Fashion Design

“Daddy Francois,” said Louise, Francois’ adopted daughter. “Look how lovely I look in this beautiful skirt you made me.”

“Oh my!” exclaimed Francois the Fashion Designer. “What a beauty!”

“She certainly is,” said Jacques, Francois’ partner. “She is gorgeous.”

“Thank you, Daddy Jacques,” said Louise.

“You know,” said Francois, grabbing a white t-shirt from Louise’s cupboard and rolling it up to just past her belly button. “It would look really good with a half tee on the top.”

Louise loved Francois’ fashion sense. She loved the idea of the half tee over the skirt.

“Daddy Francois!” shouted Louise, the next afternoon, when she came home from school. “The other children loved my dress. They want to order one!”

“That is wonderful,” said Francois.

“Maybe a new fashion trend,” said Jacques.

“Yes,” said Francois, happily. “This is exciting!”

“Let’s take photos and post it online,” said Jacques, grabbing the camera.

Francois’ idea was a big hit. He received a lot of orders and for awhile it was very trendy.

“Daddy Francois,” said Louise. “I spilled mustard all over my old jacket that you made me. Could you fix it for me please?”

“Certainly,” said Francois.

Francois took Louise’s jacket. He washed out the mustard stain and when he took it out of the wash, he noticed there was glitter all over it. He figured he dropped a container of glitter in the washer. He normally didn’t like glitter but on this particular jacket it looked amazing. Louise loved it and so did others.

“The next fashion trend,” said Jacques, when Francois started receiving a ton of orders. “I am proud of you.”

“Thank you,” said Francois.


Moral of this Story:

  • Fashion trends can come from the strangest of sources.
  • Example: Francois the Fashion Designer has an eye for detail and he is very creative.

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