Rolf the Roofer

“Don’ t forget we are having dinner with your parents tonight,” said Rolf the Roofer’s  wife, Georgette. “They want to see baby, Stanley.”

“I just have the Stevens’ roof to do today,” said Rolf the Roofer. “I should be home in plenty of time for dinner.”

Rolf gave Georgette a kiss and grabbed his tool belt, safety helmet and tools.

“Give Stanley a kiss when he wakes up,” said Rolf, waving goodbye.

“I will,” said Georgette.

It was a beautiful day to be working on a rooftop. It was sunny but it wasn’t overly warm and there was very little wind.

“We should have this work done in no time,” said Rolf to his co-worker, Greg.

“We have the perfect conditions for it,” said Greg.

“Absolutely,” said Rolf, strapping himself into the safety harness, after helping Greg get into his.

Rolf and Greg worked very well together. Greg was fresh out of college and he was learning a lot from Rolf, who has been in the roofing business for over ten years.

The two men worked very hard but at the same time maintaining quality work and by noon they were finished.

“Good job,” said Rolf, complementing Greg on the work he did.

“Thank you,” said Greg. “I learned a lot from you today.”

“We have another job to do tomorrow,” said Rolf. “See you in the morning.”

Rolf drove home and was unloading the tools from his truck when he saw his neighbour, Mrs. Petrie running toward him.

“Oh thank goodness you are home,” said Mars. Petrie, all out of breath. “My roof is falling in. I know, I know, I should have listened to your advice and paid the little extra to have your company do the work!”

“Now calm down,” said Rolf. “First of all, is anyone hurt and is there anyone else in the house?”

“No,” said Mrs. Petrie. “I was the only one home and no, I wasn’t hurt.”

“Good,” said Rolf. “I am going to get your roof fixed up for you and while I do that, I want you to go and tell Georgette what is happening and stay with her.”

Mrs. Petrie did as she was told. Rolf grabbed his tool bag and went to Mrs. Petrie’s house. He laughed when he saw what the problem was. One tile had slipped out of place on the ceiling. It wasn’t even the roof that caused the problems. It was just the ceiling. Rolf put the tile back in place and went to his house. He told Mrs. Petrie what the problem was and she was eternally grateful to Rolf for helping her.

“Please stay for dinner,” said Georgette to Mrs. Petrie.

“I couldn’t,” said Mrs. Petrie.

“You would be doing us a favour,” said Rolf. “My parents are coming for dinner and they are fairly boring.”

“So you need someone to liven things up?” asked Mrs. Petrie.

“Exactly,” said Rolf.

“Okay,” said Mrs. Petrie. “That I can do.”

Mrs. Petrie did liven up the dinner party and she fell in love with baby Stanley.

“Anytime you need a babysitter,” said Mrs. Petrie. “Just let me know.”

“We will,” said Georgette, very happy with the way Mrs. Petrie and Stanley got along together.

“Thank you for having me,” said Mrs. Petrie. “And thank you for fixing my roof.”


Moral of this Story:

  • Always help out a neighbour.
  • Example: Rolf the Roofer’s neighbour, Mrs. Petrie, thought her roof had fallen in. Rolf the Roofer helped her and found out it was a tile in her ceiling that had fallen.

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