Meet Victor

Welcome to the Meet Victor page. In the stories I have written and will be writing about Victor, the monster, I have shown him to be a recluse and a person that prefers to be a monster. I think that parts of me are very much like Victor. I have a couple of monsters in my life that I deal with on a daily basis.

The first monster I deal with is a very rare condition that myself and several family members deal with. We have congenital chorea. Our condition is so rare that we have never talked to or seen another person with it.

We don’t know how we came across contracting our congenital chorea. We do know that it started with our Mother. We have no idea if any other family member before her had it because nobody was ever tested for it and in those days, prior to the 1940’s, nobody would have known what it was. Sadly, today in 2016, my family still doesn’t know much about it.

Living with such a rare condition is, at times, very frustrating and it is also something we have been told to just live with it because nobody can help us, even doctors, because they don’t know anything about it.

Growing up, it was considered taboo to talk about. We had to live with it, but at the same time, we had no idea what we were living with. We have no idea what to expect in our older years with this condition.

Our condition is one monster that I live with but it isn’t the only one I live with. I am also suffering from a couple of pretty severe concussions that I have had since late last year.

The first concussion caused me a lot of health issues, but the latest one, which I got just a couple of weeks ago has even been worse. While I deal with my monsters, I do hope you enjoy my stories about Victor.

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