Meet Slushy Snowman

Welcome to the Meet Slushy Snowman page. Slushy Snowman is a snowman that was built out of winter snow in Quebec City, Quebec. He was built out of snow from a severe snow storm and he is angry all the time. He blames his anger on the snow storm and always says that the storm is still raging within him.

Slushy Snowman has a friend, Stacey. She is the little girl that made him so she feels responsible for his anger. She does try to calm Slushy Snowman down by pointing out that what he is angry about is trivial and he really doesn’t need to be so angry. She also points out that when he becomes so angry, he heats up and that is why he is always standing in a pile of slush.


Fact Card for Slushy Snowman:

  • Date Created: January 20, 2019
  • City of Residence: Quebec City, Quebec
  • Type of Character: Snowman
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Character Traits: Angry
  • Favourite Quote: “The storm is still raging within me!”

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