if you see someone happy.Mr. Squirrel saw that Mrs. Tulip looked happy. Mrs. Tulip Loves Spring
Spring will be here when the snow turns into flowers.The Troll children wanted the snow to turn into flowers. Pretty Spring Flowers
Spring rains are important in the spring.The garden was very dry and Mrs. Tulip was happy to see the spring rains. Mrs. Tulip and Spring Rains
Be careful when picking plants.Fawn thought he had destroyed Mrs. Hansen’s mint that she had growing.Green Grass
Always dress correctly for the weather.Slow-Poke didn’t want to wear his scarf and hat but his mother told him to. His friend, Freddy Fox, didn’t wear his and he ended up getting sick.Springtime
You never know what you will see when you go for a walk in the mountains.Fawn and Spot saw a pure white mountain goat when they went for a walk in the mountains. Mountain Goat
Some feel Friday the 13th is very unlucky.Unlucky Uncle Ungus was born on Friday the 13th. He feels Friday the 13th is very unlucky to him. Unlucky Uncle Ungus
Spring will come.Mrs. Tulip didn’t think spring would come so she could come alive. Mrs. Tulip Waiting for Spring
Always think before making a scene in public.Unlucky Uncle Ungus made a scene in the grocery store because they didn’t have any oranges. Unlucky Uncle Ungus Wanted Oranges
It is good to be patient.The baby robins were hungry but they waited patiently for Mother to get them food to eat. Mrs. Robin is Afraid of Rain
Friday the 13th could be lucky.Unlucky Uncle Ungus picked up a penny on Friday the 13th and felt it could be lucky.Unlucky Friday the 13th Turns Lucky
Friday the 13th doesn't have to be scary.Unlucky Uncle Ungus was scared of Friday the 13th but after a dream he had, he realized he didn’t want to waste a beautiful day and Friday the 13th was less scary to him.Friday the 13th is Less Scary
Friday the 13th can be a happy day.Unlucky Uncle Ungus didn’t like his angry look and decided he needed to be happy. Friday the 13th and a Happy Day
Even a desert needs rain.The desert was pretty dry. It needed rain.Desert Rains
Have patience and spring sunshine will come.After three weeks of rain, it was hard for Mrs. Robin to believe that spring sunshine would ever come.Mrs. Robin and Spring Sunshine
The coming of spring is a happy time.Mrs. Robin and her three babies thrived in the warm spring sunshine. Mrs. Robin and the Coming of Spring
It is fun to buy a new spring hat Spot bought a new spring hat out of a magazine. Spot's Spring Hat
Apple pie and fresh flowers make a house smell good. Jen-Jen picked some fresh flowers and baked an apple pie. The house smelled wonderful!Jen-Jen Bakes an Apple Pie
It is always a relief to know that your family is safe.Mrs. Robin was frantic because she thought the tree where she lived in was going to get cut down. She had her three babies in a nest in that tree so she wanted to make sure they were safe.Mrs. Robin and the Balsam Poplar Tree
A robin is a sure sign of spring.Everyone was very happy to see Mrs. Robin.Everyone is Happy to See Mrs. Robin
Always do something nice for your mother for Mother's Day.Everyone was very happy to see Mrs. Robin.Acorn Family’s Mother’s Day Dinner
There is no sense being upset about the weather. We cannot change it.Mrs. Tulip was unhappy because of the cold weather. Mr. Squirrel told her there is no sense in being unhappy because we cannot change the weather.Early Flowers
Never leave a turkey sandwich out where Arrow can get it.Arrow was hungry and tried to get Mommy’s turkey sandwich off the counter. Arrow and the Turkey Sandwich
Robins are a sure sign of spring.Fawn and Spot spotted a robin and knew it was a sure sign of spring.Merry, Merry Robin
The coming of spring is very exciting.Bluey Bluebird announced to all the forest animals that spring had finally come. She was very excited. Bluey Bluebird Sweetness
It is important to do your spring cleaning.Mrs. Duck wanted Slow-Poke to help her with some spring cleaning.Spring Cleaning
It is nice to make a Mother's Day memory.Alphabet Allie made Mother a memorable Mother’s Day card. "M" is for Mother's Day Memory
Road trips are lots of fun!Sheri wanted to take her little lime coloured car to the ocean. To the Ocean
Dark clouds do sometimes float away.Bluey Bluebird saw the dark cloud. She wished it would go away and it did.Bluey Bluebird and a Happy Spring Day
It is not nice to tease someone.Flip Flop was teasing Fawn about his looks.Flip Flop
It is good to recognize your mother on Mother's Day.Jason and Annie gave Mother Elf a jade necklace for Mother’s Day.Mother Elf
Fresh flowers are so beautiful.Fawn picked Spot a tulip and she thought it was so pretty. A Nice Long Walk
A smile means more than anything.Harriet suggested Angry Cat give Mother a smile for Mother’s Day. Mother appreciated that very much. Angry Cat's Smile for Mother on Mother's Day
It is good to share with others.Beatrice Bee gave Racum Raccoon a pot of her honey and he enjoyed it. Beatrice Bee and Happy Honey
It is nice to surprise Mother for Mother's Day.Bobby the Butcher cooked Mother a roast beef dinner in a slow ooker, while he was working. Bobby the Butcher Surprises Mother for Mother's Day
Sometimes with a family, it is hard to relax. Poor Mountain Mother had a hard time relaxing with the children cleaning up and Poor Mountain Father mowing the lawn. A Relaxing Mother's Day
Don't forget to cook breakfast for Mother on Mother's Day.Forgeful Fred was so engrossed in his newspaper that he forgot to cook breakfast for Sarah on Mother’s Day. Forgetful Fred Forgot to Cook Breakfast on Mother's Day
Mother's should be pampered on Mother's Day.Uncle Sour Gum Drop was upset because he wanted to be pampered but Daddy Gum Drop explained to him that Mommy needs to be pampered as well. The Gum Drop Family and a Sweet Mother's Day
It is nice to go to Mother's for Mother's Day.City Kid knew that Mother wanted all her children together for Mother’s Day. He thought that was impossible but they all showed up and Mother was very happy. City Kid and the Family on Mother's Day
It is best to leave nature alone as much as we can.Poor Mountain Sister just couldn’t cut the beautiful wild roses so she sketched them instead. Mother's Day Roses
A mother's work is never done.Daddy Balloon suggested to his children that they should be kind to Mommy Balloon on Mother’s Day. Mommy was confused when Sissy didn’t come to her for help. Happy Balloon Family's Mother's Day
It is good to help others.Mrs. Squirrel helped Mrs. Robin look after her babies so she could rest. Mrs. Robin and a Restful Mother's Day
It is good to help others.Fawn and Spot gave Mrs. Hansen a plane ticket so she could go see Jenny graduate.The Best Mother's Day
Mothers love to receive roses for Mother's Day.Caveman Jack knew Mother loved roses, so he picked some for her for Mother’s Day. Caveman Jack Gives Mother Roses for Mother's Day
Mother's deserve a rest too.Mother Elf was exhausted and Daddy Elf made her have a nap. Mother Elf Deserves a Rest on Mother’s Day
We don't always have to give hints to our loved ones.Mother Elf wanted to see her mother for Mother’s Day. Daddy Elf overheard her on the phone and decided a road trip for Mother’s Day was in order. Mother Elf Wants a Necklace for Mother’s Day
It is good to see your mother on Mother's Day.Mother Elf wanted to see her mother for Mother’s Day. Daddy Elf overheard her on the phone and decided a road trip for Mother’s Day was in order. Mother Elf's Surprise on Mother's Day
It is best to find a dark spot to watch the stars in the night sky.City Kid saw it was dark in the park so he walked there to see the stars. City Kid and the Night Skies
Don't sit under a tree when it is windyApple Monster got a bruise on his arm from a branch that fell on hiim when it became windy, while he was sitting under his apple tree. Apple Monster and the Fallen Branch
Music is a great tool for healing.Christopher Corn was upset because this was his first anniversary after taking his own life on Earth. He wished people on Earth could hear the music he created in Loud Garden. Christopher Corn’s First Anniversary at Loud Garden
Always appreciate and love music.Christopher Corn knows he loves music. Christopher Corn’s Love of Music
Always be creative.Christopher Corn loved to create music. Christopher Corn and Sweet Music
It is okay to be passionate about music despite what others think.Cameron Cauliflower and Calvin Carrot wanted to take a rest from music. Christopher Corn wanted to keep going. Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Christopher Corn and his Passion for Music
You can correct mistakes you have made.Christopher Corn made a lot of mistakes but he learned he could correct them through his music.Christopher Corn Corrects His Mistakes With Music
Money isn't everything.Princess Anna was very rich but she always wanted to be just a normal little girl.Princess Anna
It is good to share.Bluey Bluebird made two blueberry pies and shared one with Mrs. Chipmunk.Bluey Bluebird’s Blueberry Spring
It is good to feel loved.Bluey Bluebird found a nest of robin eggs and she raised the babies as her own. Bluey Bluebird's Happiest Spring
It is nice to enjoy spring.Bluey Bluebird was very happy about the beautiful spring day. Bluey Bluebird and a Clear Blue Sky
Sometimes we are forgetful.Forgetful Fred forgot that he was going to the camp.Forgetful Fred and the Week at Camp
It is good to choose good foods to eat.Bad Teeth Bradley did not eat the bag of candy because he did not want a lecture from his dentist. Bad Teeth Bradley and the Bag of Candy
You shouldn't bite into something without knowing what it is.Arrow bit into a ginger cookie but didn’t know what it was. Arrow and a Ginger Cookie
Always treat fellow human beings with respect.Professor Edelamn did not think of Mr. Egghead’s feelings when he put him in the cooler. Mr. Egghead Ruins an Experiment
It is good to think positive about the coming of spring.It was a long winter and Fawn wanted spring to come. Spot told Fawn to think positive about the coming of spring. Think of Spring
Sometimes things are learned better by experience.Amie went to the auction with her mother and decided to write her school report about the bidding process at an auction. Rancher Girl and the Spring Auction
We need to have confidence.Rancher Girl did not have confidence in Rascal until she saw him perform.Rancher Girl at the Rodeo
It is good to have fun on Father's Day.Father wanted to have a fun Father’s Day with Alphabet Allie.“F” is for Father’s Day
It is good to include other's in celebrations.Dianne Troll organized a Father’s Day celebration for all father’s in Troll Town. Father's Day in Troll Town
It is good to appreciate what our loved ones do for us.Dianne Troll cooked a lasagna for Billy for Father’s Day but Billy spent the whole day in his recording studio. Father’s Day for Billy Troll
It is good to spend time with our fathers for Father's Day.Dianne Troll didn’t want to forgive her father he came to visit her for Father’s Day. Father's Day Concert
It is good to spend time with Father on Father's Day.Hillbilly Bob took the day off work to spend the day with Father for Father’s Day. Hillbilly Bob Spends Father's Day with Father
It is good to cut candy from your diet.Bad Teeth’s Bradley’s Father wanted only one thing for Father’s Day. He wanted Bad Teeth Bradley to stop eating candy. Bad Teeth Bradley Resists Candy on Father’s Day
It is good to do something to respect loved ones that have passed away.Racum Raccoon’s father had to work on Father’s Day but Mrs. Raccoon and Racum brought him a picnic lunch. Bobby the Butcher Respects Father on Father’s Day
Sometimes our loved ones have to work on holidays but it is nice to try to do something special for them.Racum Raccoon’s father had to work on Father’s Day but Mrs. Raccoon and Racum brought him a picnic lunch. Lunch With Father on Father's Day
It is good to have a relationship with your Father.Cranky Bunny found his long lost Father on Father’s Day.Cranky Bunny Finds Father on Father's Day
It is good to respect our Father's wishes.Missy Big Words respected Daddy’s wish on Father’s Day.Respect
It is good to help a love one when they are feeling sad.Fawn and Spot helped Mr. Hansen have the best Father’s Day. Fawn and Spot Have Father’s Day Dinner for Mr. Hansen
People do forget things sometimes.Forgetful Fred forgot what he went to the grocery store for. Forgetful Fred Forgets the Barbecue Sauce for the Father's Day Barbecue
We can always go visit our children if they can't come to us.Grampy’s children had busy lives and couldn’t come see him on Father’s Day. He went to see them instead.Grampy’s Little Green Car And The Father’s Day Drive
Always pay attention to "No Trespassing" signs.Rita Rabbit didn’t want Runner Rabbit to walk up a laneway because there was a “No Trespassing” sign. Runner Rabbit's Spring Walk
Try to surprise your father on Father's Day.Lil’ Rebel wanted to clean up the house and her bedroom to surprise her father for Father’s Day. Lil’ Rebel’s Rebellious Father’s Day
It is good to have a hobby to keep your mind off bad weather.Rita Rabbit showed Runner Rabbit that building a bird house can take his mind off the rain.Runner Rabbit and the Spring Sun
Don't always assume someone received your text.Rita Rabbit had sent a text to her friend, Runner Rabbit but she forgot to press the send button. Runner Rabbit, a Spring Picnic and a Spring Party
Always listen to your friends. They may have good advice.Rita Rabbit gave her friend, Runner Rabbit, some advice on how to win the marathon. Runner Rabbit and the Spring Marathon
It is good to wait until the weather clears before going for a walk.Rita Rabbit told Runner Rabbit he should wait for the rain and thunder to clear before going for a walk.Runner Rabbit and the Spring Morning Rain
Even if someone is sick, there is hope they will get better. Billy Troll’s father was sick with the flu but he got better so he could see Billy’s Father’s Day concert. Father's Day
It is good to have good luck.Jen-Jen had good luck because she was the only one that saw the magical spring flower. Jen-Jen And The Magical Spring Flower
There are things you can do when it is cold outside to prepare your garden.Jen-Jen started planting some flower seeds inside while she waited for the nice weather to come.Jen-Jen and Her Pretty Spring Garden
It is good to make it up to someone if you did something to upset them.The raccoon ate Jen-Jen’s flowers so he made it up to her by buying her some new ones.Jen-Jen’s Box of Fresh Spring Flowers
Everyone should feel important.Jen-Jen told the spider he was important because he kept the bad bugs out of her garden.Jen-Jen and the Spring Spider
Don't eat food that doesn't belong to you.The bunnies ate flowers out of Jen-Jen’s garden.Jen-Jen And The Spring Bunnies
It is good to spend warm summer days outdoors.Arrow wanted to go outside on warm summer days.First Day of Summer
It is best to not be a pest.Beatrice Bee saw some summer bugs being pests and she didn’t want to be one.Beatrice Bee and Summer Bugs
If you have too much of something, it is good to give some of it away.Beatrice Bee had some extra honey so she decided to give away five pails of it.Beatrice Bee and Summer Honey
Always protect those you love.Summer Sun protected her best friend, Angela Ant from Matilda, a wicked witch.Summer Sun
It is important to stay hydrated during hot summer weather.Beatrice Bee learned that she needed to stay hydrated during hot summer weather.Beatrice Bee and the Hot Summer Sun
We should be careful what we wish for.Fawn thought he would never want cold summer days.Cold Days of Summer
It is good to have details before telling people about a surprise.Beatrice Bee told everyone about a surprise but didn’t have any details so nobody believed her. Beatrice Bee And The Summer Buzz
Everyone loves homemade apple pie.Alphabet Allie had a craving for a slice of homemade apple pie."A" is for Apple
It is good to sit still if you see a wasp.Beatrice Bee told Hollie to sit still so Mr. Wasp wouldn’t sting her. Mr. Wasp saw that Hollie posed no threat.Beatrice Bee and Mr. Wasp
It is good to be happy.Summer Sun was happy once Matilda reversed the spell she had put on Angela Ant.Summer Sun and Matilda’s Spell
Sometimes we need rain.Summer Sun knew rain would cool things down.Summer Sun and a Rainy Day
It is good to be careful when dropping heavy objects.Master Action Words was careful when he dropped the heavy brick he was carrying onto the floor.Master Action Words – Drop
Telling spooky stories by a campfire can be fun.Fawn and Spot loved the campfire stories Mr. Hansen told them when they went camping.Campfire Stories
Don't be judgmental if someone is sick. Give them a fair chance. Matilda, the wicked witch, was being very unfair to Summer Sun while she was sick.Summer Sun and the Wicked Spell
Summer heat can get unbearable.Matilda, the wicked witch, wanted the heat to be turned up but it wasn't long before the heat got to her.Summer Sun and the Scorching Summer Heat
Always come inside when it is too hot outside.Desert Kid knew it was much too hot outside so he came back inside.Desert Kid and the Hot Summer Day
Always check your calendar to make sure you have the right date.Unlucky Uncle Ungus thought it was Friday the 13th but he found out differently when he looked at his calendar.Unlucky Uncle Ungus Waits for Bad Luck
Don't put things off.I could have prevented a lot of my camping mistakes if I had have taken the time to deal with issues.Camping Mistakes
Candy sprinkles taste good.Beatrice Bee liked the taste of the candy sprinkles that were in Sprinkles’ hair.Beatrice Bee Visits Sprinkles
It is fun at the Calgary Stampede.Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede looks forward to the Stampede all year.Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede
It used to be lucky to find a penny.In Canada, pennies are no longer being made so they no longer bring us luck. Unlucky Uncle Ungus Sees A Penny
It is a good idea to stay home if you feel you are going to have bad luck.Unlucky Uncle Ungus decided to go home and stay there after seeing a leprechaun in a field on Friday the 13th.Unlucky Uncle Ungus Finds a Four-Leaf Clover
The Calgary Stampede is a place to have fun, even if it is raining.Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede doesn't care if it raining. The rain was not going to stop her, from going to the Calgary Stampede, even in the rain.Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede and a Rainy Day
Sometimes it is best to just stay home on Friday the 13th.Unlucky Uncle Ungus decided to stay home on Friday the 13th, after he tripped over his shoelace.Unlucky Uncle Ungus and his Untied Shoe
Sometimes a disaster can end happily.Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede fell head first into a stall but because of that, she got to ride a beautiful horse. Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede and the Broken Gate
Money brings out the worst in people.Unlucky Uncle Ungus won the lottery and found out that people were contacting him to borrow money from him.Unlucky Uncle Ungus Winning the Lottery
Being old doesn't mean that you can't do what you want.Gertie the Queen of the Calgary Stampede wins a mechanical bull riding competition.Gertie the Queen of the Mechanical Bull Riding Competition
Don't under estimate someone.Matt and the cook didn't think Gertie had a chance to win the Pancake Eating Contest.Gertie The Queen Of The Pancake Eating Contest
Value friendships of true friends.Christopher Corn and Chard Benning value their friendship.Christopher Corn and the Happy Birthday Song
Music can bring joy.Christopher Corn and Chard Benning both felt that music brings them joy.Christopher Corn And A Happy Song
Bumble bees can sting.Fawn got stung on the behind by a bumble bee.Bumble Bees
It is good to have fun with music.It was a tough day for Christopher Corn and Chard Benning but music helped them get through it.Christopher Corn and Laughter in Song
Always do something positive.Christopher Corn put a positive spin on Chard's dark song.Christopher Corn and a Positive Spin
We have to take care of our tools.Christopher Corn lost his voice but after a couple days of rest, he got it back.Chistopher Corn Lost his Voice
It is good to give someone special a surprise birthday party.The Fresh Veggie Family threw a surprise birthday party for Christopher Corn.Christopher Corn’s Happy Birthday Surprise
It isn't good to gorge yourself.Matilda ate so much wedding cake at her friends wedding that she made herself very sick.Skinny Matilda
"NO" means no.Skinny Matilda saw Timothy staring at her and she told him she did not want to go out with him.Skinny Matilda Says "NO"
Be careful what you ask for.Desert Kid wanted rain but Safety Kid reminded him that rain could cause lightning which could cause fires.Desert Kid Wishing for Rain
The BC Mountains are breathtaking.I loved my trip to the BC mountains.BC Mountains
It is nice to go for a swim on a hot day.Desert Kid wanted to go to the pond to swim but it was dried up. Mother took him to the lake instead.Desert Kid is Hot and Dry
It is not a good idea to steal.Lucky Leprechaun stole a bottle of rum from his friend, Hoppy, although he said he only borrowed it.A Drop of Summer
Always read the whole note.Desert Kid didn't realize Mother had written something on the back of the note.Desert Kid is in Hot Air
It is important to stay cool and hyrdrated in the summer.Desert Kid made lots of ice cubes in order to stay cool and hydrated.Desert Kid and the Desert Heat
Always have confidence in yourself.Despite her age, Skinny Matilda entered the bikini contest. She had confidence in herself.Skinny Matilda and the Bikini Contest
Always be careful around bees.A bear had disturbed a nest of bees and made them angry.Bee Stings
It is good to be proud of yourself.Skinny Matilda walked by the ice-cream stand without buying an ice-cream cone.Skinny Matilda and an Ice Cream Cone
It isn't a good idea to gorge yourself.Skinny M148atilda gorged herself on Stella's wedding cake and she made herself very sick.Skinny Matilda And Birthday Cake
Things don't always seem the way they are.Neon Cop thought two men running down the street were involved in a crime.Neon Cop's Summer Chase
It is good to make new friends.Chester Chipmunk made a new friend when he met Blue Jay.Blue Jay
It is good to go for a swim after a hard day at work.Neon Cop went for a swim after he captured the criminal he was looking for.Neon Cop Went for a Swim
It is best not to deceive someone.Ant deceived Mrs. Robin when he told her he had a crow chasing after him.Mrs. Robin and the Ant
Try to give yourself lots of time to get out of the water if you see storm clouds.Slow-Poke saw the storm clouds coming but he thought he had lots of time for another swim before getting out of the water.Slow-Poke's Stormy Day
Try to stay cool in the heat.Silly Snake did whatever he could to stay cool.Cool and Refreshing
It is good to be able to forgive.A squirrel was stealing Jen-Jen's flowers but she forgave him.Jen-Jen's Missing Flowers
It is good to be on your toes.Neon Cop drove the thieves truck back to the ice-cream stand.Neon Cop And The Ice Cream Robbery
It is hard to resist candy.Lil' Rebel tried her hardest to stay away from not buying candy but she couldn't resist it.Lil' Rebel and the Candy Shoppe
It is good to shop at a local market.Travelin' Rick and Baby Patrick enjoyed their meal of fresh food they purchased at the market.Farmer's Market
Always heed fire bans.Neon Cop saw a man starting a campfire during a fire ban.Neon Cop on a Camping Trip
Drink lots of fluid in hot weather.Forgetful Fred gave his wife, Sarah a full glass of lemonade.Cool Lemonade
It is not nice to tease someone.Arrow teased the dragonfly but apologized for it.Dragonfly
Dreams are just dreams.Skinny Matilda had a bad dream about being overweight.Skinny Matilda And Her Scary Dream
It is good to appreciate nature.Getting to see a wild bald eagle was a dream come true for me.Bald Eagle
Always take care of family members.Rat Boy protected his sister, Cecilia, after he had a bad dream. Cecilia is Kidnapped
It is good to tell an adult if you see something suspicious.Jenny saw a man chasing a little girl. It turned out the man was trying to kidnap her.Neon Cop and Summer Fun
If something looks or feels strange, it probably is.Neon Cop thought it was strange that there was a sand castle, a pail and a shovel on the beach but nobody was there with it.Neon Cop and the Sand Castle
It is good to have fun during the summer season.Jen-Jen was working so hard but she wanted to have some fun this summer.Jen-Jen and a Busy Summer
Frogs are quite funny.Chester Chipmunk and his sister, Suzie thought frogs were funny.Green, Green, Green
Storms can roll in very quickly.Lovable Viking saw a bad storm roll in within minutes.Lovable Viking and the Bad Storm
It is okay to try to make things easier for yourself.Jen-Jen spent more time watering her garden then she did enjoying it so she decided to make an automatic irrigation system.Jen-Jen's Hot and Dry Summer Garden
Dust storms can be dangerous.Desert Kid knew enough to get out of the way when a dust storm came along.Dust Storm
If you have the urge to dance, just do it.Ugly Sally had the urge to dance at the park so she did.Ugly Sally and the Urge to Dance
Sometimes it takes someone else to see the beauty in something.Jen-Jen didn't see the beauty in her garden until the magical butterfly pointed it out.Jen-Jen and the Magical Butterfly
It is always nice to help someone out.Cutie wanted Arrow to help her get the fly but Arrow was too busy having a nap.Arrow, Cutie and the Pesky Fly
Always be mindful of the time.Jen-Jen was daydreaming in her garden and forgot all about the time.Jen-Jen and her Summer Daydream
You don't need a warm sweater on when it is hot outside.Fawn haad a sweater on because it was cold in the barn but then he couldn't get it off and he was very hot when he went outside.Fawn's Summer Day
It is important to get yourself out of harm's way.Mountain Kid knew he couldn't put the fire out caused by lightning. He got himself down off the mountain and then called the fire department.Mountain Kid and the Mountain Fire
Enjoy life as much as you can.Jen-Jen loves to sit in her garden.Jen-Jen’s Happy Summer Garden
Hamburgers are good to eat on a hot day.Alphabet Allie and Hailey loved eating their hamburgers.“H” is for Heat
It is good to respect your Mother's wishes.Mother did not want Pirate Pete to drink rum. She had them remove it all.Warm Summer Days on the Open Seas
We do have to pay attention to the weather.Missy Big Words knew the meaning of the word "weather".Missy Big Words – Weather
It is a good idea to have a plan in place when going on vacation.Both Hillbilly Bob and his friend, Pete, decided to stay home for their summer vacation because they both didn't plan anything ahead of time.Hillbilly Bob's Summer Vacation
It is fun to go for a swim.Master Action Words and his friends, Billy and Harold wanted to cool down with a swim.Swim – Master Action Words
Sometimes there are lots of bugs in the summer months.Desert Kid was swatting himself because of all the bugs.Lots of Bugs
Enjoy summer while it lasts.Missy Opposite and Mother enjoyed a summer day together at the park and Missy Opposite was grateful that it was still summer.Opposite of Summer is Winter
Always think before you speak.Jillian called Master Hurtful Words a loser because she thought he was faking an injury to get out of a badminton game.Loser – Master Hurtful Words
Some broken items can be fixed.Forgetful Fred broke his kite but his father was able to help fix it.Flying a Kite
Always look on the bright side of things.Rancher Girl wanted her ranch to be a happy ranch but to her it was just a busy ranch until Amie pointed out differently.Happy Ranch with Rancher Girl
We can have smoky days in the mountains due to forest fires.Mountain Kid was having a difficult time because of the smoke from the forest fire.Smoky Day for Mountain Kid
The prairies can be very hot during the summer months.Prairie Kid was having problems dealing with the hot prairie day until his new neighbour helped him.Hot Prairie Day - Prairie Kid
Try not to swat at a bee if you can help it.City Kid was going to swat at Beatrice but he knew bees were dying off.Beatrice Bee in the City
Toronto was the city of rain.Toronto was the city of rain.City Kid found out Canada has lots of different weather during the summer.City of Rain – City Kid
Take advantage of warm summer days.It was a stormy summer day so Fishing Kid decided to clean the boat but was too exhausted to go out when the sun came out.Stormy Summer Day – Fishing Kid
You can always find lots to do during summer months.It was the end of summer vacation for Robbie. His parents helped him to not be bored.End of Summer Vacation
It is not fun to go camping in the rain but you can still enjoy yourself.Forgetful Fred and Sarah went camping and it rained. However, they did get to spend some quality time together.Camping in the Rain
The days are getting warmer.Victor witnessed the hottest summer day in Calgary ever. He worries about the future.Hottest Summer Day – Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 24
Don’t live in the past.Victor thought about memories of summer’s past even though it hurt him and his family deeply.Memories of Summer’s Past – Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 25
It is good to keep busy.Victor wanted to stay busy during the summer so he decided he would write his biography.Summer Life – Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 26
A Canadian summer in the mountains of BC is beautiful.Mountain Kid enjoys his life in the mountains of BC.Canadian Summer
Sometimes you need to go on a summer adventure.Victor and his great-great-great-great grandson went on a much needed summer adventure.Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item. Summer Adventure – Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 27
It is always good to have a happy summer ending.David had gotten Victor a publisher for his biography.Happy Summer Ending
Dancing lights are a beautiful sight to see.Johnny enjoyed seeing the dancing lights.Dancing Lights
Indoor cats cannot chase birds in the sky, no matter what they think.Cutie wanted Arrow to chase birds for her. However, they are indoor cats so it is not going to happen.Birds in the Sky
Sometimes dreams don't come true.Poor Mountain Mother had summer dreams of spending time at the beach not doing housework.Summer Dreams
Sometimes it might be too hot for summer cuddles.Arrow wanted to cuddle with Cutie but it was too hot.Summer Cuddles with Cutie
It is funny what can happen on a cold frosty day.Neon Cop asked Suzie to marry him on a cold frosty day.A Cold Frosty Day
Sometimes our memories aren't very good.Boots and Spurs didn't remember each other after a night of heavy drinking.Sunrise
Hot chocolate and marshmallows are good to have while sitting in front of a fire.Forgetful Fred and Sarah had hot chocolate and marshmallows while sitting in front of a fire.Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows
Cats can be very sneaky and creative.Arrow managed to get outside on a cold winter day without anyone seeing him.Cold Winter Day
It is hard to figure out brothers sometime.Arrow wanted to do something because it was dull but when the sun came out he wanted to go for a nap.A Dull Summer Day
It can snow any time of the year.Mommy, Arrow and Cutie were confused when they saw summer snow.Summer Snow
Cats love to stay warm on a frosty summer night.Arrow knew where there was a nice warm blanket for him and Cutie to curl up on.Frosty Summer Night
Summer goes by so quick and before we know it, summer is over. Spot realized summer is over when she looked at the calendar.Summer is Over
It can be fun jumping in the falling autumn leaves.Baby Acorn found out that it is fun jumping in the falling autumn leaves.Falling Autumn Leaves
It is good for a son to take his mother out for dinner.Hillbilly Bob's friend, Pete, teased him because he took his mother out for dinner.Hillbilly Bob's Autumn Fun
Always be careful when being outside. Baby Acorn fell off the branch because he wanted to see the happy balloons. Sissy Balloon helped him. Happy Balloons
Don't jump to conclusions. Pumpkin Fairy was going to blame the ladybug in the pumpkin patch for eating the leaves of the pumpkins. Ladybug in the Pumpkin Patch
Always protect your loved ones.There was a high demand for peas but Sue didn't care. She hid the Pea Pod family out of sight.Pea Pods Autumn
Music can be beautiful.Mama and Papa Acorn heard the beautiful singing of Billy Troll.Beautiful Singing
It is good to reflect on what you are thankful for.I am thankful for Jen-Jen, both my daughter and my character.Thankful for Jen-Jen
It is good to eat off the land. Desert Kid and his parents decided they would eat more foods from the desert. Desert Kid's Acorn Roast
It is good to help others.Little Crow helped Baby Acorn by flying him back up to his branch.Little Crow Helps Baby Acorn
It is good to think of things we are thankful for.I am thankful for my character, Racum Raccoon. Without him, I wouldn't be the writer I am today. Thankful for Racum Raccoon
Autumn colours are a very beautiful sight.Colour Kid traveled to easter Canada to see the autumn colours.Autumn Colours
It is good to be with people you love.Farmer Ted and Sue took in the Pea Pod family and raised them as their own.The Pea Pods
Acorns are bitter tasting.Bad Teeth Bradley thought Mama Acorn was a candy until he put her in his mouth and tasted her bitterness. Bitter Candy
Sometimes old fashioned recipes are the best.Melissa won first prize in the pumpkin pie contest with her old fashioned recipe.Angry Baker and the Pumpkin Pie Contest
It is time to change our way of thinking when someone we love tells us they are ashamed of us.Jake had been teasing his cousin Little Crow instead of helping him out when he needed help.Little Crow is Afraid of the Wind
Autumn is beautiful in the mountains.Mountain Kid lives in the mountains of British Columbia and he knows autumn in the mountains is beautiful.Autumn in the Mountains
It is always good to lend a helping hand.Hillbilly Bob leant a helping hand to Papa Acorn and helped him fix his roof.A Helping Hand
It is good to travel.Travelin' Rick has traveled throughout most of Canada and also the eastern states of the USA.Thankful for Travelin' Rick
Pets can bring so much joy.I never thought I could love two cats as much as I love Arrow and Cutie.Thankful for Arrow and Cutie
Thanksgiving is the time to remember what we are thankful for. Thankful Thomas was most thankful for his wife, Dorothy. Thankful Thomas on Thanksgiving Day
There are times we need to keep our pets indoors.Shaggy loves mud and Joseph tries to keep him indoors after a rain.Covered in Mud
Always be careful what you create, unless you know the effects of it.Storm Angel creates a very bad storm but he doesn't like to go out in it.Storm Angel
We need the autumn season. Autumn Elf was hesitant on changing the season to autumn but Stella told him that we need to have autumn. Turning Colour with Autumn Elf
It is good to reminisce about happy times. Grandpa had fun reminiscing to his granddaughter, Stacey about carving pumpkins with his Grandfather.Me and My Pumpkin
Be careful when using sharp knives.Fred cut his finger on a knife when he was carving a pumpkin for Halloween.“F” is for Fright
Don’t trust a witch.The wicked witch used her powers to put a spell on me. The Wicked Witch
Always listen to your elders. Autumn Elf didn’t listen to Frankton, an elder elf, when it was snowing. The more Autumn Elf worried about the snow, the more it snowed. Early Winter with Autumn Elf
If you have a great idea, try to develop it. Caveman Jack invented the rake because there was a lot of leaves outside to clean up.Caveman Jack's Greatest Inventions - The Rake
It is always good to be honest.Harriet wanted Angry Cat to catch a mouse for her. He told mother about the milk he spilled because Harriet threated him. Angry Cat Can't Catch the Mouse
It is hard to be the black sheep of the family.Aunt Jessica knew she had to tell Bobby about her marriage to Desmond but she also knew it was going to destroy their relationship.Bobby the Butcher and the Warlock
It is not good to tease anyone.Beastly was worried about being teased but the women loved his dancing.Dance Classes on Halloween Night
It isn't nice to have a temper tantrum.Creepy Creature had a temper trantrum when the young woman didn’t let him have any more of her candy.Halloween Night with Creepy Creature
If you steal something, you are bound to get caught. Halloween Cat stole Halloween candy from a child. The mother of the child got it back from him.Halloween Trouble with Halloween Cat
It is good to be friends with the elderly. Poor Mountain Father brought home an elderly ghost who couldn't scare anyone anymore.Jack the Ghost
It is good to help out if someone has a lot to do. Autumn Elf made some dark autumn days because he was overwhelmed by the amount of things he had to do. Dark Autumn Days with Autumn Elf
Always be protective of family.Little Crow's grandmother was very protective of him because he was always getting teased by Jake, his cousin.Little Crow
Always realize the importance of family.Autumn Elf wanted to make the autumn weather miserable because he was in a bad mood.Importance of Family with Autumn Elf
Always help out a sick friend.Spooky was paler than normal but it was because he had changed the light bulb in the kitchen, not because Spooky is sick.Spooky is Sick
It isn't nice to point at people but it also isn't nice to scare people. Zimba Zombie loved Halloween and the only time he leaves his house is Halloween. He went to the mall in Saskatoon to scare people. Halloween Zombie with Zimba Zombie
It is okay to be friends with someone different than you. Lonely Scarecrow felt at first it was wrong to be friends with a pesky crow but he later found out the crow was a good loyal friend to him. Pesky Crow and Lonely Scarecrow
Don't break the trust of people you love.Bobby the Butcher gave his Aunt Jessica a second chance.Bobby the Butcher
Always listen to others when they are talking.Stella wanted her brother to listen to. He thought he could listen to her with his earplugs still in his ears.Listening Skills with Autumn Elf
Halloween's of the past were so much simplerDavid explained to Victor how he was going to rent a costume for his Halloween party. Victor explained to him about Halloween's of the past.Halloween's of the Past
Please be mindful of Halloween safety rules. Safety Kid and Old Jack saw several safety issues on Halloween night. Halloween Safety
Don't forget to mail invitations to your event. Batty forgot to mail out the invitations to his Halloween bash. Halloween Bash with Batty
It is good to make people feel good about themselves. Beastly made Nancy, his neighbour, feel better about herself. Dancing on Halloween Night with Beastly
It isn't nice to bully someone. Little Crow was tired of being bullied from his cousin, Jake. Stand Up to Bullies with Little Crow
Don't pick on the elderly.There were some teens picking on Grampy on Halloween night. Grampy's Little Green Car at Halloween
Always protect your family.Grandma had a talk to Jake about protecting his cousin, Little Crow instead of teasing him. Protecting Family with Little Crow
Be careful of annoying pests. Creepy Creature is an annoying pest and doesn't stop until he gets what he wants.Halloween Walk on a Full Moon
Always make sure you are looking at an updated calendar. Batty almost misses Halloween because he was looking at last year's calendar.Batty Almost Misses Halloween
It is not nice to steal.Halloween Cat stole candy from Arrow's trick-or-treat bag. Arrow caught him doing it.Stealing Halloween Candy
No matter how tough things get, there is always a better day ahead. The Poor Mountain Family had their money stolen when someone broke into their home but a black cat in the pumpkin patch helped restore their riches.Pumpkin Patch
It is not a good idea to run when you are at a mall. Zimba Zombie ran through the mall but he almost knocked over Safety Kid.Halloween Safety at the Shopping Mall
Be happy with your life.Peanut was happy because he wasn't going to be turned into peanut butter.Falling Off the Delivery Truck
It is good to comfort someone when they are afraid. Peanut's best friend, Beth, comforted him after he admitted that he still has a fear of peanut butter. Fear of Peanut Butter
It is good to visit with old friends.Fawn and Spot went to visit with their old friend, Spooky Ghost. A Disappearing Act
It is always nice to have a nice surprise. Grampy surprised Fawn and Spot on Halloween with a surprise visit.Fawn's Happy Halloween Surprise
Some things are best kept a secret. Anna told Frankie to keep their Halloween wedding plans a secret.Halloween Wedding
Always honour and respect our veterans. Veteran Phil fought in World war II and many consider him a hero. He always tell them that he is no hero.The Hero Song
Don't leave things to the last minute.Chester Chipmunk didn't start collecting his acorns until the last minute.Chester Chipmunk Needs Acorns
Don’t let others ruin your good mood.Little Crow decided he would not let his cousin Jake ruin his good mood.Autumn Splendor
Don't tease anyone or you may find yourself doing some autumn cleaning. Jake was teasing his cousin Little Crow and Grandma made Jake sweep the front porch.Autumn Cleaning
Always trust what your elders tell you.Little Crow was worried about the wind outside but Grandma reassured him that Grandpa built the house to withstand hurricane force winds. Autumn Living in a Tree
It is always good for a community to get along. Autumn Elf started raking up leaves but then the whole community pitched in to help.Autumn Elf Rakes Leaves
It is nice to have someone to talk to if you feel lonely.Lonely Scarecrow's wife, Hazel came and kept him company on a very lonely autumn night.A Lonely Autumn Night
It is important to let others explore their creativity. Mick pointed out to Dianne that she had to let Billy explore his creativity.Billy Troll Down with Fall
You don't need to be lonely.Lonely Scarecrow's wife Hazel, pointed out several things that he could do so he wasn't so lonely at work. No Time to be Lonely
Always help out if you were responsible for the mess. Travelin' Rick raked up a pile of leaves because he was the one that messed them up.Autumn Leaves
Sometimes there is a time to be lonely.Lonely Scarecrow found out that involving himself in Dallas' business wasn't a good thing to do.A Time to be Lonely
It is safer to have your cat on a harness if they go outside. Arrow loved to play outside but because there were coyotes in the mountains beside him, he always had his harness on.Arrow's Autumn Adventure
It is good to swap stories.Travelin' Rick wanted to swap stories with Veteran Phil.Traveled the World
Please honour and respect our veteransVeteran Phil speaks with Alphabet Allie about him being a veteran. "R" is for Remembering
Autumn snow can be good luck. Autumn Elf thought autumn snow brought good luck but even better luck if they didn't get any.Autumn Elf and Autumn Snow
Take time to remember our veterans.Prairie Kid couldn't make it to Veteran Phil's award ceremony but he still took the time to remember.Taking Time to Remember
It is good to pay tribute to our veterans. It is good to pay tribute to our veterans. Hillbilly Bob made a bench as a tribute for Veteran Phil. A Hero's Tribute
It is good to appreciate art.Mary painted Veteran Phil a painting of a field of poppies and he loved it. Field of Poppies
Mentholatum rub works for colds.Lonely Scarecrow didn't want to have a cold because he didn't like the smell of mentholatum rub.Falling Leaves
It is good to make a profit. Pumpkin Prince sold the pumpkins for double the price he and Pumpkin Fairy thought they were going to get. Autumn in the Pumpkin Patch
It is good to go for walks. Frankie and Anna went for a nice walk together.Frankie's Autumn Date
It is best to cut a mountain hike short if you see bad weather approaching.Mountain Kid saw bad weather approaching so he cut his mountain hike short.Mountain Kid's Autumn Hike
It is always good to prepare for a potential disasterPumpkin Fairy knew cold and damp weather meant pumpkin bugs could eat her pumpkins so she checked all the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch for them.Bugs, Bugs, Pumpkin Bugs
It is okay to celebrate after working hard. Pumpkin Fairy wanted to have a party after they had sold all their pumpkins for double the profit. Pumpkin Patch Party
You shouldn't care what others think of you.The Corn Huskers love tedious tasks and don't care about what others think. Corn Huskers
There a vast world out there for us to explore.Pumpkin Fairy found that there was a life without a pumpkin patch. Life Without a Pumpkin Patch
It is good to reflect on the good things that happen with each season passing. Pumpkin Fairy reflected on the autumn season that was just about over. End of Autumn in the Pumpkin Patch
It is good to have someone watching out for you.Tiki Bug attaches himself to Stephanie and he watches out for her. Tiki Bug's Autumn Smile
It is good to ask for expert advice. A new neighbour asked Sunflower Suzie for advice on why her sunflowers weren't ripe.Ripe Sunflowers
It is never nice for a professional to tease someone.Dr. Kramer laughed when he saw Sunflower Suzie for the first time.A Sunflower’s Autumn Night
Don't be afraid to tell friends if you think they don't look well.Sunflower Suzie's friend, Harold was afraid to tell her that she was wilting. Wilted Sunflower
Some hobbies are good ways to start a home business. Ma's homemade applesauce and her quilts started her home business.Applesauce
There are things you can do to be helpful to others.Scarecrow Suzie and George made scarecrows to keep the sunflowers safe in the garden.Scarecrows and Sunflowers
It is good to give someone a compliment.Sunflower Suzie received a compliment on how she gave the neighbourhood advice on how to grow sunflowers.Sunflowers Everywhere
Autumn is an amazing season. Alphabet Allie and her friend, Anna went to the apple orchard on an awesome autumn day. Autumn – A is for Autumn
It is good to spend quality time with loved ones.Missy Big Words and Daddy went for a drive to see the spectacular autumn leaves. Spectacular - Missy Big Words
It is good to know what opposites are.Missy Opposite knows the opposite of autumn in spring. Opposite of Autumn is Spring
Raking leaves can be more fun than playing video games.Master Action Words and his friends Harold and Billy raked the leaves and then jumped into them instead of playing video games. Rake – Master Action Words
Enjoy autumn while it lasts.City Kid was worried about autumn turning into winter instead of enjoying autumn.City Kid and an Autumn Walk
Autumn is a colourful season. Candace and Alphabet Allie enjoyed a very colourful autumn day together. Colourful - C is for Colourful
It is good to help out other people. A. Tree walks around Kelowna and gives everyone apples from his tree. A. Tree (A is for Apple)
You never know where help will come from.Jerome bumped into A. Tree (an apple tree) and A. Tree helped him out.Jerome Finds a Friend
Sometimes it is not good to have inexperienced workers deliver special goods.The owner of the Christmas tree lot sent two inexperienced workers to deliver Lost Christmas Tree to the Christmas Building. They ended up delivering him a block away. Lost Christmas Tree
It is always good to be mindful of possible safety issues.Safety Kid noticed the lights on Lost Christmas Tree were falling off. He told Lost Christmas Tree about it because he was afraid Lost Christmas Tree would fall.Apartment 1 – Safety Kid
It is good to help with a fund-raiser in whatever way you can.A. Tree was able to raise $5,000 for a breakfast program for less fortunate children at school.A Helping Hand
It is good to help out others.Christmas Angel helped an elderly couple get married on Christmas Day.Christmas Angel and the Christmas Wedding
It is good to help others. Christmas Angel helped Rita find her dog, Buster. Christmas Angel
It is good to help the homeless.A. Tree asked George for help in getting blankets for the homeless. George helped out with lots of blankets, sleeping bags and winter coats. George was once homeless too. Keep Warm
Don't be greedy when deciding what you want for Christmas. All Fawn wanted for Christmas was honesty. All I Want For Christmas...
Sometimes using your outside voice can have benefits. A. Tree used his outside voice and because of that he was able to get something warm for the homeless to eat.Outside Voice
It is always good to see if a stray animal belongs to someone else. John and Patricia found Rusty while on a walk. Patricia posted his picture on Facebook but nobody claimed him.Rusty
It is good to always have a fly swatter. The building manager was going to call the exterminator to get rid of the flies in Apartment 5 but Lost Christmas Tree saw a fly swatter hanging on the wall. Apartment 5 - Fly Infestation
It is not a good idea to gossip.Mrs. Jones loves to gossip and Rusty had enough of it. Gossip
It is good to have a tradition that you follow during the holidays. Missy Big Words and her father cut down a Christmas tree in the woods every year. That is their Christmas tradition.Apartment 6 - Tradition
Sometimes you just can't get mad at your pet, especially if they are having fun. Rusty spread out all the leaves Patricia had just raked up. He was having so much fun that Patricia couldn't get made at him. A Rusty Autumn Day
It is always fun to take time to dance. Beastly and Lost Christmas Tree took some time to dance together to some Christmas music. Apartment 7 - Christmas Dance
It is sad when someone betrays us. Aunt Jessica betrayed Bobby the Butcher by marrying Desmond. Bobby the Butcher’s Christmas Disaster
It is good to try to stop water from causing a flood.Lost Christmas Tree noticed a water leak so he put a pail under it and got hold of the building manager. Christmas Flood
Christmas cheer makes everyone feel better.Spot thought that if she brought a Christmas tree into the barn Fawn would feel better.The Little Christmas Tree
Mustard can be sour tasting. Rusty found out the hard way what mustard tastes like and he really didn't like the taste of it. Autumn Preserves
Some people do keep mice as pets. Lost Christmas Tree was worried Apartment 9 had a mouse infestation. Apartment 9 - Christmas Mouse
Don't give up hope. Lost Christmas Tree was disappointed that Apartment 2 was not the apartment he was supposed to be spending Christmas at but he did not give up hope of finding the right one.Apartment 2 - Vacant
Sometimes you will find people who are very intriguing. Lost Christmas Tree did not find the apartment that he was supposed to be spending Christmas at but he did find a very intriguing person in Victor. Apartment 3 - Victor
Keep searching until you find what you want. Lost Christmas Tree found out Apartment 4 was not the apartment he was supposed to spend Christmas at so he kept searching. Apartment 4 - Repainted
Christmas miracles do happen. Chester Chipmunk's parents were able to make it for Christmas dinner, thanks to Santa Claus.Chester Chipmunk's Christmas
Don't be too quick in judging someone.Lost Christmas Tree assumed Zimba Zombie was a bad person because he was a zombie. Apartment 10 - Zimba Zombie
Always be thankful if someone tries their best to help you.Rusty dragged a bucket of rusty nails into the barn. It was his way of helping. Bucket of Rusty Nails
It is good to have someone that needs you at all times.Fawn was glad that Spot did follow him to the mall to do his Christmas shoppingChristmas Shopping
It is good to take care of drafts. Lost Christmas Tree felt a draft on his feet. It was making him feel cold. Apartment 11 – Broken Window
We do love our pets. Shaggy Dog is a very high maintenance dog because of his "mop head" fur but Joseph loves him anyway. Shaggy Dog
It is good Christmas dinner is once a year. Caveman Jack was so full after eating Christmas dinner . He was glad Christmas dinner was only once a year. Caveman Jack's Christmas Dinner
You should always take care of yourself.The groundhog made sure he was well groomed for the reporters he would be seeing on Groundhog Day.No Shadows Today
If you want something bad enough, you will find a way to get it. Peter Prairie Dog wanted to change Groundhog Day to Prairie Dog Day. Prairie Dog Day
Cats can be very unpredictable.Lost Christmas Tree thought Arrow didn't like getting swatted from his sister, but it turns out he loves it. Apartment 12 – Swat, Swat
Dogs like to get into the weirdest things.Instead of getting into mud, like he usually does, Shaggy Dog almost got into a bush of burrs. Burrs and Fur
Christmas is hard when our loved ones are no longer with us.Christmas wasn't the same for Fawn since Great-Grandpa and Nanny are no longer with us.Christmas Season
Don't underestimate the power of Cutie.Cutie gave Arrow another swat because he only told Lost Christmas Tree part of the story.Apartment 13 – More Swats
Porcupines are not fun to deal with.Shaggy Dog saw a porcupine and was smart enough to stay away from it. Joseph was proud of him. Porcupine
It is good to celebrate a down home Christmas. Lost Christmas Tree thought Hillbilly Bob was having a great time celebrating Christmas.A Down Home Christmas
Pay attention to what your pets are trying to tell you.Shaggy Dog got a whiff of the smell of a skunk and did not want to go outside. Skunk
There are consequences for your actions, good or bad. Lil’ Rebel took an empty bottle of vodka and poured some water in it. None of the kids at her party knew the difference. Lil' Rebel and the Christmas Party
It is good to be surrounded by colour.Lost Christmas Tree was mesmerized by the colour in Colour Kid's apartment. Apartment 15 - A Colourful Christmas
Don't be so quick to judge people. Lost Christmas Tree was too quick to judge Rat Boy just because he is a rat. Apartment 16 – Cheesy Christmas
Jealousy is a terrible thing. Tiki Bug told Stephanie how she was jealous when her friends got a cupcake doll for Christmas and she didn't get one. Tiki Bug's Christmas Smile
Dogs do like to get muddy, no matter what. Shaggy Dog tried so hard to get outside so he could go play in the mud. Wash and Shampoo
It is nice to give someone a compliment. Jen-Jen told Lost Christmas Tree that he was a handsome tree. Apartment 17 – A Sweet Christmas
It is good not to tease anyone.Mr. Nailhead did not tease Lost Christmas Tree for being a Christmas tree and Lost Christmas Tree did not tease Mr. Nailhead for being a nail.Apartment 18 – A Constructive Christmas
It is good to get advice from an expert.Sunflower Suzie was an expert in how to grow sunflowers because she woke up one morning to find out she was a sunflower. Field of Sunflowers
Good deeds go a long way. Santa Claus asked Travelin' Rick to check up two friends of his. In return, Travelin' Rick was going to get that laptop he wanted for Christmas. Travelin' Rick Talks to Santa
It is fun to be creative at Christmas.Peanut was going to put Christmas decorations on himself. He is a peanut bush, after all. Apartment 19 – Peanut Butter Christmas
Spiders don't need a lot to survive.Sammy Spider just needed his spider web to survive. Apartment 20 - Spidery Christmas
The more colour the better, especially at Christmas. Lost Christmas Tree knew Franny Granny's Christmas tree would be very colourful. Apartment 21 - A Gran Christmas
Christmas can be full of memories to be remembered.Fawn and Mr. Sampson share their Christmas memories with one another. Fawn's Christmas Memories
It isn't good to give up.Lost Christmas Tree checked every apartment in the Christmas Building and he still didn't find where he was supposed to spend Christmas at.Apartment 22 - An Empty Christmas
The perfect place will come along. Lost Christmas Tree found out he will be spending Christmas in the lobby of the Christmas Building. A Cheery Christmas
Don't forget to leave Santa a snack on Christmas Eve.Joey and Missy almost forgot to leave Santa his milk and cookies. Who Stole the Christmas Cookies?
We can work together if we try. Hop Out and Hop In were proud of the work they had done on the New Year's Building and they proved to themselves they could work together.Hop Out of 2018 and Hop In to 2019
It is not good to procrastinate.Ugly Sally procrastinated when her parents asked her to do something and she knows that was wrong. Apartment 1 – 2019 Resolution for Ugly Sally
It is good to be productive. Mr. Egghead sat around the laboratory for most of 2018. He didn't want to do this again in 2019. He wanted to be productive. Apartment 2 - 2019 Resolution for Mr. Egghead
Polar Bear dips on New Years Day aren't for everyone.Fawn wanted to do a polar bear dip but he wasn't planning on tripping on a rock preventing him from getting out of the water. New Years Day
There are better ways to juggle your career and your family. Hop Out and Hop In suggested Billy Troll hold his concerts in bigger venues. This way he could reach more people, hold fewer concerts and spend more time with his family. Apartment 3 – 2019 Resolution for Billy Troll
Safety should always come first. Warren was grateful for the Chinook arch because he knew Mr. Iceman was being reckless by trying to create ice on the road.Chinook Arch
It is not good to be so judgmental.Gertie was so judgmental of people who visited the Calgary Stampede that past summer. Apartment 4 – 2019 Resolution for Gertie
Everyone needs to have self-confidence.Baby Face Monster feels that he is holding Ellie, the love of his life, back just because he is different. Apartment 5 – 2019 Resolution for Baby Face Monster
There are ways of remembering things, even when you can't. Forgetful Fred had forgotten he had written his 2019 resolution in his notebook. Apartment 6 – 2019 Resolution for Forgetful Fred
It is good to have resolutions that are achievable. All six guests of the New Year’s Building have resolutions that are achievable. A Successful New Year with Hop Out and Hop In
Always be honest about how you are feeling. The heat of being down south was getting to Mr. Iceman but he wasn't going to ruin his very first adventure. A Down South Adventure
Always be honest if you are afraid to do something. Daddy hadn't skated in years and he was afraid his children would laugh at him.Ice Skating
It is important to stay safe when there is ice on the sidewalk. Mr. Iceman and his neighbor, Warren helped Anna, their elderly neighbor before she fell on the slippery ice.Slippery Ice
Snow in the mountains is very beautiful. Fawn and Spot thought the snow in the mountains was very beautiful on their very first snowfall. The First Snowfall
Do not laugh or joke if someone says they are depressed. Mr. Iceman's neighbor, Warren was going to laugh or joke when Mr. Iceman told him he was depressed but he thought better of it. Winter Depression
Always play safe.Mr. Frost wanted Mr. Iceman to work with him but Mr. Iceman didn't want to make ice on sidewalks where people could hurt themselves. A Frosty Winter Day
Grandma's don't make sweaters to embarrass us. Troll Brother wouldn't wear the sweater Grandma made for him until Mother told him a story about a sweater she had received when she was younger.Warm Sweater
Sometimes it is just too cold.Mr. Iceman couldn't make ice on the coldest day of winter. Too Cold for Ice
Don't jump to conclusions. Fawn thought his number was up at the farm but he was wrong. Fawn at the Country Fair
A nasty temper is not a good thing to have. Mr. Winter had a temper tantrum when he found out Victoria had to work on the Saturday of the winter festival. A Nasty Temper
Groundhog Day isn't silly. Silly Groundhog was thinking Groundhog Day was silly until he remembered that he needed to eat and didn't want to wait six more weeks for winter to be over. Too Silly for Groundhog Day
Stand up for your rights. Peter Prairie Dog stood up for his rights against groundhogs on Groundhog Day and he won. A Demanding Prairie Dog
Always consider the consequences of your actions.Mr. Winter didn't consider the consequences of his actions when he decided to have fun with winter.A Slushy Winter Day
Always check to see what time it is.Mr. Winter was angry that the florist shop was closed but he didn't check the time. It didn't open until 9 am.Thermostat is Stuck
Crime doesn't pay.Even on vacation Neon Cop catches the bad guy who stole a young woman's purse.The Neon Cop Skiing Adventure
Love conquers all.Silly Groundhog fell in love with Georgie Groundhog and he didn't care if she teased him. He was in love and that is all that mattered to him.Best Groundhog Day
Don't jump to conclusions.Mr. Winter saw Victoria talking to a man and he jumped to the conclusion that she was cheating on him. It turned out the man was her brother.A Judgement Error
Don't always rely on a groundhog. Peter Prairie Dog waited to see if the groundhog would see his shadow to predict whether spring would be early or not. When the groundhog saw his shadow, Peter took it upon himself to offer his prediction.Shadow
It is a good idea to stay inside when it is freezing outside. Fawn didn't want to stay inside when it was freezing cold outside. Winter Cold
You should always be respectful when someone tells you something. Victoria told Mr. Winter that she wanted to go skating but he didn't listen to her.Challenging Winter Day
It is okay to be a wee bit silly at times.Silly Groundhog was so happy he didn't see his shadow that he started acting a wee bit silly. A Wee Bit Silly
Don't take advantage of people.Mr. Winter felt like he was losing control of winter. Everyone was taking advantage of him and telling him how they wanted winter to be like.Losing Control of Winter
It isn't nice to play tricks on people.Prairie Dog played a trick on the groundhog just because he was jealous. His trick worked but he did feel bad afterwards. A Prairie Dog Trick
It is always rewarding to help someone out. Subway Sam saw Gladys was freezing cold so he offered her his blanket. Winter Kindness
Always treasure a helping friend.Rambler Rabbit made Snow Fairy a knitted blanket. She thought she had lost it. Lost Winter Blanket
It is good to try different things. Melissa suggested Angry Baker try some winter flavours when he wasn't selling his usual baked goods. Winter Baking
It is good to dance.Silly Groundhog was so happy it was going to be an early spring that he started to dance. Groundhog Dance
An little act of kindness goes a long way.Peter Prairie Dog wanted to share Groundhog Day with the groundhog so he decided to be kind to him. His plan worked. Kind Prairie Dog
Modern efficiency could ruin the balance of Mother Nature. Silly Groundhog was freezing cold so he got new insulation, new windows and a high efficiency furnace. He then didn't care about Groundhog Day.No Early Spring
It is always good to compromise with others. The groundhog felt sorry for Peter Prairie Dog so he asked him to join him for the remainder of the Groundhog Day festivities. A Happy Spring
True love is a wonderful feeling.Jessica found out true love is the purr of her kitten or the taste of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. True Love
Always help a friend that is sick.Rambler Rabbit always helped Snow Fairy when she was sick so she helped him when he was sick. A Sick Bunny Rabbit
Children are resilient.Little Johnny was turned into a real life light bulb but it didn't seem to affect him.Bright Idea
It is good to spend quality time with your family.The Troll Family spent some quality time together during a bad winter storm.Winter Storm
It is hard for people to believe you if all you do is play tricks on them.Trickster had a hard time having his family see there was a winter storm coming. This was because Trickster had played so many tricks on them. Winter Storm Tricks
Things usually always work out in the end. Sprinkles thought she was going to ruin Chelsea's birthday party because the sprinkles on her head were frozen solid. Freezing Cold Sprinkles
It is good to have indoor projects to work on during the winter. Fawn wanted something to do so he could stay warm in the winter. Spot suggested they build some birdhouses. This way they could stay warm indoors. Wintertime Fun
It is not good to try to make someone pay just because you stubbed your toe. Storm Angel stubbed his toe so he wanted someone to pay for it. A Stubbed Toe
Chocolate can mend a broken heart. Hazel had a broken heart after Herbert broke up with her. Happy Heart gave her some chocolate which helped her feel better. A Broken Heart
Things will all work out in the end. The florist sent flowers to the wrong girl on Fred Bunny's behalf. The florist corrected their mistake. Lost Valentine
Pets can give us such joy.Happy Heart fell in love with her new puppy, Valentine as soon as she saw him behind her garbage can.Puppy Love
It is good to spend time with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Julie wanted to have Valentine’s Day dinner with her husband, Brad but he is too busy working. Happy Heart gave her two coupons for a restaurant that delivers. The Valentine’s Day That Almost Never Came
Flowers are always a nice thing to give for Valentine's Day.Cutie saw Daddy give Mommy some flowers for Valentine's Day. She wanted Arrow to get her some.Arrow and Cutie Celebrate Valentine’s Day
Surround yourself in your favourite things when you are sad. Happy Heart surrounded herself in her favourite things and found it helped her be happy.Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day
Creepy Creatures need to understand that they shouldn't be bothering people. Happy Heart and Valentine went to Banff, Alberta because of some complaints about Creepy Creature bothering the tourists. A Pest on Valentine's Day
Sometimes there are alternative ways of doing things. Fawn was going to purchase Spot a red dress for Valentine's Day but it was too expensive. Instead, Jenny purchased fabric and made Spot a dress. Spot's Red Dress
A Valentine's Day kiss is always nice. Cutie actually let Arrow give her a Valentine's Day kiss.No Kisses on Valentine's Day
No matter how bad of a day you have, do not take it out on others. Donald had a bad day and said some very rude things to Franny Granny. However, he did make it up to her by taking her out for dinner. An Unexpected Date on Valentine's Day
It is important to not lie when starting a relationship.Tiffany got caught in a lie she told Tyler before their first date. She was grateful he gave her a second chance. Second Chance
Love will find you.Beastly was sad on Valentine's Day but Happy Heart reminded him of all he should feel happy about. Love on Valentine’s Day
It is not good to assume things.Happy Heart assumed that Billy and Dianne weren't happy. Then she saw the way they looked at each other while they were singing. She knew they had love and happiness. Happy Heart, Happy Heart
Secrets are hard to keep. Carl Coyote told Fawn a secret about him and Jessica Coyote and told him to not tell anyone. Fawn was bursting at the seams to tell Jessica the secret.Valentine's Day Secret
We do need cold weather even though we don't want it. Bright Idea talked to Grandma about why we need cold weather.Cold Weather
Ice-cream is good to eat any time of the year.Bright Idea and Grandma were eating some ice-cream. Bright Idea questioned about whose bright idea it was to eat ice-cream on a cold day. Ice-Cream on a Cold Day
Having a knitted sweater is something to be grateful about. Kevin was grateful that Alphabet Allie knitted him a sweater. "K" is for Knit
Ice-skating is not for everyone. Bright Idea tried to go ice-skating but he was worried about falling and injuring himself. Winter Ice-Skating
Winter mountains are beautiful. Mountain Kid loves spending time in the mountains in the winter. Winter Fun with Mountain Kid
Homemade chicken soup can help make you feel better.Grandma had a cold. Bright Idea made her some homemade chicken soup so she could feel better. Grandma is Sick
Sometimes we get angry for no real reason. Slushy Snowman was angry because he was created in a snowstorm. Is that really a reason to be angry? Slushy Snowman
Crafting is a good family pastime. The Troll Family made snowflakes out of craft paper and it helped them forget all about the cold weather outside. What a Mess
It is important to stay warm in cold winter weather. Bright Idea appreciated the nice warm fire in the fireplace after he brought in firewood for Grandma. Winter Warmth
It is always nice to receive something handmade. Poor Mountain Father made Poor Mountain Mother a handmade desk. She loved it. Wintertime
It isn't good to get angry at things you can't control.Slushy Snowman was angry because a cold wind made him shiver. An Angry Snowman
It is always nice to help those in need. Alicia was very sick. There was no heat on the subway so Subway Sam offered her his coat so she could stay warm.Subway Sam's Freezing Cold Subway Ride
We have to stop getting so angry that we start to heat up.Slushy Snowman became so angry that Stacey didn't come see him that he started to heat up and then became slushy. A Slushy Mushy Snowman
Try to find out what things are before getting angry. Slushy Snowman was angry because he had icicles hanging form his head and he didn't know what they were. Slushy Icicles
It is important to get a good night's sleep.Fawn was grumpy because he didn't get enough sleep because he was listening to his new radio. Fawn Goes Tobogganing
Always be careful driving in freezing rain. Fawn and Spot were worried about Mr. Hansen, having to drive in the freezing rain.Freezing Rain
It is nice to check on loved ones in the cold weather.Rambler Rabbit checked on Snow Fairy in the cold weather. He brought her a warm pair of slippers that he had made himself. Snow Fairy’s Cold Snap
There is no sense being angry about something that cannot be controlled. Slushy Snowman was angry about the fact that he is going to melt once the sun warms up. A Curious Snowman
There is no sense getting angry over something we can't control. Slushy Snowman was angry because he was starting to melt. A Melted Slushy Snowman
It is nice to enjoy some indoor fun when the weather is bad. During a bad winter storm the Poor Mountain Family built themselves an entertainment center.Winter Indoor Fun
It is good to boost the confidence of others. Tommy Leprechaun was angry at the other leprechauns because they were teasing him but then he boosted George's confidence during the parade.St. Patrick's Day Parade
Sometimes we need a bit of luck. Hoppy Bunny didn't feel he needed a lucky four-leaf clover until the chair broke just before he was going to sit on it.Lucky Four-Leaf Clover
Try not to forget where you place important things. Grand Old Leprechaun forgot that he put his 200 year old four-leaf clover on a gold chain around his neck. A Very Old Four-Leaf Clover
It is always nice to do good deeds.Angry Cat lied about seeing a leprechaun because he wanted to buy his sister a necklace she had been looking at. Angry Cat Hides a Leprechaun
Don't ruin a good day over something small.Angry Leprechaun was going to ruin his happy St. Patrick's Day because he stubbed his toe.An Angry Leprechaun
Don't tease anyone.Stephen and Orville teased Annie Leprechaun until they realized she was a real leprechaun. They did apologize to her. The Girl in the Leprechaun Suit
It is very lucky to find a four-leaf clover.Lucky Leprechaun found a four-leaf clover and he had good luck for the rest of that day. A Misty St. Patrick’s Day
Rainbows are beautiful. Lucky Leprechaun was lucky to see three rainbows in one day. Rainbows and Gold
A meteorite is quite the sight to see. Shammy Rock came to life because of the bright light from a meteorite. Shammy Rock
Green is the colour for St. Patrick's Day.The Pea Pod Family love St. Patrick's Day because they love the colour green. Pea Pod’s Green St. Patrick’s Day
Life can be simple for some. All Shammy Rock talks about is the bright light from the meteorite that brought him to life.A Bright Light
It is best to stay away from a bolt of lightning.Shammy Rock thought because he was a four-leaf clover he would have enough luck to keep safe from a bolt of lightning. That was until he saw what lightning did to a tree.Lightning and Shammy Rock
Sometimes we have to sacrifice something important to get what we want. Arrow wanted to be a boxer but he didn't want any part of it when Cutie told him he would have to cut down on eating. Arrow’s Boxing Match
It is okay to believe in leprechauns.Arrow didn't believe in leprechauns but then he saw one. St. Patrick’s Day for Jesse and JD
We have to value our friendships. Shammy Rock and Andrew both knew they had good luck because they had the best friend in the world, each other. Moonlight Dance for Shammy Rock
It is good to believe in leprechauns.Andrew said he didn't believe in leprechauns but then Shammy Rock reminded him of how he was created.Lucky, Lucky Shammy Rock
It is a good idea to mark important dates on a calendar. Lucky Leprechaun got his dates mixed up. He thought Christmas was St. Patrick’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day was Christmas. The Forgetful Leprechaun
Always check with your doctor before doing any type of diet.Arrow thought the "see food" diet was a real diet that would allow him to lose weight.“See Food” Diet for Arrow
Spring is something positive to look forward to.Bluey Bluebird was so happy that spring was here. Spring Days Ahead
Never underestimate a cat, especially Arrow and Cutie!Arrow climbed in a box and Cutie climbed on top of a box to be ready for Jesse’s boxing day! Ready for Jesse’s Boxing Day
It is nice to always have someone to rescue you. Arrow rescued Cutie from an embarrassing mistake. Super Arrow to the Rescue
Don't underestimate Cutie.Cutie told JD that someone cute wanted to date him. She didn't tell him it was her. Cutie’s Date with JD
When it comes to weather, always have some patience. Bluey Bluebird reassured Mrs. Robin that spring would soon be there. In a few days it was there.Where is Spring?
Always play safe pranks.Jackie Jester was born on April Fool's Day. His family love to play pranks but they are always safe pranks.Apple Pie Prank
April Fool's Day can be a fun day. Fawn didn't believe that Grampy was coming. He thought Spot was just playing an April Fool's joke on him. April Fool’s Day
April Fool's Day can be a fun day. Jackie drew a picture of a fairy and put it on his mother’s mirror. A Fairy Fun Prank
Be careful because an April Fool's prank can backfire on you. Father told Jackie it was snowing out when it wasn't. Jackie told Father it was raining out but Father didn't believe him.A Snowy Prank
It can be fun to play April Fool’s pranks. Jackie played a prank on his mother. Every time she filled up her water bottle, he emptied it. A Leaky Prank
What is April Fool's without a prank?It drove Jackie Jester crazy that Mother wasn't playing any April Fool's Day pranks on him. No April Fool’s Day Prank
There are some people that can genuinely help us. George didn't think Easter Lily could be of any help to his situation. A Heart Warming Easter
It isn't nice to talk bad about Easter. Cranky Bunny over heard Stephen talk bad about Easter and it made him crankier than he already was.A Cranky Easter
It is nice to spend Easter with family. Fawn and Spot were very excited that Grampy was spending Easter with them. Easter Fun
Sometimes people of authority can make mistakes. Neon Cop made a mistake by giving Frank a fine. A Fine Easter
It is good to have some understanding when people are sick. Reggie had more understanding when Beth was sick. She was able to get better quickly. A Beautiful Easter Gift
Easter is a good holiday. Cranky Bunny thought Joseph was serious about not liking Easter. A Cranky Easter Surprise
It is always good to have a friend. E. Egg was glad Jamie didn’t want to chase him around. E. Egg
Friends help friends. Jamie helped E. Egg get to a safe place in the field of tall grass when she saw a group of people who were on an Easter egg hunt. Easter Egg Hunt
Easter in the past can bring lots of good memories.Victor is able to recall Easter's of over 160 years ago. He has some fond memories to reminisce about.Easter Reflections
Colour is beautiful in our lives. E. Egg felt dull and boring. He wanted to be more colourful for Easter. A Colourful Easter
Easter eggs are important at Easter.E. Egg was a little bit jealous of the Easter Bunny. Easter Egg
It is nice to enjoy some quiet time.E. Egg was grateful Jamie took him to a peaceful spot on the river so he could enjoy a peaceful Easter. A Peaceful Easter
It is good not to harm women and children. Lovable Viking’s crew members were picking up chocolate they found in a field. They put it back once they found it was for the children for Easter. A Lovable Easter
Holidays can boost the morale of your workers.Pirate Pete’s mother gave the crew the day off for Easter. While this upset Pirate Pete at first, he found the crew were more productive the next day. An Easter Holiday
It is good to help someone in need. Sprinkles had bags of sprinkles that Easter Bunny could use for his Easter eggs. A Sprinkly Easter
It is always good to eat healthier foods.Easter Bunny created a chocolate that contains no sugar. Everyone will be a lot healthier now at Easter. A Healthier Easter
Cleaning can be a fun chore.Mrs. Robin showed her babies a fun way to clean the nest. Spring Cleaning
Happiness can be as simple as taking a nap.Mrs. Robin was worn out after looking after her three sick babies. She took a nap and felt so much better. Spring Happiness
Safety is very important at all times of the year. Safety Kid made sure Mountain Kid was being safe while working or walking in the forest and mountains. Spring Safety
It isn't nice to lie. Ant lied to Crow about Mrs. Robin. Now he has to stay away from Mrs. Robin and Crow.A Spring Ant
Spring brings new life with it.Mountain Kid loves spring because it brings green grass, green leaves and new baby animals. Spring in the Mountains
It is good to enjoy the warm sunshine of spring. Silly Snake enjoyed spending time in the warm spring sunshine.Warm Day in May
Spring is a happy time of year.Mrs. Tulip watched Mrs. Robin take care of her babies. It made her very happy.Pure Spring Happiness
Mother's Day can be just like any other day, for some mothers.Mother Elf's two children became ill on Mother's Day. A True Mother’s Day
A mother does make sacrifices for her family.Mother Elf didn't want to tell her children that she would prefer a savoury chicken dinner instead of roast beef. A Savoury Mother’s Day
It is good to talk about your problems instead of running away from them. Runner Rabbit thought he was the reason it snowed in spring. He thought everyone would be upset with him, so he ran away. A Snowy Spring
Butterflies are beautiful.Mother Elf, Jason and Annie saw several beautiful butterflies on Mother's Day. One landed on Mother Elf's shoulder. Mother’s Day Butterfly
Try to help mother on Mother's Day.Jason and Annie both helped Mother Elf on Mother's Day. They made it the best Mother's Day for her. The Best Mother’s Day
Mother's do have to make sacrifices. Mother Elf knew Jason and Annie's breakfast they made her for Mother's Day wasn't perfect but, she loved it anyway.Mother’s Day Breakfast
It is good to do something nice for someone else. Jason bought Mother Elf something beautiful for Mother's Day, using money he was saving to buy himself a bike with. Mother’s Day Surprise
Mother's have to trust their children at some point. Mother Elf needed to trust Annie to do the laundry for her. Mother’s Day Trust
Mother's do make sacrifices to make their children happy. Mother Elf choose to go to the museum because she knew it would make the children happy. Mother’s Day Fun
Flowers always make a person feel better. Mother Elf was sick so Jason and Annie drew some colourful flowers on a poster board to help make her feel better.Mother’s Day Freshness
Baking is a good skill for children to learn. Annie and Jason baked some strawberry tarts for Mother Elf for Mother's Day. Mother’s Day Baking
Don't upset your mother.Springman was so afraid of upsetting his mother because she doesn't want him to get any rust on him. Springman
It is not a bad thing to get a little rain on you. Mother is way to protective of Springman, especially when Father took him for a walk and it rained on him. Caught in the Rain
A happy family is so important. Father and Mother feel they have a happy family now that Springman has a baby brother. A Baby Spring
We all have regrets in our lives. Christopher Corn thinks about the day he found Loud Garden and the regrets of the life he left behind. A Quiet Garden – A Tribute to Chris Cornell
A world without spring would not be a very nice place to live. Springman loved spring and thought about a world without spring and realized it would not be a very nice world.Spring, Springy, Springman
Enjoy sunny spring days while you can. Springman knew it was spring and thought he could go outside and play. However, he wasn’t allowed to because it was pouring rain outside. Sunshine for Springman
It is always nice to bring someone you love a treat.Spring Butterfly carefully brought her mother a drop of water from the Atlantic Ocean. Spring Butterfly
Sometimes misfits are the best match.The little kitten and Spring Butterfly were misfits but, they enjoyed their play time. Playing with Butterflies
It isn't nice to call someone a name.Black Butterfly called his twin sister an insect but didn’t realize he had just called himself one as well. Just an Insect
You should always prepare for a storm. Spring Butterfly prepared for a bad spring storm but her brother, Black Butterfly did not. She took him in when he needed a place to stay. Bad Spring Storm
Always be careful when playing or working outdoors.Mrs. Robin hurt her wing because she slipped on a wet rock. However, she had to keep going because her hungry babies needed her. Hungry Babies
It is nice to surprise someone.Daddy Parker was surprised when his family held a Father's Day picnic for him. Soccer Practice
You will always get caught if you lie.Spring Butterfly knew her twin brother, Black Butterfly was lying to her about their mother. Evil Spring Day
Family should always come first. Daddy Parker was disappointed when his children said they would like to spend Father's Day with their friends. They saw the look on his face and changed their minds. Father’s Day Breakfast
It is good to apologize for bad behavior. Ant apologized to Mrs. Robin for his bad behavior when he tried to trick her a few days ago. A Spring Surprise
If you do all your chores when asked, chances are you won't get grounded. Jason and Annie were grounded because they did not do their chores. Father’s Day Shopping
Spring is a great season!Alphabet Allie and Scott loved spring, even when it rains and storms.“S” is for Spring
A house without a little bit of noise is not a family house. Daddy Parker wanted to have some quiet time but found it was a little too quiet. Father’s Day Quiet Time
Sometimes we have to spend special days alone.Daddy Parker thought he was going to be spending Father's Day alone but his boss, Pete, had other plans. Father’s Day Alone
Always try to pay it forward in life.Ant didn't want the younger ant to be like him so he discouraged him. The two became good friends. Paying it Forward
Music is a sweet gift.Billy Troll’s wife, Dianne created a song for him for Father’s Day. Sweet Music for Father’s Day
It is okay to just be yourself. Papa didn’t want Hillbilly Bob or Mama to dress up. He wanted to enjoy them the way they are. A Hillbilly Father’s Day
It is good to spend time with your father on Father's Day.Alphabet Allie went fishing with Father on Father's Day. They had a lot of fun. “F” is for Father
It is good to reconnect with family. Anna served a man who looked a lot like Frankie. It turns out he was Frankie's father. Father’s Day Reunion
It is nice to recognize men for the hard work they do to provide for their families.Caveman Jack made a hunting knife for his father to show how much he cared about him. Caveman Jack’s First Father’s Day
It is nice to surprise a loved one with good news. Forgetful Fred’s wife, Sarah surprised him with a note that she put in his briefcase concerning an addition to their family. Father’s Day Surprise
Sometimes you have to put your foot down, even with family members. Bobby the Butcher had to fire his Aunt Jessica because she was planning to run her own butcher shop. Spring Sale
It is a good idea not to panic right away if you lose something. Ant thought he lost is leaf so he stared to panic.A Spring Leaf
Don’t carry unnecessary burdens around with you.Ant thought his friend, a younger ant was trying to carrying a leaf, just to be like him. Spring Behaving
If you are sneaky, you will likely be caught.Ant tried to sneak around the crow because he had tricked the crow one day and was afraid of him.A Sneaky Spring
It is okay to feel scared if you are in a strange place. Ant was scared because he was so tiny in a great vastness. Spring Travels
It isn't nice to try to get someone else to do your chores for you. Cousin Jake got Little Crow to do his chores for him by tricking him. End of Spring
It is nice to sit back and enjoy the music. Billy Troll got to listen to his own music and dance with Dianne at the same time. The Spring Dance
It is good to help someone who is injured.Mr. Rubberman erased the event that caused Mrs. Robin to injure herself. Helping Mrs. Robin
Colours can lift a drab mood. Mommy and Daddy Gum Drop dressed in pastel coloured clothing and it helped lift their drab mood. A Colourful Spring
It is good to have "big" friends.Cee Cee Cougar was happy to be friends with Canada Moose because of his size. Canada Moose
It is okay to admit if you are a coward.Cee Cee Cougar admitted to her new friends, Canada Moose and Prickly Porcupine that she was a coward. The Cowardly Cougar
It is best to not say anything until you know all the facts.Billy Troll heard the Jagged Trolls singing his new song and it was making him ill until he found out they were doing a tribute to him after he was inducted into the Troll Town Hall of Fame. Billy Troll’s Canada Day Concert
It is fun to play around with words.Alphabet Allie and her best friend, Charles were having fun playing around with "C" words on Canada Day. “C” is for Canadian
It is nice to enjoy Canada Day fireworks.The Poor Mountain Family children had never seen Canada Day fireworks before. They were very excited to get to see them. Canada Day Celebrations
Always be careful who you let hang up the balloons.Cee Cee Cougar knew Canada Moose should not have put Prickly Porcupine in charge of hanging the balloons. Prickly Porcupine kept popping them with his sharp quills. Canada Day Fun
It is nice to think of seniors. Travelin' Rick's friends couldn't make it to his Canada Day pool party so, he decided he would invite the seniors across the road from him. Canada Day Pool Party
Any time is a good time to spend time in the mountains. The Poor Mountain Family spent Canada Day in the mountains. Happy Canada Day
It is nice when we find something special in our garden. Jen-Jen found a Canada Day flower in her garden.Red, White and Canadian
Cats love to sleep, even on Canada Day.Arrow and Cutie didn't really care that it was Canada Day. They just wanted to sleep. Canada Day Cats
Canadians love hugs! As a Canadian, it is nice to be hugged, especially on Canada Day. Hug a Canadian
Summer is a fun season for all kinds of activities.Alphabet Allie and Sally enjoyed going swimming on a hot summer day.“S” is for Summer
It is always a good idea to take a good look at the food we eat.Beatrice Bee found several food items but most of them she couldn't eat.Finding Summer Food
It is best to earn money by working at a proper job.Creepy Creature tried to get money by charging Storyland characters a loonie to cross a bridge.A Toll Bridge
It is not nice to be rude.Melissa's sister, Frannie, was rude when she went into Angry Baker's bakery. Angry Baker didn't know who she was but he decided he wasn't going to serve rude customers.Angry Baker Does Not Serve Rude Customers
Cell phones are great for letting us know what the weather is going to be.Environment Bug looked at the weather app on his cell phone to tell what the weather was going to be for the weekend.Environment Bug’s Heat Wave
It is a good idea to listen to others giving good advice.Me told Bad Teeth Bradley not to eat the ice. However, he did not listen.Summer Ice
It is always good to be considerate of others. Canada Moose didn't care how much noise he made until he got one of Prickly Porcupine's quills in his nose.A Prickly Summer
It isn't good to jump to conclusions.Apple Monster thought Beatrice Bee was going to eat his apples. Beatrice Bee explained she would only pollenate his apple tree, not eat the apples.Beatrice Bee and the Apple Trees
It isn't nice to complain about things that we have no control over.Me helped Forgetful Fred and Subway Sam with their complaints about the heat. However, they could have helped themselves.Hot Day Complaints
Be careful what you ask of your friends.Matilda the witch asked Angela Ant to turn the thermostat way up. She knew it wasn't Angela's responsibility to do so.Summer Witches Brew
It is fun to go to the fair with a friend.Alphabet Allie went to the fair with her friend, Frankie. They had fun! “F” is for Friend
Always be mindful of others around you.Tuffy Turtle gave Beatrice Bee some sound advice on dealing with some of the Storyland characters who swat at her.Tuffy Turtle’s Summer Story Wheel
It isn’t nice to ridicule people without knowing their whole story.Skinny Matilda almost died in a coma because she was so depressed about her weight.Beach Party
August is a good month to be outside and enjoy the mountains. Mountain Kid loves to go fishing during the month of August. August in the Mountains
Don't enter a race if the playing field isn't fair.Beatrice Bee knew she couldn't produce enough honey to keep up with the bear so, she declined his offer to enter a race.Country Cousins
Summer weather can cause us to have a lot of different emotions.Skinny Matilda was sad that it was raining and angry that there was lightning. She wanted to go for a swim.Summer Emotions
Cancer can be beat.Grampy was battling cancer and didn't have time to take his little green car for a drive. However, one day, he was feeling better so, he went for a drive to the car wash.Grampy’s Little Green Car Goes to the Car Wash
Even rats can be clean.Rat Boy and his sister, Cecilia, spent time cleaning up the beach so they could go for a swim.Beach Day
Never wake a dreaming dragon. Alphabet Allie and Donald closed the door when they saw the dragon was dreaming. “D” is for Dragon
Sometimes, you need to take a break, especially when you are sick. Pirate Pete wanted to sail in his pirate shite but he was sick all spring and promised his mother he would stay away from his ship.Summer Sail
Tricks do have a way of back-firing on us. Trickster Bunny told his sisters they could go outside instead of doing their chores. He just wanted a piece of the carrot cake his mother had just baked. Find out what mother has in store for him instead. Trickster’s Trick Back-Fired
It is good to be honest about your feelings. Baby Face Monster didn't think he was good enough for Ellie, the love of his life. Summer Love
The end of summer can be sad.Franny Granny realized that the end of summer was causing her grandchildren to be irritable. End of Summer
Eating carrots will improve your eyesight.Calvin Carrot has the best eyesight because he is a carrot.Calvin Carrot has the Best Eyesight
Don't steal anyone else's work. Mick from the Jagged Trolls stole Billy Troll's song and the judges didn't want him performing at the Summer Music Fest concert in Troll Town.Summer Music Fest
It is best to wait until there is no mud before letting your animals out to play.Fawn found the one spot of mud left and he ended up covered in it.Summer Mud
Bullying or teasing isn't allowed on school property or off.Silly Snake wasn't teased on school property but, when the school children found him off school property, they started teasing him.Silly Snake Goes to School
Don't always assume the worst is going to happen. Joseph thought Shaggy Dog was playing in the mud but, he was actually helping their new neighbours daughter.Summer Kindness
Sometimes there is no time to rest.Billy Troll was just about to take a nap but was told he had to get ready to perform a concert that night. Lazy Summer Days
Some believe Friday the 13th is unlucky. Unlucky Uncle Ungus tied his shoe laces in double knots so he wouldn’t have bad luck from them on Friday the 13th. Shoe Laces
You don't have to be afraid of a mouse.Canada Moose saw a mouse sitting on a log and he was afraid of it until Cee Cee Cougar reminded him the mouse was so small it would never harm him.Summer Thrashing
Be careful not to sit on your eyeglasses.Unlucky Uncle Ungus sat on his eyeglasses and broke them. He then found out it was Friday the 13th.Broken Eyeglasses
Try to protect things that are vulnerable.Jen-Jen protected a beautiful butterfly from a crow. Fly Away Butterfly
Friday the 13th can be unlucky for some.Unlucky Uncle Ungus knew it was Friday the 13th but went to the fall fair anyway. He got soaked from a sudden rain storm.Fall Fair
Some people do have bad luck on Friday the 13th. Unlucky Uncle Ungus thought he found a lucky penny on Friday the 13th but, that didn’t turn out to be the case. Unlucky Penny
It is not nice to talk about other people. The animals in the forest were complaining about Canada Moose but, he was able to spot a forest fire miles away and save their lives.Forest Fire
It is always fun to go for a drive.Grampy loved taking his little green car for a drive.Grampy’s Little Green Car in the Summer
Sometimes we have to be brave.Little Willow knew she had to be brave in order to save her father's life.Little Willow
Don't judge others because you don't know what they have been through.Maggie teased Simon about his choice of paint for his house but, she immediately regretted it when Simon turned into a monster right in front of her eyes. Monster in Yellow
Friday the 13th's can be lucky.Unlucky Uncle Ungus found out that he won $100 in the lottery on Friday the 13th. A Little Bit of Luck
We need to have patience when we want good weather.Me traveled throughout Canada to find good weather only to find it was in her backyard the whole time.Summer Warmth
It is best to stay indoors, away from pesky insects.Me just wanted to relax after she returned home from a trip. She couldn't though because of a pesky fly. Summer Peacefulness
It isn't nice to steal things.Trickster Bunny stole a carrot cake from his sisters to play a trick on them but then he ate it. Luckily for him, Tuffy Turtle thought of a way to get Trickster Bunny out of trouble. A Summer Trick
It is not good to steal things.Apple Monster thought Tuffy Turtle was going to steal his apples but, Tuffy just wanted to be friends.Summer Friend
It is hard to let go of summer. Summer months are filled with warm sunshine and fun. It is hard for us to say goodbye to summer.End of Summer
It is good to have a nice surprise for a friend. Tuffy Turtle didn't know his friends were planning a surprise birthday party for him.Summer Surprise Birthday Party
It is good to pitch in to keep our back roads clean.Tuffy took a walk and saw the back road littered with garbage. He cleaned it up with the help of Hillbilly Bob and his friend, Pete. Summer Helpers
It is amazing what a little tender loving care can do.Jen-Jen had a wilted flower in her garden that she had forgotten to water. Once she started watering it, it became the prettiest flower in her garden.Wilted Summer Flower
The end of summer can be a very sad time. Tuffy Turtle was very sad that the end of summer was here but Mrs. Robin explained to him about the cycle of the seasons.End of Summer Season
It isn't nice to tease someone.Canada Moose thought it best if he finds a lake all to himself that he can go swimming in because some of the other animals were teasing him. Summer Swim
It is a shame to see an empty garden.Jen-Jen found an empty garden. She asked Me to look after it because she didn't have time. Summer Flower
Camping in BC sure is an experience. Travelin' Rick went camping in BC and he enjoyed it very much.Camping Adventure
There may be some good in something we fear. Mr. Red Leaf did not like the autumn wind. However, he did find out that the autumn wind wasn't as bad as he once thought. Autumn Wind
Cooking is a very important part of Thanksgiving and it is several action words wrapped up in one.Master Action Words thought about an action word for Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving Cooking
Always be thankful you have good health.Thankful Thomas and Dorothy were thankful they had good health after seeing their friend, George who had been quite ill the past year.Thanksgiving Thanks
Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what you are thankful for.Dorothy didn't think she had anything to be thankful for, until her husband, Thankful Thomas reminded her.Thankful
It is good to share a Thanksgiving feast with friends.Prairie Kid wanted to have a Thanksgiving feast but he knew his family wouldn't be able to attend so he invited his ranch hand and some neighbours.A Traditional Prairie Feast
Hard work will pay off.Troll Daddy had been working hard at his new job so his boss recognized his hard work had gave him a 15 pound turkey for Thanksgiving.Turkey for Thanksgiving
It is good to tell someone you believe in them and that they have potential.Thankful Thomas and his wife, Dorothy told their granddaughter, Quincey that they believe in her and that she has potential. Quincey straightened out her life and enrolled in law school.Many Thanks
It is good to have a trouble-free Thanksgiving.Lil' Rebel promised she would give her parents a trouble-free Thanksgiving if she could be let off her grounding early.A Trouble-Free Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. Christopher Corn was missing his Earth family. However, he also was very thankful for Loud Garden and the Fresh Veggie Family.Thankful for Loud Garden
It is good to show your love. Thankful Thomas asked his wife, Dorothy to marry him again, on Thanksgiving, which was also their 60th wedding anniversary.Magical Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is all about sharing and caring.Fawn learned all about what Thanksgiving was really all about when he asked Daisy to join him and Spot for Thanksgiving dinner. The Meaning of Thanksgiving
It is good to enjoy the beautiful things on Thanksgiving. Ugly Sally's parents cooked her a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner because they missed her while she was away.A Beautiful Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is all about delicious meals and sharing. Thankful Thomas and his wife, Dorothy invited their neighbours over for Thanksgiving dinner. A Delicious Thanksgiving Dinner
It is good to help those who are ill. Autumn Elf and his sister, Stella, helped Frankton, an elderly elf, who was ill.Happy Autumn
Don't underestimate a mouse. Tilly, the Wicked Witch thought she could just pluck a whisker off the mouse that lives in her house. The mouse had other ideas.A Ruined Spell
Always have a parent check your candy on Halloween.Fawn and Spot didn’t want to go trick-or-treating because Fawn read an article about a little girl that became sick after eating poisonous candy.Fawn is Afraid to Trick-or-Treat
It is good when you have control over the weather.Mr. Red Leaf found a way to get control over the strong autumn wind. Strong Autumn Wind
Do your best to stay warm.Mr. Red Leaf found that if he climbed into a pile of leaves he could stay warm.Cool Autumn Wind
We can be different and still be family. Gooseberry was being teased by two of her brothers because she is different than they are but Raspberry reminded them that she is still family.
The Monster Berry Family
Bad witches can turn into good ones. Batty was pleased that Emily the Witch turned into a good witch.Batty Meets a Witch
Halloween is all about children and making sure they have a good time.Raspberry helped a young boy, Ryan, have a wonderful Halloween celebration, after Ryan's dad got them lost while taking Ryan out for trick-or-treating.Trick-or-Treat
It is always good to donate any extras. Gooseberry donated the Monster Berry Family's extra Halloween candy to the children at the local hospital. The children were thrilled. Halloween Candy
Always be aware of your surroundings when you are dancing.The Acorn Family fell off their branch because they were dancing and weren't paying attention to their surroundings. Fallen Acorns
It is always good to think of others. Isabella was sad because her parents didn't have money to buy Halloween candy for the trick-or-treaters they would get at their door.A Poor Halloween
It is really easy to smile and laugh. Sammy was an angry monster but Happy told him all he had to do was smile and laugh and then he could be a happy monster, too.Monsters Can be Happy Too
It is good to think of others. The Monster Berry Family made more than enough candy for their Halloween party, after hearing there was no Halloween candy in town. They donated their extra candy to the store to shell out to the children on Hallwoween night. No Candy for Halloween
Halloween is all about dressing up in costumes and scaring people.Batty didn't want to scare Sarah and Hazel so he dressed up in different costumes for this Halloween. However, Sarah and Hazel knew it was him.Fun Halloween Night
It is not fun to hurt your funny bone. Tilly, the Wicked Witch started to laugh when she hit her elbow and she thought she was going to lose her credibility as a witch until she realized she was laughing because she had hit her funny bone. A Laughing Witch
Anger can make you do things you normally wouldn't do. Tilly threw an empty can of bug spray into her cauldron in a fit of rage and it ended up causing an explosion.An Angry Witch
Friends help each other through thick or thin.Fawn went trick-or-treating. Spot knew she would have to go with him to keep him out of trouble. She left early to go home and Fawn was escorted home in a police cruiser.Fawn’s Mask
Be nice to someone if they help you out.Tilly went searching for a quebite, a mystical creature, for an evil spell. She was lost but she did find one. The quebite helped her find her way home but then Tilly turned on the quebite and tried to capture him.The Lost Witch
It isn't nice to tease your friend.Slow-Poke's friends teased him because he was always late but with the help of his school teacher, he figured out a way to be on time.Slow-Poke’s Halloween
Even witches are afraid of something. Tilly is afraid of spiders. She was afraid of her secret getting out so she gave a child, who dressed up as a spider, an extra handful of Halloween candy just to keep her secret.Afraid of Spiders
Santa Claus works in mysterious ways.Bobby knew his parents could not afford to get him the toy he wanted for Christmas. He was very surprised when it showed up under the tree Christmas morning.The Missing Christmas Toys
Always follow the rules for Halloween so you don't get hurt.Since it was his first Halloween, Silly Snake didn't know any of the rules. Lucky for him, his new friend, Ben, told him everything he needed to know.Silly Snake’s First Halloween
It is always a good idea to keep a plumbers phone number handy. Batty was lucky he kept the flyer with Pete the Plumber's phone number on it. Pete the Plumber saved Batty's Halloween party from becoming a disaster.Halloween Disaster
It is good to make new friends, even if you are a ghost.Fawn made a new ghost friend and he brought the ghost home to meet Spot. Spooky
It isn't nice steal candy from a child.Halloween Cat stole candy from a little boy on Halloween night. The little boy found him and took his candy back.Stealing Halloween Candy
Sometimes you can nasty things when you look up into the clouds or other objects. I kept seeing the image of a nasty man on my ceiling.The Night Stalker
You are never too old to dance.Aunt Mabel thought she was too old to dance but Scrunchie Monster got her to go to the Halloween dance with him. She had the time of her life.The Halloween Dance
Electricians have a very important job.Ernie the Electrician was honest to Mr. Hansen about an issue with just a burnt out light bulb so, Mr. Hansen hired Ernie to do further work with him.Ernie the Electrician
Even wicked witches can be put in their place. The business man put the wicked witch in her place after noticing her destructive behavior. The Wicked Witch
Ghosts should be out having fun on Halloween night.Spooky was a ghost but he was afraid of Halloween. A mouse told him about how he should be like other ghosts and should be out scaring people.Spooky Halloween
Ghosts have feelings too.Spooky was missing his mother but he did have fond memories of her sitting in an old chair. Chair in the Attic
Harvest moons are something not to be missed. Dallas missed seeing the Harvest Moon because he traded shifts with Lonely Scarecrow. Harvest Moon
Do not rake your leaves. Environment Bug spoke with several people about the benefits of leaving your leaves on your lawns. Environment Bug – Do Not Rake Your Leaves
Remembrance Day is a day to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.Veteran Phil remembered his best friend, Timmy, who fought beside him in the trenches of World War II but didn't make it home. Remembering
Women can be mechanics and do as good of a job, or even better than men.Joe didn't want Millie to work on his car but Millie's dad explained that she was going to or else Joe could take his car elsewhere.Millie the Mechanic
It is good to get outdoors when the weather is nice because we don't know how long it will last.Fawn and Spot saw the sun was out so they went outside to play.Sunshine
It is good to keep everyone happy.Autumn Elf was very happy so he kept the autumn weather nice.Happy Autumn
You should believe in your friends abilities. Fawn got a job working with an internet company and Spot didn't quite know what to do about it.Fawn’s Day at Work
It is always good to help out those who are in need.Pete the Plumber helped Poor Mountain Mother with a problem she had with a broken pipe and he wouldn't take any money from her.A Long Night
The after affects of war are horrible. Veteran Phil was having nightmares because he had to write a speech for Remembrance Day.The Nightmares
It is always good to help out the elderly.Phil the Pilot gave Little Crow and his grandmother a ride in his plane after learning that Grandma is having a hard time flying now because of her age.Phil the Pilot
Fall fairs are a lot of fun! Travelin' Rick has a lot of fun at the fall fair. He brought his pumpkin to be judged but he doesn't care if he wins or not. He just wants to have fun.Travelin' Rick Goes to the Fall Fair
It is good to help a veteran feel good. Phil the Pilot gave Veteran Phil a ride in his plane on a fly by at a Remembrance Day service. Plane Ride
It is good to appreciate nature. Farmer Jim thought at first that the sounds of nature were annoying but then he realized that they were music to his ears.Hoot! Hoot!
Don't put your energy into being angry.Mr. Red Leaf was angry with the wind for knocking him down onto the ground. However, when he saw other leaves just scattered on the ground, not being about to walk around, he knew he needed to focus on something other than his anger.A Windy Day
Autumn is a beautiful season.Autumn is full of colour, crops and pumpkins.Autumn
Victory Day is a great day to be alive! Veteran Phil remembered all about the end of World War II.Victory Day
November in the prairies can be very cold and unpredictable. Prairie Kid had a lot of work to do to prepare for the coming winter.November in the Prairies
It is always good to help others in need.Sunshine Sally helped Mrs. Robin with her three babies while she went to get them some food.Time is Running Out
It is good to get out and explore what the world has to offer.Apple Monster loved the smell of Millie's apple pie so much that he had to have a taste of it.Apple Monster and Apple Pie
It is important to remember those fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day.Veteran Phil remembered the fallen soldiers that he fought with on Remembrance Day.Remembrance Day
It is good to be mindful of nature. Larry the Lumberjack saw some baby bunnies under a log that he was going to take out of the forest. Instead, he put the log back, being careful not to disturb the baby bunnies.An Autumn Day in the Forest
It is good to go outdoors and have fun on an autumn day. Quebite ran and jumped all around on an autumn day.A Fun Autumn Day
All you have to do is ask and I bet someone would be your friend.Racum Raccoon told Peter Porcupine that he would be his friend if he asked.Peter Porcupine
Always do the best job you can do. Lonely Scarecrow and Dallas did a good job of keeping the crows away from the fields.Harvest Time
It is important to have happy employees.Pumpkin Fairy wanted her pumpkin patch employees to be happy employees.Pumpkin Fairy’s Happy Pumpkin Patch
Autumn can be a happy time. Autumn Elf made autumn a happy time and everyone was very happy. Autumn Elf Makes Autumn a Happy Time
It is a good idea to keep the grounds clean.Pumpkin Fairy had to clean the grounds to the pumpkin patch twice because after she did it the first time, a pumpkin bug came along and made a complete mess.Autumn Festival
It is beautiful in autumn when the leaves turn colour. Fawn coaxed Spot to go for a walk with him to see the autumn colours. Spot was glad she went.Fawn and Fall
It is so important to not judge someone until you get to know them. Hillbilly Bob judged Dollie the Doctor because she was a female. He felt awful about it after he found out what a kind, caring and thorough doctor she is.A Visit to the Doctor
It is good to take advantage of warm and sunny days when you live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in November.City Kid likes to go for walks on the warm and sunny days in Toronto in November. November in the City
Sometimes things that are elusive need to stay elusive.Ellie and Baby Face Monster did not find a quebite, even though there was one watching them the whole time they were searching.Finding a Quebite
It would be fun for the whole family to pitch in and rake the leaves. The Troll family started to rake the leaves but then their puppy jumped in them. They all saw the fun Troll Puppy was having and they joined in too.The Troll Family Rake the Leaves
Always get the whole story before passing judgement.Lil' Rebel's Dad didn't know that Lil' Rebel had raked their neighbours leaves and not theirs. When he found out the whole story, he felt horrible. Trouble Raking Leaves
Strong winds can blow the hat right off your head. Missy Opposite and Mother both almost lost their hats to a strong wind.Opposite of Strong Wind is Gentle Breeze
Hard work always pays off in the end. Poor Mountain Mother worked hard to grow over a hundred pumpkins. It was an opportunity for the family to have a little extra money in their pockets. Poor Mountain Family’s Pumpkins
There are days when it is best to just stay in bed.Dollie the Doctor had a feeling she should have just stayed in bed on this nasty autumn day.A Good Day to Forget
It is important to always tell the truth.Pumpkin Fairy demanded to find out the truth about who left the gate open to the pumpkin patch.Pumpkin Fairy
If you are stuck indoors, there are always things you can do bring the outdoors inside.Mr. Egghead was stuck indoors on a beautiful autumn weekend. He decided he would bring autumn indoors by having autumn indoors.Stuck Indoors
It is good to take your school projects outdoors whenever possible. Poor Mountain Mother wanted to take the children to the lake for the day but the two children had school projects to work on. Poor Mountain Father suggested the children do their projects at the lake.Poor Mountain Family and Fall by the Lake
It is important to not be tempted by a little bit of fun.Quebite found out there was a fall fair going on and he was jealous because it looked like people were having a lot of fun. A Little Too Quiet
There is always a way to do something if you really want to.Lonely Scarecrow attached broomsticks to himself and his wife, Hazel so they could dance.Lonely Scarecrow’s Autumn Dance
Autumn weddings can be so beautiful.Pumpkin Fairy and Pumpkin Prince were married in the fall at the pumpkin patch. It was a beautiful ceremony.Pumpkin Fairy’s Fall Wedding
A little smile goes a long way.Sunshine Sally spread her smiles and soon, everyone was smiling, even the sky.Spreading Sunshine
Autumn foods are the best! The Poor Mountain Family love autumn foods.Poor Mountain Family and Autumn Foods
One simple act of kindness goes a long way.Harold the Hockey Player took Steven, a sick young boy, to a hockey game for his birthday and Steven’s health started to improve.Hockey Hero
You never know what really does exist.Quebite loves being elusive and he will do everything he can to make sure he stays elusive.Being Elusive
Always trust your gut feelings.Baby Face Monster had a gut feeling that Ellie had returned but he was afraid of what may have happened to her.Baby Face Monster’s Windy Day
Autumn is a very busy season on the prairies.Prairie Kid is very busy as he works hard to have everything done before the snow flies on the prairies. Autumn in the Prairies
Always be helpful if you can. Sunshine Sally helped a bunny by carrying him across the street to his mother. A Sunshine Helper
Even scarecrows get lonely.Lonely Scarecrow was very lonely. He wanted someone to sit with, talk with and someone he could love.The Lonely Scarecrow
We do get sleepy after we eat a good meal.Quebite was very sleepy after eating the sunflowers that he ate.Fall Flowers
Jennifer receives the gifts of love, peace, happiness, trust, friendship and sweet dreams on her birthdays.Jennifer receives the gifts of love, peace, happiness, trust, friendship and sweet dreams on her birthdays.Tabitha’s Birthday Visit
Autumn in Ontario is so beautiful. City Kid loves spending as much time as he can outdoors during the autumn season.Autumn in the City
Farming is a tough life and it is good to take a day off from it and spend it with your family.Fred the Farmer took the day off from farming to spend with his dad and he felt refreshed after doing so.Farming Life
It is not a good thing to steal from a friend. Mad Dog stole Racum Raccoon's Christmas carol book. However, he did return it to him.The Tale of Mad Dog’s Christmas
It is good to care about whether other people are happy or not. Sunshine Sally saw the sad look on the faces of people. She thought about holding a late autumn dance to make people happy.Late Autumn Dance
Try to spend as much time with family as you can over the holidays. Mrs. Wilson was particularly sad one Christmas, until her son, Paul showed up to spend Christmas with her.A Blue Christmas
It is good to have a companion.Quebite came across his Quebette, quite by accident in the forest, one autumn evening.Gathering Time
If you keep playing tricks on people, soon nobody will believe you. Freddy the Elf always played tricks with the reindeer every Christmas Eve. Santa was tired of it and played his own trick on Freddy to teach him a lesson.The Year Santa’s Reindeer Went Missing
It is good to show recognition to someone that deserves it.Sunshine Sally was recognized by the townspeople for all the work she did keeping people smiling and happy during that autumn season.Autumn Celebration
Be kind and helpful to someone if they are lost.Billy Troll found Shelly, a little girl that was lost. He took her into the concert hall with him and helped her find her mother.Billy Troll’s Christmas Concert
It is amazing what a smile can do. Sunshine Sally smiled each and every day, waiting for the autumn leaves to turn colour. Her neighbour believed her smile was what caused the beautiful transformation.Autumn Smile
Don't eat so much.Racum Raccoon ate a whole jar of honey and after he did that, he ended up falling asleep and worrying his parents.The Year Racum Almost Missed Christmas
It is never good to talk your way into thinking you are sick.Unlucky Uncle Ungus thought his very sore throat was going to cause him to be sick over Christmas.Unlucky Christmas
Homemade gifts can be just as beautiful as a store bought one.Christmas Angel helped Trickster Bunny make homemade gifts for his sisters for Christmas because he had spent all of his money. A Happy Christmas
Time sure does fly by fast. Snow on the ground in the month of April confused Santa Claus and all his elves.Santa is Confused
Christmas is all about spending time with family and good friends. Pirate Pete explained to Lost Christmas Tree that he felt Christmas was all about spending time with family and good friends.Pirate Pete – Christmas Story
It is always good to help someone out when they are sick. Travelin’ Rick went up to the North Pole to help Santa Claus get better so that there could be a Christmas that year.Travelin’ Rick’s Christmas
It is good to believe that there really is a Santa Claus.This particular Santa Claus is a true Santa’s helper.Santa’s Helper
It is always good to help others.Unlucky Uncle Ungus shared his huge turkey dinner with his new neighbours.Unlucky Christmas Turkey
Being evil doesn't pay. Evil Elf found out the hard way that being evil doesn't pay. An Evil Christmas
Cats will be cats. Arrow told Lost Christmas Tree his meaning of Christmas is for him to be good, a full tummy and a warm lap to curl up on.Arrow – Christmas Story
Christmas surprises are the best!Fawn and Spot were in for a big surprise for their first Christmas in BC. Christmas in BC
Friday the 13th can be unlucky.Unlucky Uncle Ungus got caught in a storm on Friday the 13th. Everything seemed to point to him having an unlucky day.Unlucky Weather
Christmas gifts don't make people happy, caring about one another does.The Poor Mountain family worked very hard before Christmas so the they would have enough money to have a very nice Christmas.Poor Mountain Family’s Christmas
It is important to spend as much time with family over the holidays as you can. Victor was excited because for the first time in 160 years, he was going to have a true Christmas with his new extended family.A Wonderful Christmas – Victor – A Monster’s Diary – Entry 31
You may need to approach people to see if they need help.Beastly knows that some people who need help will not ask for it so he has been approaching them if he feels they need help.Beastly – Christmas Story
No matter what our family does, they are still our family.Bobby the Butcher had been sending Aunt Jessica customers as a good deed because even though he fired her, he still cared about her deeply.Bobby the Butcher – Christmas Story
Good old fashioned sing-a-longs are the best Christmas parties.Fawn wanted to have a Christmas party but he forgot to invite anyone. Spot, Rick and Jenny Hansen all secretly helped with Fawn's party.Fawn’s Christmas Party
Be careful where you lay your new clothes when you buy them. Unlucky Uncle Ungus laid his new sweater on his bed but it fell off and landed in the dirty clothes basket.A Very Unmerry Christmas
Ugly sweaters can be profitable. Ugly Sally wore an ugly sweater and was told to enter the ugly sweater contest with it. The sweater was so ugly it won the contest.Ugly Sweater Contest
It is nice to give to children who are sick in the hospital over Christmas.Larry the Lumberjack doesn't have kids of his own so he takes a big sack of toys to the hospital and hands them out for Christmas.Larry the Lumberjack – Christmas Story
It is good to share with others who are less fortunate during the holidays.Frankie Monster helps his friend, Marvin, who is homeless. He makes sure Marvin has food and warm clothing.Frankie Monster – Christmas Story
Always be mindful of wildlife when picking out your Christmas tree.The Troll Family thought they found the perfect Christmas tree until they saw a cardinal sitting in it. They opted for the tree next to it because they didn't want to disturb the cardinal. Troll Family’s Christmas Fun
Some people have bad luck on Friday the 13th.Unlucky Uncle Ungus had a feeling he should have stayed in bed on Friday the 13th.Friday the 13th Story Challenge 2019
It is good to think of alternatives when money is low.Mother was worried about the fact she got laid off for the holidays but Sprinkles told her she could sell her sprinkles.A Sprinkly Christmas
Storyland is a work of art.Lost Christmas Tree reminded Me of everything she has accomplished this past year in Storyland. Me – Christmas Story
It is good to help the less fortunate during the holidays.Fred the Farmer donates his excess produce to the food bank and spends his spare time teaching the homeless about proper nutrition.Fred the Farmer – Christmas Story
It is important to keep your calendars up to date.Silly Snake did not change his calendar so he thought it was Christmas Eve when it was only the end of June.Silly Snake’s Christmas Calendar
It is fun to go Christmas shopping with a friend.Alphabet Allie went Christmas shopping with her friend, Janie. They had a lot of fun.“J” is for Joy
Sometimes Mothers have to make sacrifices they don’t want to for the safety of their children.Mother Goose made the sacrifice of letting her golden child live with Santa Claus in the North Pole because her siblings had rejected her.Golden Christmas Goose
Parents and grandparents do make sacrifices for their children and grandchildren.Franny Granny told Lost Christmas Tree that Christmas is all about making sacrifices for her grandchildren and those sacrifices, she does not regret making.Franny Granny – Christmas Story
Even someone who is shut in for most of the year can still do a good deed for others.Gertie knits hats, scarves and mittens for the homeless.Gertie – Christmas Story
There are employees, especially at Christmas, that do go above and beyond their duty to make sure customers are satisfied. Donald the Delivery Driver delivered a parcel that had been forgotten to be delivered on Christmas Eve.Delivering Christmas Parcels
Singers have to be very careful they don't get colds or laryngitis.Crystal came down with laryngitis just before the Just Girlz were to perform a Christmas concert with Billy Troll.Just Girlz’ Christmas Concert
Cats do tend to play all night and sleep all day.Arrow and Cutie woke Mother up at 1:00 am on Christmas morning. They wanted to open their Christmas gifts.A Cat’s Christmas
We all wish we could find a golden egg. A woman and her children had found Golden Christmas Goose's golden egg. It changed their lives forever.Golden Christmas Goose – Christmas Story
Santa Claus doesn't like the smell of dirty socks. Forgetful Fred forgot to hang his stocking so he used a pair of his dirty work socks.Forgetful Fred Forgets his Christmas Stocking
Christmas should be all about family.Hillbilly Bob's family leaves their issues with one another at the doorstep and get along with each other over the holidays.Hillbilly Bob – Christmas Story
It is good to have a nap on Christmas Day.Grampy woke up everyone in the house to open their presents but, he went and had a nap later on that morning.Grampy's Christmas Nap
It is always good to prove you aren't always playing tricks.Trickster was able to prove to his sisters that he wasn't playing tricks when he told his youngest sister, Isabella that he saw the golden egg.Finding a Golden Egg
Christmas is all about caring for others.Little Crow cares for his grandmother, after his mother had abandoned him when he was young.Little Crow – Christmas Story
It is good to pay for your own dentist bills.Bad Teeth Bradley found the golden egg so, now he will be able to afford to pay for his own dentist bills.Trying to Eat a Golden Egg
Even Santa Claus has to be safe.Safety Kid gave Santa Claus advice on being safe in his castle.Christmas Safety
It is always good to help out your neighbours. Jen-Jen helped out her neighbour with her garden when she was in the hospital.Jen-Jen – Christmas Story
It is good to help others.Mr. Egghead helped out Professor Edelamn by correcting some critical errors in his work for him.Mr. Egghead – Christmas Story
It is good to be generous to your neighbours.Mr. Winter found out he really did owe money to his neighbours. He gave them all a nice Christmas surprise.A Nasty Christmas Eve
Christmas is all about doing good deeds for others.Neon Cop helps criminals who really want to be helped. Neon Cop – Christmas Story
Christmas is all about taking care of others.Peanut has been volunteering at an agency that helped him out.Peanut – Christmas Story
Sometimes it is good to purchase your Christmas gifts way ahead of time.Forgetful Fred had purchased his wife, Sarah's Christmas gift right after Christmas the year before.Forgetful Fred Forgets Christmas
It is best to know all the circumstances of a situation before you rat someone out.Cecilia, ratted out her brother, Rat Boy, to their parents because he bought a whole bunch of Christmas gifts.A Rat of a Golden Egg
It is better to give than to receive at Christmas. Racum Raccoon found out that he gets more joy out of giving than receiving at Christmas.Racum Raccoon – Christmas Story
It is good to donate your time or money to help the less fortunate at Christmas.Rancher Girl hosts a Christmas breakfast and adopts a needy family to share it with.Rancher Girl – Christmas Story
We should take more notice of elderly people at Christmas, who are all alone.Subway Sam invited an elderly woman home to have Christmas with him and his family.Subway Sam’s Christmas
Don't be a Christmas Grouch this Christmas. If there was ever one job in Canada that needs to be eliminated, it is the job of Christmas Grouch.Christmas Grouch
It is good to stay healthy over the Christmas holidays. Scrunchie Monster has been trying to stay healthy over the Christmas holidays.Scrunchie Monster – Christmas Story
It is good to collect odd items.Springman collects screws, springs, nails, nuts and bolts.Springman – Christmas Story
It is best to do Christmas chores a little bit at a time before Christmas.Mountain Kid had all his Christmas chores thought out so that he would be prepared when Christmas Day came.Christmas in the Mountains
We should be more acceptable to people that are different than we are.Ugly Sally helps people who have challenges, become accepted.Ugly Sally – Christmas Story
Christmas means something different to everyone.Lost Christmas Tree found out that Christmas means something different to each of the 22 residents of the Christmas Building.Santa Claus – Bonus Christmas Story
There really is a Santa Claus.Fawn's new friend, Sparky, had Fawn convinced that Santa Claus did not exist.There is a Santa Claus
It is good to reflect on what happened during the year.Angry Cat realized his sister was looking out for his health and well-being.An Angry New Year
Always watch out for a cat that pounces.Pounce the kitten, loved to pounce on everything and anything.Pounce
It is always best to be polite when asking for something. Creepy Creature found out that he could get some candy if he asked for it nicely.A Creepy New Year
It is really hard to say what is in fashion, especially when it comes to young girls. Jodi didn't want to wear the pair of jeans her Aunt Krissy got for her until a boy in her class said he liked them.Blue Jeans
It is important to always take care of your health.Dollie the Doctor was tired and looked ragged because she had been working at her clinic days and nights for a few weeks.A Sickly New Year
It is always important to be happy. The Happy Balloon Family found out that when they fill their balloons with regular air they become angry with each other.An Airy New Year
Always have patience and consideration for others.Fawn was upset with Spot because he didn't have any patience or consideration for her while she was studying for a test. Bad Temper
Becoming a massage therapist can be a very rewarding career. Maisy saw how her dad was benefiting from a massage therapist he was going to after he had hurt his shoulder at work.Maisy the Massage Therapist
We really do have to start looking for the good in everything.I wanted a fresh start for the new year and was disappointed when I saw snow.Snowy New Years Day
It is important to take time for yourself and relax.Prairie Kid realized he had worked himself too hard on the ranch. A Relaxing New Year
It is not good to run away from your problems.Runner Rabbit realized he didn't want to run away from his problems any longer.A Runny New Year
Don't laugh at someone else's birthday.Larry Leaper laughed because his wife's birthday was April Fool's Day but his birthday and his two daughters birthdays are all on February 29, leap year day.Larry Leaper
Always be prepared for bad weather.Frisky did not prepare himself for the bad weather ahead. Luckily for him, his friends helped him out. Frisky
It is not a good idea to jump to conclusions. Mr. Winter saw his girlfriend talking to someone else and he immediately thought she was seeing someone else.A Sloppy Winter Day
Pray for Australia Travelin' Rick went to Australia to fight the fires and the message he kept sending home was "Pray for Australia".Pray for Australia
Some mines in Canada are shutting down for good.Mitchell the Miner knew the day for mines shutting down in Canada was coming.Mitchell the Miner
Always check the thickness of the ice before going on it. Fawn wasn’t going to check the thickness of the ice but lucky for him, Safety Kid informed him of the dangers.Winter Safety
It is fun to go on a family winter vacation.The Troll family went on a much needed winter vacation.Troll Family Go On Vacation
We should stop focusing on the little issues in life.Mr. Winter was angry that his neighbour had left snow on his driveway.A Nice Winter Day
It can snow anywhere, even in Southern California.Jimmy and Johnny found Snow Island and they had a lot of fun playing in the snow with their new friend, Harry.Snow Island
We should listen to good advice our friends give us.Spot told Fawn to put his hat on but, he didn't listen and then he became very sick with an ear infection.Ouch!
Always be careful when you are around ice. Mr. Iceman wanted to make ice but he knew he shouldn't make ice in spots where people could get hurt.An Icy Sort of Day
It is nice to surprise someone with a trip to a warm climate. Chester Chipmunk surprised his sister, Suzie with tickets to go to Florida.Chester Chipmunk’s Winter Vacation
Friends look after friends. Rambler Rabbit gave Snow Fairy a woollen blanket that he had made for her when he saw she was shivering from the cold.Snow Fairy’s Warm Winter Blanket
If someone helps you, it is a good idea to help them back.Sammy the Snowplough Driver helped Hillbilly Bob by getting his truck unstuck in the snow so Hillbilly Bob help Sammy the Snowplough Driver by getting him work with his boss. Lots of Snow
There is no sense in being angry at something trivial. Stacey explained to Slushy Snowman that his anger at a leaf blowing around is not good for him.A Windy Winter Day
Don't put off important work for another time. Chester Chipmunk wanted to put off collecting acorns but his sister, Suzie convinced him to do it now.Wintertime
Always help out a friend. Rambler Rabbit made sure Snow Fairy was home safe and sound during a big snowstorm.Calm Before the Storm
It is fun to make a snowman.Harold made a perfect snowball. Dad just couldn't see it go to waste, so they made a snowman with it.Snowballs
You are never too old to play in the snow. Poor Mountain Mother wanted to play in the snow, even though she had a cast on her foot. Winter Snow
If you are given a gift, use it to help others.Jamie wanted to use his new gift of golden hands so that he could become a surgeon and help others.A Golden Winter Day
Don't forget to set your alarm. Silly Groundhog forgot to set his alarm clock and was almost late for Groundhog Day.Almost Late for Groundhog Day
It is important to make the right decision.Spot didn’t want to go ice skating but wanted to see what Fawn would do.Ice Skating
It is important to brush your teeth. Silly Groundhog forgot to brush his teeth and the pictures of him on Groundhog Day were horrible.Silly Groundhog Forgot to Brush his Teeth
Winter isn't always fun.Arrow showed Cutie that winter wasn't always fun and that it can be very dangerous.Arrow and Cutie’s Snow Day
It is good to follow your dreams. Astrid the Astronaut wanted to be an astronaut since she was little. A Trip to the Moon
It is important that everyone stays safe.Mr. Iceman iced his walkway and his neighbour, Warren, almost tripped on it.Mr. Iceman’s Icy Walkway
Don't be greedy for power. Mr. Winter realized he doesn't need people. He realized he just needs his power, but will this be a good thing for him.Mr. Winter and Penelope
It is always good to take time out for yourself.Larry Leaper was glad it was leap year because he needed an extra day so he could spend it by himself. An Extra Day
It can be hard to be happy every day but we have to try our best.Silly Groundhog woke up grouchy on Groundhog Day until he saw that he didn't see his shadow and he was making people around him happy. A Grouchy Groundhog

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