Meet Grand Old Leprechaun

Welcome to the Meet Grand Old Leprechaun page. Grand Old Leprechaun is a secondary character on the Storyland website. He appears in several of my St. Patrick Day stories and interacts with my three leprechaun characters, Angry Leprechaun, Annie Leprechaun and Lucky Leprechaun.

Grand Old Leprechaun is the eldest leprechaun in Storyland. He is also the wisest. All the other leprechauns come to him for advice.

Grand Old Leprechaun lives by himself. He is Annie Leprechaun’s father. He loves Annie very much and he always encourages her to do her best.

Grand Old Leprechaun was born in Dublin, Ireland. He came to Regina in 2017.

If you like stories about luck and leprechauns, you will love the stories Grand Old Leprechaun appears in.


Fact Card for Grand Old Leprechaun:

  • Date Created: February 27, 2017
  • City of Residence: Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Type of Character: Leprechaun
  • Marital Status: Was Married
  • Character Traits: Eldest and Wisest
  • Favourite Quote: “I might be old but I have a lot of life left in me yet!”

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