Meet the Gum Drop Family

Welcome to the Meet the Gum Drop Family page. We all have a family member or friend that is a sour-puss and miserable no matter what. I created the character Uncle Sour Gum Drop. He is a sour-puss and very miserable.

Uncle Sour is a member of the Gum Drop Family, along with Mommy, Daddy and Baby Gum Drop who are sweet and very happy. They always have a way to make Uncle Sour smile and laugh.


Fact Card for Gum Drop Family:

  • Date Created: November 27, 2017
  • City of Residence: Kelowna, BC
  • Type of Character: Gum Drops
  • Marital Status: Mommy and Daddy Gumdrop are married
  • Character Traits: Mommy, Daddy and Baby Gum Drop are sweet and kind. Uncle Sour Gum Drop is a sour-puss and is miserable.
  • Favourite Quote: “I am miserable!”

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