Meet Billy Troll

Welcome to the Meet Billy Troll page. Billy Troll is a character I created several years ago when my children were very young. At the time I created him, my music tastes were changing from rock and roll to country and then back to rock and roll.

I grew up surrounded by music. My dad plays guitar, harmonica and the bango. He also sings and he has written several of his own songs. My grandparents both played instruments too. My grandfather played the violin and the organ and my grandmother played the ukulele. I clearly remember my grandmother singing “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” while playing the ukulele. That is a memory I will never forget.

My son, Rick, also plays the guitar and sings and Rick was the inspiration for my Billy Troll character. At first, the reason I created Billy Troll was because my two children, Rick and Jenny, used to love playing with those little troll dolls. They had quite a few of them between the two of them.

Billy Troll was created before my son started playing the guitar so music wasn’t the reason I created him. However, because music is a big part of my life, Billy Troll became my musical character.

A few other characters were created because of Billy Troll. His wife, Dianne, is an important part of the Billy Troll stories. She not only is his wife and mother of their only child, Baby Troll, she is also Billy’s manager and promoter. She schedules his concerts and keeps him organized. A lot of times, Dianne schedules concerts for Billy and he only finds out moments before the concert. The character, Dianne Troll, is actually named after an editor of a local newspaper, the EMC Record News, Smiths Falls, Ontario. Dianne was always helpful in getting quite of few of my stories published in the EMC Record News Newspaper in the 1990’s.

All stories have to have a protagonist and the Billy Troll stories are no different. Billy’s protagonists are the Jagged Trolls. The Jagged Trolls always seem to get under Billy’s skin. The Jagged Trolls are like the Rolling Stones of the trolls. In fact, the lead singer of the Jagged Trolls is Mick, named after Mick Jagger. The Billy Troll stories spun off an all girls rock band, Just Girlz. The lead singer of Just Girlz is Billy Troll’s niece, Suzie Troll.

Sadly, I never played guitar or sang. I never got the musical talents of my family. However, I did get the writing talents and those I got from my grandmother. I have written over 1000 stories and still have lots more to write about.

My Billy Troll character is far from dead and I do hope you enjoy reading the old Billy Troll stories as well as any new ones I will be writing.


Fact Card for Billy Troll:

  • Date Created: August 23, 1993
  • City of Residence: Sharbot Lake, Ontario
  • Type of Character: Rock Musician
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Character Traits: Has a heart of gold
  • Favourite Quote: “Mick, stop teasing me!”

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