Story Battle 11 – Arrow’s Tree Climbing Adventure vs. Little Yellow Bird

Story Battle 11

Story Battles are a fun addition to the Storyland website, just to see the different aspects of the stories I write. The two stories for this battle are:

The winner of Story Battle 11 is Little Yellow Bird with 130 points.

Arrow’s Tree Climbing Adventure




Little Yellow Bird

Racum Raccoon



 QUESTIONS    Points    Points
1. Character’s Feelings – 10 pts each He was enjoying, Mommy was very patient, Mommy had no patience, Arrow looked defeated 40 scare the little yellow bird away, with fear, he was terrified, suddenly feeling horrible , feel so ashamed, now feeling happy 60
2. True Story – 20 pts  Yes, this is actually a true story 10 no this is not a true story 0
3. Description of setting? – 10 pts for each bright and warm sunshine, beautiful summer day 20 very hot summer day 10
4. Is the story funny? – 10 pts Yes, this story is funny because Arrow is being silly. 10 no this is a serious story  10
5. Words beginning with “STR” – 1 pt for each no “STR” words 0 no “STR” words 0
6. Description of character – 10 pts for each no description of character 0 beautiful little yellow bird, most beautiful creature  20
7. Mention of the sky or the ground – 10 pts for each He just sat on the ground, Mommy set Arrow on the ground again 20 no mention of sky or ground 0
8. Mention of the word “fun” – 5 pts for each no mention of the word “fun” 0 no mention of the word “fun” 0
9. Is character afraid? – 10 pts no 0 yes – Racum was afraid of Little Yellow Bird 10
10. How many characters? – 10 pts each  Arrow and Mommy  20 Racum Raccoon, Little Yellow Bird 20
TOTAL SCORE: 120 130

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