Story Battle 6 – Grampy’s Little Green Car Goes to the Car Wash vs. Sliced Tomato

Story Battle 6 

Story Battles are a fun addition to the Storyland website, just to see the different aspects of the stories I write. The two stories for this battle are:

The winner of Battle 6 is  Grampy’s Little Green Car Goes to the Car Wash with  166 points.

Grampy’s Little Green Car Goes to the Car Wash

Grampy's Little Green Car


Sliced Tomato

Mrs. Tomato


 QUESTIONS    Points    Points
1. All “H” words – 1 pt each  he, himself, has, have, him, how, have, happy, his, had, house, her 12 his, haven’t, how, husband, handing, held, help, herself, hand, her, had, here, have, hurt, handed 15
2. What parts of the story are not real? – 10 pts for each the fact that the car talks, in real life Grampy would wash the car himself, he wouldn’t have taken women for a ride in his car 30 the fact that veggies talk, veggies wouldn’t have gotten a shipment of tshirts, veggies wouldn’t have been in a band, veggies would not cut a box open, veggies would not cut themselves, veggies would not use a first aid kit 60
3. What parts of the story are real? – 10 pts for each Grampy is my dad, he did own a car, he did have a garage, women would have waved at him, my dad did have cancer, he did beat cancer 60 packing tape on boxes can be thick, tomato juice does come out of a tomato when sliced,  20
4. Character description – 1 pt each for each Grampy didn’t look too bad, his motor purred, car was spotless, Grampy back to his old self 4 excitement dancing in his eyes 1
5. Mention of a building – 5 pts for each garage, car wash, house 15 barn 5
6. Is there dialogue in the story? – 10 pts yes 10 yes 10
7. Inanimate object – 1 pt for each car, garage, car wash, window, engine, windshield, dust, light, door, motor, mats, windows, street, house, garden, driveway, lawn 17 t-shirts, box, knife, tape, first aid kit, wall, barn, table 8
8. Mention of feelings – 1 pt for each happy, purred, loved, love,  felt very good, better than he had felt, feels so much better, both in their glory 8 excitement , excited, felt the knife, I am fine, didn’t even hurt, deserve 6
9. Mention of weather- 10 pts sun was shining 10 no mention of weather 0
10. Mention of a type of drink – 1 pt for each no drink mentioned tomato juice 1
TOTAL SCORE: 166 126

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