Meet Rusty

Welcome to the Meet Rusty page. Rusty is a rust coloured dog. He lives in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Rusty loves living in Lethbridge. He lives with his owners Patricia and John. They own a huge ranch so he gets to run and play all day long.

Patricia and John do not have any children. They treat Rusty just like a son.

Rusty is two years old. He is just coming out of his puppy stage.

Rusty is very well-behaved and very loving. He does love to lick everyone he sees. Everyone that knows Rusty loves him, all except for Mrs. Jones, their neighbour. She always yells at Rusty. However, the more she yells at him, the more he licks her. This infuriates Mrs. Jones and it always makes her leave the ranch.

If it were anyone else, Patricia and John would discipline Rusty and tell him not to lick Mrs. Jones. However, Mrs. Jones loves to gossip and she always comes to the ranch for just that purpose. Rusty knows Patricia and John do not like her gossiping.

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