Meet Mr. Nailhead

Welcome to the Meet Mr. Nailhead page. Mr. Nailhead started out as a drawing I drew of a nail.

Nails are a very important piece of the construction industry but are often under­rated. Mr. Nailhead is a very important part of the construction industry. He is only used in the most important jobs.

Mr. Rodgers, a construction foreman, found Mr. Nailhead in a pile of rusted nails. Mr. Nallhead is special because he is made from a solid expensive steel.

Mr. Nailhead talks and he told Mr. Rodgers that he will bring good luck to any construction job Mr. Rodgers uses him on. Mr. Rodgers keeps Mr. Nailhead in a special case until he is needed for a project. Mr. Rodgers vowed to take good care of Mr. Nailhead for the rest of his life. Mr. Rodgers knew he had a goldmine in Mr. Nailhead. 

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