Travelin’ Rick Visits New Mexico

Well kids, it’s sure nice to be here with you all again. I hope you all have had an enjoyable summer. know that I sure did. I visited with a friend of mine in the state of New Mexico.

New Mexico is located west of Texas, north of Mexico, east of Arizona and south of Colorado. The capital city of New Mexico is Santa Fe. New Mexico is a desert area.

Most of the population in New Mexico are Spanish speaking people and Native Americans. Cattle and sheep ranches can be found throughout the state.

I visited one such cattle ranch just outside of Albuquerque. The ranch was owned by my friend, Pueblo and his family. They own thousands of acres of land and they have a big herd of cattle.

One day, Pueblo showed me how to ride a horse. I have done many things in my life, but I had never ridden a horse before. Pueblo thought that this was a great joke.

Pueblo was an excellent horseman. He said that I would be able to ride a horse within two days. Well, it actually took me three days and many, many bruises from falling off the horse, but I can now ride a horse.

The horse Pueblo had picked out for me to learn to ride on, was called Bucky. This was a very good name for the wild mustang I was introduced to. Believe me, Bucky just loved to buck me onto the ground whenever he had a chance.

I had great fun at Pueblo’s ranch but the best part of all was the huge campfire we had at night. Pueblo’s family, there were ten children besides Pueblo, would sit around the campfire, sing songs, roast marshmallows and just enjoy themselves immensely. I had a lot of fun at Pueblo’s ranch.

That’s it for this adventure. I’ll see you all next time.

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