Story Battle 48 – Monsters and More Monsters vs. The Troll Family Rake the Leaves

Story Battle 48

Story Battles are a fun addition to the Storyland website, just to see the different aspects of the stories I write. The purpose of Story Battles is to have fun with my stories. They are a good way to open up communication about them. I do hope you enjoy Story Battles and please feel free to have your own story battles with any of the stories on the Storyland website.

It is recommended to read both stories that are involved in each story battle. The two stories for this battle are:

The winner of Story Battle 48 is Monsters and More Monsters with 400 points.

Monsters and More Monsters


The Troll Family Rake the Leaves

Troll Daddy

(10 pts for each item found)
   Points    Points
1. Words that start with “be” be (x4), between, believe, been (x3), better 100 been (x2), be, before, began 50
2. Words that end with “in” in (x9), within 100 in (x6), join 70
3. Words that have “tw” in them between, twenty 20 two 10
4. Words that contain double “ss” darkness, guess 20 guess (x2) 20
5. Plural words (end with “s” or “es”) seconds, roars, strikes, monsters (x5), faces (x3), eyes (x2), gets 140 trolls, leaves (x8), weeks 100
6. Characters names in the 7th paragraph Pete 10 Troll Daddy 10
7. Words that rhyme with “drain” 0 0
8. Compound words in the 3rd and 6th paragraph 0 driveway, something 20
9. The word “size” 0 0
10. Words that contain vowels “ue” guess 10 guess (x2) 20
  TOTAL SCORE: 400 300

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