Meet Forgetful Fred

Welcome to the Meet Forgetful Fred page. Forgetful Fred is a character I created to show people that forgetting things can be a normal part of life. Forgetful Fred is not crazy. He is forgetful.

I know personally, I am guilty of forgetting things, especially after I have been suffering from several concussions in the past few months.

I created Forgetful Fred long before I had my concussions so I can’t say my concussions are the reason I created him. I created him so that I could have fun with this character. I don’t mean that I created him just to have a character that I could poke fun at. I created him so that I could understand more about the problems people face.

Forgetful Fred helps everyone to understand that if they forget something, it is not the end of the world and that people should not tease or make fun of someone just because they forget something.

Forgetfulness can be sign that someone is having some mental or other health issues. If you know someone that does forget things, don’t make fun of them. It is frustrating enough when a person realizes that they are forgetful.

Part of my concussion symptoms are that I do tend to forget the simplest of things and I also get very confused because of that. I tend to forget things that I should know such as peoples names and directions to places that I have been to a thousand times.

Dealing with my concussions has made me understand a bit more about mental health issues. It has also made me more aware at how sensitive my feelings are if someone were to tease me about my confusion and forgetfulness.


Fact Card for Forgetful Fred:

  • Date Created: February 21, 2001
  • City of Residence: Toronto, Ontario
  • Type of Character: Forgetful Person
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Character Traits: Forgetful and Confused
  • Favourite Quote: “I forgot!”

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