Story Battle 7 – Billy Troll’s New Bee Song vs. End of Summer Picnic

Story Battle 7 

Story Battles are a fun addition to the Storyland website, just to see the different aspects of the stories I write. The two stories for this battle are:

The winner of Battle 7 is End of Summer Picnic with  70 points.

Billy Troll’s New Bee Song

Beatrice Bee


End of Summer Picnic


Poor Mountain Family

 QUESTIONS    Points    Points
1. Happy words – 1 pt each excitedly, laughed, love, enjoy, sweet  exclaimed, enjoyed
2. Sad Words – 1 pt each cried  disappointed  1
3. For each question asked – 10 pts for each You have heard of me?, So, Beatrice, what do you think of my new album?  20 How about a picnic?, When are we going?, What about our swim?, Who wants ice-cream?  40
4. Does any character have long hair – 10 pts each Billy Troll  10 Poor Mountain Sister 10
5. “CH” words – 1 pt for each no “CH” words  0 children 1
6. Happy beginning – 10 pts not a happy beginning because by opening the window, Billy let Beatrice in 0  not a happy beginning because Poor Mountain Mother was concerned that summer was almost over already
7. Happy ending – 10 pts yes, Billy wrote a song for Beatrice 10 yes, Poor Mountain Father took his family for ice cream  10
8. Mention of word “summer” – 1 pt for each very hot summer day  summer is almost over, end of summer picnic x 4, perfect summer day  
9. Mention of a vehicle – 10 pts no mention of a vehicle  0 no mention of a vehicle  0
10. Mention of a blue sky – 10 pts  no mention of a blue sky no mention of a blue sky 0

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