Meet Cecilia

Cecilia is Rat Boy’s baby sister. She lives with her parents and brother in Brandon, Manitoba. They are a very close-knit family.

Rat Boy is very protective of Cecilia. He will not let her out of his sight and he will do anything for her.

Despite being rats, Rat Boy and Cecilia both have very strong family values. Cecilia loves her brother more than anything in this world and she knows she can be a handful for him to handle but, Rat Boy always rises to the occasion. 


Fact Card for Cecilia:

  • Date Created: July 3, 2016
  • City of Residence: Brandon, Manitoba
  • Type of Character: Rat
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Character Traits: Spoiled and Sweet
  • Favourite Quote: “My brother protects me!”

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