Meet Sarah

Welcome to the Meet Sarah page. Sarah is married to Forgetful Fred. She is very kind and considerate. She does her best to help Forgetful Fred when he is forgetful. She does find it frustrating at times.

Sarah and Forgetful Fred own a house outside of Toronto, Ontario. They won’t buy a house in Toronto because it is much too expensive.

Sarah is a homemaker. She cooks and cleans and is in charge of their finances. Sometimes she is frugal with their money, but it is a good thing she is like that because Forgetful Fred is more of an impulse buyer. He would rather  spend their money than save it.


Fact Card for Mama Hillbilly:

  • Date Created: February 21, 2001
  • City of Residence: Toronto, Ontario
  • Type of Character: Housewife
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Character Traits: Kind and Considerate
  • Favourite Quote: “Don’t forget!”

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