Story Battle 8 – Beatrice Bee and Rat Boy vs. Bad Summer Rain

Story Battle 8 

Story Battles are a fun addition to the Storyland website, just to see the different aspects of the stories I write. The two stories for this battle are:

The winner of Battle 8 is Beatrice Bee and Rat Boy with 81  points.

Beatrice Bee and Rat Boy

Beatrice Bee



Bad Summer Rain

Troll Daddy

 QUESTIONS    Points    Points
1. Encouraging words – 1 pt each I’m not going to hurt you, I am glad you won’t hurt me, I won’t hurt you either,  You don’t need to be afraid of us, There is no need to be afraid, I will never sting you, if you don’t bite me, I don’t see why we can’t be friends, I see no reason either 9 the rain stopped, sun shining, enjoyed playing, nice and sunny outside, isn’t running right now 5
2. Disappointing words – 1 pt each Are you animals rats?, you don’t like us, I am afraid of you, We didn’t do anything to you, Shouldn’t I be afraid of you, Why are you so afraid of rats, your teeth are sharp, hurt if you were to bite, You have a stinger, that would hurt, Rats have a bad rap, thought to be afraid of, nobody can really tell us why, think we are going to sting 14 looks like it might rain, very rainy summer so far, Bad summer rain, sky looked really dark, heard thunder, it started to pour, started raining again, not impressed, I had to bring him back inside because of the rain,  it started to pour rain, angrily 11
3. Animal characters – 10 pts for each Beatrice Bee, Rat Boy 20 no animal characters 0
4. Character names are two words or more – 10 pts each Beatrice Bee, Rat Boy 20 Baby Troll, Troll Mother, Troll Daddy 30
5. “GR” words – 1 pt for each no “GR” words 0 no “GR” words 0
6. Mention of trees – 10 pts no mention of trees 0 no mention of trees 0
7. Mention of flowers – 10 pts no mention of flowers 0 no mention of flowers 0
8. Mention of word “like” – 5 pts for each It sounds like you don’t like us, That is just like with us bees 15 looks like it might rain 5
9. Descriptive words – 1 pt for each hot, sticky, teeth are sharp 3 very rainy, really dark 0
10. Story has sad ending – 10 pts  no, story has happy ending because they became friends 0 yes, story has sad ending because it started to rain 10

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