Meet Fawn and Spot

Welcome to the Meet Fawn and Spot page. Fawn and Spot were once two real cows that I owned while living in Sharbot Lake, Ontario. Fawn was a tan coloured cow and Spot was a black and white coloured cow. I owned them when they were calves. I loved them because I was able to feed them formula from a bottle. I remember Fawn was a bit aggressive. He was a male and he seemed to like to give me head butts while I fed him.

I love animals of all shapes and sizes. I have been very lucky to have seen a lot of wildlife in my time. I have seen deer, elk, mountain sheep, hawks, bald eagles, owls and grizzly bears. I have a knack for spotting animals, especially birds. If there is a bald eagle, hawk or owl in the sky, on a hydro wire, in a tree or on a fence post, I will see it.

Fawn and Spot were no different. I loved them very much and I keep them alive in the stories I have written about them.

In the stories I have written about them, there was a police chief, Chief Lewis. I had a friend that lived up the road from me that I admired very much. I named the Chief Lewis character after him and his family. That family lived to the west of us.

The family who raised Fawn and Spot in the stories, the Hansen’s, were actually named after my own family and also another family that used to live down the road to the east of us.

A lot of my stories have characters that are based on people that have inspired me. I don’t know yet if I am finished writing Fawn and Spot stories but I guess time will tell.


Fact Card for Fawn and Spot:

  • Date Created: May 2, 1992
  • City of Residence: Calgary, Alberta
  • Type of Character: Cows
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Character Traits: Fawn is a bit aggressive. Spot is sweet and kind.
  • Favourite Quote: Fawn: “Where are my fries?”

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