Wriggley the Writer

Wriggley the Writer had just dropped off his latest manuscript, “Great Expectations” to his publisher. This manuscript was his autobiography.

“I am sure this one will get thrown into the trash pile just like all the rest,” said Wriggley, who had no confidence in himself or his abilities.

Wriggly just got home and was taking his shoes off, when his phone rang. To his surprise, it was Suzette, his publisher.

“We love it!” shouted Suzette. “Come back to my office at once. I’ll have a contract and an advance cheque ready for you.”

Wriggley was so excited. He could hardly put his shoes back on. He called himself a cab because in his excitement, he didn’t trust himself to drive.

“Thank you for getting back here so quickly, said Suzette, handing Wriggley a stack of papers to sign and a nice hefty advance cheque.

Things were starting to look up for Wriggley and he found it odd that his ex-wife and two children called him to say they were proud of him and that they knew he could do it. He hadn’t talked to any of his family in years. He felt like he was such a failure to them. Years ago, he lost their house because they couldn’t afford to keep it and that was all because any manuscript he had submitted was sub-grade and he barely made any money from them. He had such bad luck in life and after hitting rock bottom and losing everything, the manuscript he wrote about all his struggles in life, turned into a best-seller.

Wriggley had book signings from coast to coast and there was talk of doing an American and a European event as well, once the book was released there.

Wriggley quite enjoyed his success and he went on to write many more novels, most being best-sellers. He was finally living the dream and he was determined to make the best of it.


Moral of this Story:

  • It is never too late to be a success.
  • Example: Wriggley the Writer finally found success but only after he hit rock bottom.

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