Meet Springman

Welcome to the Meet Springman page. Springman is made from an old rusted spring. His mother took the time to clean him and get rid of all the rust. Now, Springman is very shiny.

Springman and his parents live in Kenora, Ontario. He likes to stay active. He goes for walks and exercises. However, he will not go outdoors if there is even a single drop of rain. He is terrified of getting rusty.

His fear of rust, has turned Springman into a mommy’s boy. This is concerning to his father, who tries to toughen him up.

Springman goes around Storyland collecting screws, springs, nails and nuts and bolts. He does this in case one turns out to be like him.

Springman loves the spring season because that was when he was made. He loves the beauty of nature and spends a lot of time watching different animals.


Fact Card for Springman:

  • Date Created: May 10, 2019
  • City of Residence: Kenora, Ontario
  • Type of Character: Spring
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Character Traits: Honest, Mommy’s Boy
  • Favourite Quote: “Is this screw or nail just like me?”

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